What are Audiology Services?

Audiology Services are provided by Audiologists who are healthcare professionals specializing in hearing and balance disorders. Audiologists evaluate your hearing and balance and fit you with hearing devices, hearing aids, or assistive listening devices if needed.

The evaluation starts with your medical history. If a condition is medically treatable the audiologist will refer you to the appropriate doctor. Otherwise, they will help you manage the condition through audiological care and treatment.

Reasons to See an Audiologist

You should see an Audiologist if you suspect hearing loss. Common symptoms are:
• Need to turn the volume of TV or smartphone too high.
• Difficulty understanding what is being said if there is a background noise present.
• Difficulty hearing women and children.
• Ringing in one or both ears when no external sound is present.
• Difficulty understanding people with a low voice.
• Needing people to repeat themselves.

Best Audiologists in Karachi

Patel Hospital offers the Best Audiologists in Karachi who provide services five days a week from 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The services being provided include:

• Hearing Assessment/Screening
• Speech Discrimination
• Pure Tone Audiometry

Hearing Assessment/Screening
Hearing Assessment/Screening evaluates your ability to hear sounds at different pitches to determine whether you can hear properly.

The Department Of Audiology Provides Services Six Days A Week From 3:00 Pm To 7:00 Pm, Under The Supervision Of A Specialized Technician. The Team Caters Variety Of Services Offered Under The Umbrella Of The Audiology Department That Includes Hearing Assessment/ Screening, Speech Discrimination, Pure Tone Audiometry, And Tympanometry.


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