Clinical Nutritionists

Who are Clinical Nutritionists

Clinical Nutritionists are Registered Dieticians/Nutritionists whose primary role is to design nutrition plan to improve or maintain the health of their patients.
Nutritionists assess patients’ nutritional and health needs, counsel patients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits, develop meal and nutrition plans taking patients’ preferences and budgets into account, and document patients’ progress.

Nutrition Department is working in collaboration with the Food Service Department (FSD) and provides both In-Patient and Out-Patient nutrition consultation. They provide dietary care according to patients’ needs as well as give adequate nutrition to those who are unable to eat orally, in the form of tube feeding. Therapeutic diets are designed by the Registered Clinical Dietitian that helps in patients’ recovery. Out-Patient Nutrition Consultation clinics are also conducted daily for Obesity, Diabetes, Renal Disorder, Gastrointestinal Disorder, PCOs, and other health issues.

When to See a Clinical Nutritionist?

There are several reasons to see a clinical nutritionist. You can see a nutritionist because of a disorder/chronic illness or a personal reason. Some of the reasons are:

•  You think you have an allergy or intolerance
•  You are skipping days without going to the bathroom
•  You feel sick after having dairy
•  Diets don’t affect your weight
•  Your appetite has changed and it’s affecting your weight
•  You want to lose weight
•  You are pregnant

Other than these problems, some illnesses can be managed with a good meal plan in action. You should see a clinical nutritionist if: •  electrocardiogram (ECG)

•  You have diabetes
•  You are losing weight after having chemotherapy or radiation
• You have been diagnosed with high cholesterol
•  You have high blood pressure
• You have digestive disorders like GERD or IBS
• You have Kidney disease

Where to Find the Best Clinical Nutritionist in Karachi?

Patel Hospital offers the best clinical nutritionists in Karachi. Our dietitians provide the best services in Karachi. Whether you are overweight or struggling with a chronic illness, seeing a nutritionist at Patel Hospital is a good start.


Ms. SAMINA HAYAT – Msc (Nurtition), CDE (Certified Diabetes Educatot)

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