Diagnostics is the term that is used to describe ways through which doctors, consultants, and physicians are able to have a look inside the body. There are several that offer Radiology Services in Karachi. The Radiology Department at Patel Hospital uses imaging that monitors the current health conditions, investigates the symptoms and then finds the right diagnosis. There are several types of tools used by the Radiologist Doctors in Karachi that allows them to look inside a human body with precision and ease. In our Radiology department that help in the diagnosis of a certain condition by looking inside the body in addition to Interventional Radiology. Moreover, Patel Hospital houses a professional team that conducts the Best Ultrasound in Karachi


    • X-Ray is the oldest form that uses radiation to form images. X Rays pass through your body forming a white image of the dense materials like bones with fat and muscles shown as grey and air in the lungs shown as white. 


    • Mammograms are another form of imaging that shows a clear image of the breast tissues. Doctors use this type to diagnose the condition related to breasts if there is a formation of breast cancer. 


    • Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound wave that forms pictures of the body tissues from inside.   


    • MRI also called Magnetic Resonance Imaging that uses a large magnet and radio waves to look into the organs and internal structures. It often helps in screening out tumors and ligaments. It is used for the brain and spinal cord.  Patel Hospital conducts the best MRI Test in Karachi.


    • CT scan collects a series of X-ray images taken from different angles around your body. Also, during the CT scan, cross-sectional images of the bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels inside your body are created to provide a more detailed influx of information than plain X-rays do.  


    • Interventional Radiology is used to perform insertion of catheter in chest and wherever else needed in the body, as well as Biopsies and many more interventional procedures.


Radiologist Doctors in Karachi use precision in medical diagnosis which helps in correlating better health care. It is a proven fact that diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and tumor are treatable if diagnosed earlier. Effective treatments are possible if the signs and symptoms are measured timely. Therefore, visit the hospital to find the best Radiology Services in Karachi for an effective cure and timely diagnosis.

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