Who are Endocrinologists?

Endocrinologists are doctors who specialize in glands and the hormones they make. Hormones maintain the whole function of the body; if imbalanced they can cause you much trouble and contribute to many disorders.

Hormones affect nearly every process in your body including: 

  • Metabolism 
  • Growth and development 
  • Emotions and mood 
  • Fertility and sexual function 
  • Sleep 
  • Blood pressure


Sometimes glands produce too much or not enough of a hormone. This imbalance can cause many serious health problems. Illnesses, stress and certain medications can cause hormonal imbalance in your body. An Endocrinologist can help to diagnose your problem and treat it to restore your hormonal balance.

Your physician can recommend you to see an Endocrinologist for many reasons including diabetes, thyroid disorder, hirsutism, infertility and menopause.

What Problems Can an Endocrinologist Help Me To Solve?

You can seek help from an Endocrinologist if you have the following problems: 

  • Uncontrolled Blood Sugar
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss 
  • Anxiety or depression 
  • New or increased hair growth 
  • Changes in menstrual periods 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Feeling cold 
  • Short Height
  • Hot flashes 
  • Difficulty concentrating 
  • Dry skin 
  • Breaking hair 
  • Bone or joint pain 
  • Feeling jittery or shaky 
  • Insomnia 
  • Decreased sex drive


Treatment of these problems can be as simple as medication. An endocrinologist can provide the treatment that you need. Don’t delay consultation, seek help now.

Where to Find the Best Endocrinologist in Karachi

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DR MUHAMMAD SHAHID – FCPS (Medicine), MCPS (Family Medicine), MPH, Fellowship in Endocrinology
DR SABIHA BANO – FCPS Medicine Fellowship in Endocrinology

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