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2nd Head & Neck Surgery

Message from Course Director

Alhamdulillah, 25th June 2022 was a trendsetter in the history of PSORL, On this day the 1st ever Parapharyngeal space Surgery Hands-On cadaver dissection course was conducted at Patel Hospital in collaboration with PSORL Sindh Chapter, this was a hallmark achievement. The course was attended by ENT trainees and consultants across the country and was rated as an excellent academic activity.

We are enthusiastic about continuing the legacy of academic activities with the aim to improve the overall health care of our society and yet we are geared up for the 2nd Edition of the Head Neck Surgery Hands-On Workshop on 10th and 11th December 2022 at Patel Hospital and Biquess Edhi Hospital.

The focus of this workshop is to give a complete insight into Head Neck region surgical anatomy. This two-day course will provide an in-depth theoretical and practical overview of the surgical management of head and neck diseases. This workshop will consist of lectures, instructional courses, and extensive cadaver dissection.

The Head Neck region is a complex area due to the close approximation of many vital structures. All of them were placed in compact cavities closely related to each other. Anatomical structures in the region of the neck tend to change their relationships which makes the surgical dissection very challenging. Hence the main objective of this course is to improve patient safety while improving the confidence of surgeons.

Participants will have the opportunity to undertake supervised and independent dissection on a fresh cadaver (one delegate per operating side). This course is suitable for junior consultants and higher-level surgical trainees and fellows in otolaryngology/head-neck surgery. The space for hands-on participants is limited and early booking is advised

The course will be supervised by an expert Master trainer and each participant will be independently supervised to guide every single step.

Hope to see you all.

Dr Nabeel Humayun Hassan
Section Head and Program Director
Consultant ENT – Head & Neck Surgeon
Department of ENT, Patel Hospital

Why Attend

2nd Hand-On Workshop Head -Neck Surgery will be an extraordinary academic gala focusing to improve the understanding of Head and Neck diseases. It will also provide a unique opportunity and refresh to improve the surgical expertise so that surgery related morbidities can be reduced and enhance patient safety. The following topics will be included.

  • Neck Dissection (surgery for neck/oral cancer)
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Parotid Surgery
  • Submandibular gland excision
  • Laryngectomy (Surgery for throat cancer)
  • Phono surgery (Surgery for voice)
  • And many more.



Coming Soon

Organizing Committee:

Course Director:
Dr. Nabeel Humayun Hassan

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Shafqat Ali

Dr. Talha Qureshi
Dr. Asad Iqbal
Dr. Fizza Asif
Dr. Sumra Sattar
Dr Murtaza Hussain


Registrations are now open. The fee structure is as follows:

For Hands-on participants: PKR 25,000

For Observer Participants: PKR 5,000

For more details, You can contact us at 03112255698 |03313739316 || [email protected]


Glimpses of 1st Hands-On Parapharyngeal Head & Neck Surgery

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