General Physicians

Patients of all ages are treated by general practitioners, who are trained to do so. A general physician (GP) will treat acute, non-life-threatening illnesses, as well as early detection and referral to a specialist for patients with serious illnesses, as well as preventive care such as health education and immunizations. Best General Physician in Karachi is available for your treatment and care. Patel hospital has the best Doctors in Karachi who are available at your service 24/7. The excellent medical staff will assist you in diagnosing and treating your illness before it worsens. The great team of doctors include some of the highly qualified doctors like Dr. Syed Irfan Alam, Dr. Ayesha Khalil, Dr. Nimra Imtiaz. Patient care is important. Physicians must give compassionate, appropriate, and effective care to their patients in order to promote health and address health problems. Patel Hospital is providing you medical expertise. Physicians must be knowledgeable about both established and emerging biological, clinical, and cognate disciplines, as well as how to use this knowledge to patient care. Learning and growth through training. Physicians must be able to successfully communicate with patients, their families, and other healthcare providers. In Patel Hospital Karachi, highly qualified doctors and excellent nursing personnel are there to serve you. After assessing your circumstances, the experts will propose a balanced diet. Based on your health, they will recommend medication for you. Almost every ailment will be treated by them, and they will do it at an early stage.

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Dr Syed Irfan Alam – FRCP Edinburg, MD usa
Dr Rashid Naseem Khan – MCPS, M.D
Dr Nada Siddiqui – FCPS (Medicine)
Dr Atta Ur Rehman – FCPS (General Medicine)
Dr Ayesha Khalil – MRCP (U.K)
Dr Abdul Rab Matin – FCPS, MRCP (ESEGH)
Dr Malick Maria Alvi – FCPS (Medicine)
Dr Nimra Imtiaz – FCPS (Medicine)
Dr Imrana – FCPS (Medicine)

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