Infectious Disease Specialist

Infectious diseases are illnesses brought on by bacteria, viruses, fungus, or parasites. Our bodies are home to a variety of creatures. In most cases, they’re innocuous or even beneficial. However, some microbes can cause sickness under particular circumstances. Some infectious diseases are contagious and can be spread from one person to the next. Insects and other animals can spread several diseases. Others can be contracted by consuming tainted food or drinking tainted water, or by being exposed to organisms in the environment. The signs and symptoms of each infectious disease are unique. The following are common signs and symptoms of a variety of infectious diseases:

  • Fever.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Fatigue.
  • Coughing Muscle aches.

Please wash your hands. This is especially crucial before and after cooking, eating, and going to the bathroom. Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands, as this is one of the most common ways for viruses to enter the body. Furthermore, some infectious disorders may go unnoticed for a long period, even decades, before reappearing. Someone who has had chickenpox, for example, may acquire shingles much later in life. That is why, Patel Hospital is providing you with the best doctors and high qualified team of professionals for your Infectious Disease Specialist in Karachi. Infectious diseases can become serious and do harm to your surroundings; therefore, take care of yourself and get medical advice from an infectious disease specialist in Karachi. While everyone can get sick from infectious diseases, if your immune system isn’t functioning properly, you’re more likely to get sick. The best infectious disease doctor in Karachi is available at Patel hospital. Dr. Shahnila Javed is here to provide you the best treatment and care. So, book your appointment now avail the big opportunity.



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