adam warlock vs superman

I wasn't doubting Warlock could make his fist glow with energy either. This is Post Crisis/Rebirth/New 52 Superman and 616 Adam Warlock. R1: Both in character R2: Both bloodlusted R3: Both have Infinity Gauntlets Both comic continuities (obviously) Well, it does matter for Adam (that's why i cling on it so hard :D), because even in his weaker incarnations, those strikes were OP as hell. Ouroborik . Not all of those scans are energy punches and its not like I can immediately recall every fight AW has ever been in. Even Ronan has oneshotted Surfer by surprise. Apart from movies and TV series, many characters have started appearing in various games formats as well. save. His fighting technique was similar to that of a ninja back in the 70's and sort of in his gotg run also. Warlock should win, but supes might win (if that makes sense), Honestly, this is the only real answer. Female Supervillains + Vanessa. 0. Posted by 2 years ago. Don't be so modest, even puny artifacts like IG wont help Warlock from losing to a multiversal Superman with infinite strength. Find out all about Superman and Adam Warlock.# Check out how is Superman unique and distinct from Adam Warlock. Superman vs Adam Warlock 120 results; 1; 2; 3; This topic is locked from further discussion. I mean I could be wrong but its not like I really care either way. Elasti-Girl. When we discuss about Superman, we have DC Universe Online (2011), Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (2014). @farkam: Do you think you could post scans? So in terms of physicals as KoL showed Warlock stomped Classic Drax. 1. Current Adam is fighting someone with the soul gem. Casual. Home. DC Superheroes + Zealot. Followers. The guy with the nerdy news reporter alter ego wins. His annihilation conquest incarnation was able to fight well against Phalanx Ultron until his powers lost control, And he still tanked a few punches after he lost control. Energy strikes are part of physical H2H, that's what we call traditional H2H fighting in terms of comics, saying that they are not allowed is like saying that Colossus can't cover his arm with organic metal to strike in pure H2H threads, both of these skills still range in close combat application, but fair enough i guess overall. Find out everything about them here! Someone asked if he'd been upgraded recently, I was just responding. Did you know Superman's first movie is Superman And The Mole Men (1951). Even John Stewart and Kyle Rayner can do that and Superman has oneshotted both. His power varies depending on his adaption in the cocoon. IIRC, those energy strikes were not exactly energy strikes, rather there were supposed to represent that Zeus was using his powers to amp his stats, but could be both though, also Hulk fans complain about Zeus somehow nullifying Hulk's healing factor, that's why they called it cheating. Current Warlock beats current Superman in a complete mismatch. The main reason he wasn't as powerful during his Infinity Watch days was because he was so stupid he couldn't use his power, not because he was actually weaker. Now you can simply check out Superman vs Adam Warlock comparison.Compare Superman vs Adam Warlock on basis of powers, enemies, key facts and much more. He absorbed the power of a dying universe and became essentially a cosmic God. Looking for a proper Superman Adam Warlock Comparison?We know lots about All Superheroes and Super Villains but when it comes to choose the best from the lot, we are in a fix. Not all of those scans are energy punches and its not like I can immediately recall every fight AW has ever been in. User Lists: 0 #1 XLR87T3. But previous incarnation was pretty much Thanos-level being. Physically he was never on that level that I've seen(and I've read almost every appearance Adam has in comics; excluding a very early 60's appearance where he stood up to a warrior's madness Thor for a while). Well tbh I've seen plenty of Thanos h2h threads where energy strikes weren't allowed. Dove. @lord_spectrum: Well tbh I've seen plenty of Thanos h2h threads where energy strikes weren't allowed just as Hulk fans complain that Zeus used them on Hulk and thereby cheated in their h2h fight. Find out all about Superman and Adam Warlock. @kanyecosby:Classic Drax was probably around planet busting levels. @_kingoflatveria: He can create force fields that can tank supernovas and he currently has the soul gem which can either steal souls, control people or BFR to the souls world. Does Maxam have feats that put him on the level of Hulk? op would really need to clarify whether they could be used in this thread because I think its fairly likely he wouldn't consider them to be part of the rules. We will compare their origin, first appearance, personality and their profile. I don't think energy strikes would be allowed by the rules in the op. But durability not sure if Adam is greater on that regard. This topic is locked from further discussion. Find out all about Adam Warlock and Superman. I don't recall AW ever using them either. Discover the powers, weakness & weapons of Superman and Adam Warlock from Superman Biography and Adam Warlock Biography. Find out all about Adam Warlock and Superman.# Check out how is Adam Warlock unique and distinct from Superman. 1. I think he wins pretty easily. So my opinion hasn't really changed. Compare them here! Want to compare Superman vs Adam Warlock powers and abilities?

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