best pizza in chicago 2020

It’s almost too much meat — almost. — N.K. Are you a devoted fan of tavern-style pizza, the kind with a thin, cracker-style crust? Deep dish pizza is one of Chicago's claims to fame, but not all pies are created equal. “Burt could never,” I thought when I opened the box. I’m particularly obsessed with the fennel pizza, which adds braised fennel, fennel fronds, fennel pollen and a fennel-packed salami, with fresh mozzarella and honey. It’s 2020, you bet your ass it did. ($16) adds a covering of tart tomato sauce, creamy blobs of buffalo mozzarella and aromatic fresh basil. — N.K. But while there might not be a physical restaurant, this pizza is too good to worry about specifics. The sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes, which means it has a bracing acidity, along with a natural sweetness. There are four kinds to choose from (cheese, sausage, veggie, and a weekly special like soppressata with fennel), and you can either order a full pie or by-the-slice. — N.K. Derrick Tung, pictured at Paulie Gee's Logan Square, Sept. 30, 2020, in Chicago, has transformed his pizzeria into nothing less than an incubator for the pizza arts. This moment might seem like the worst time to hunt for Chicago’s best pizza. They also have a great back patio, perfect for enjoying your pizza and a cocktail from Maria’s. This is another spot selling Sicilian-style slices out of a takeout window. But if you like tasty and interesting Detroit-style pizzas, it’s worth seeking out. After all, the project started as a food truck serving fat Detroit-style slices, before morphing into a once-a-week delivery service where you have to finish baking the pizza in your home oven. By Carly Boers, John Kessler, Jeff Ruby, Carrie Schedler, and Claire Voon Photos by Ryan Segedi. Now the pies have their very own place in Logan Square, and we couldn’t be happier because the pizza here is great. The best pizza in Chicago is determined, not just by the flavor of the pie, but by the consistency of the ingredients, the vibe of the location, and the executive chef's commitment to quality and excellence. A running list of the best things we’ve had recently. The restaurant launched with a stellar thin-crust pizza cooked in a blazing hot wood-fired oven, which one could most accurately call Neapolitan-inspired, though it features a crisper crust and a nearly sacrilegious approach to topping choices. Fennel pizza at Robert's Pizza and Dough Co., $23. In some parts, the flaky crust looks nearly paper thin, yet it stays sturdy enough to never collapse. After a pandemic-related layoff, Maleski started making what he also calls pizza-in-the-pan. He had help from his mother, Mary Barraco, a Sicilian immigrant, who created the family business pizza recipe. We definitely have those this year, from a Michelin-starred chef opening a walk-up window joint to passionate amateurs selling pies through Instagram. This pizza spot is a little more elusive than the others. There are only a few pies available from Milly’s every day, so order ahead of time. Some franchises are better known for magicians, but not Northbrook, unless you consider their cooks magical, and maybe we should. Also, unlike some dishes, pizza mostly stands up well to delivery, meaning that even if people don’t feel like eating inside a restaurant, they can still enjoy slices at home. You can still see vestiges in a few old-school bakeries and restaurants up the street, and the Italian funeral home down the block. A running list of the reopened Chicago restaurants where you can eat and drink outside. 2679 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-248-0168, J.B. Pritzker, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issue dire warnings urging people to stay home to avoid more drastic measures. — N.K. You have to order ahead, but days, hours and pizza are very limited. It’s topped by a solid tomato sauce and a generous covering of cheese. Regardless of what you’ll order, each will arrive with a stunning crust that if you stare at it from the side, looks like it’s approximately 90% air. The second- and third-generation family co-owners allow limited seating inside the dim ’70s style strip mall supper club, but have transformed the hidden back parking lot into an unlikely, lovely little piazza with strategically placed tents, tarps and floral tablecloths that would do nonna proud. — L.C. The Nella D.O.P. — L.C. How can something so meticulously researched and executed still taste so freewheeling and exciting? The 12-inch fresh spinach and sausage pizza-in-the-pan at Burt’s Place in Morton Grove, $19.70. When Vito Barraco died in 1976, his son Nick finally became the face of the pizzeria, which Nick actually opened after serving in World War II, said his daughter and third-generation owner Rose Barraco George. The 14-inch Russo Sausage deep-dish at Labriola Chicago, $29. 1306 E. 47th St., 773-684-2222, A 14-inch sausage pizza at Home Run Inn, $23.25. The best rooftop restaurants and bars in the city. But I’ve been to the original location in Brooklyn, and while undoubtedly a groundbreaking institution, owner Derrick Tung has managed to set this location apart, transforming it into nothing less than an incubator for the pizza arts. at Nella Pizza e Pasta, $16. My favorite has long been The Lou, topped with sauteed spinach, mushrooms and sliced Roma tomatoes, plus mozzarella, Romano and cheddar cheeses, all on the signature garlic Buttercrust. First the good news: The pizza at Villa Nova is as great as ever. As countless slumber parties and divorced parents will tell you, pizza is a great takeout food. While most places try to distract you with gobs of cheese and toppings, his version lavishes attention on the foundation, resulting in a crust that’s at once crispy around the edges and chewy within. 12 great fried chicken sandwiches in Chicago. 2451 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-360-1072, Pick the perfect spot for every situation. The kitchen does a good job of putting on only a moderate amount of cheese — surely any more would cause structural collapse. If you only know Home Run Inn because of the company’s successful frozen pizza line, prepare to be surprised. It’s from the now-closed Bad Hunter team and got its start serving slices out of Lone Wolf in the West Loop. You might already be familiar with the New-York-style pizza at Pizza Lobo. Sunny honey tomato pizza at Bungalow by Middle Brow, $18. — N.K. 2020 © The Infatuation Inc. All Rights Reserved. — N.K. Editor’s Note: The Eater 38 is not getting regular updates due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. They made pizzas that were cautious, inconsistent copies. You can order the thin-crust pizza tavern-style with classic cheese or sausage, of course, but I highly recommend the rarely seen shrimp as a topping. (John J. Kim / Chicago … It’s only available small, but if we’ve learned anything in these past months it’s to celebrate the little things. Unless he saw how they’re so beautiful, so light, so vibrant and ringed with an ode to his caramelized crust. This means Milly’s has the same kind of pan-style deep dish with a caramelized crust that we all know, love, and make all our visiting friends and families eat. It’s still available at the Southport Avenue location by request, but the current variation, number four, has refined an Instagrammable moment into a deep study. 2807 95th St., Evergreen Park, 708-422-2041. The woodland lodgelike space has been further enhanced with outdoor picnic tables in front, and a charming patio along the alley behind the village fire station. 4254 W. 31st St., 773-247-9696, Chicago’s Best Pizza The top 25 spots in town, ranked. He even seriously explores the world of gluten-free pizza dough. Do note this location moved a couple of years ago to a shiny new strip mall, but lifelong fans swear the pizza’s as good as ever. Sure, it’s common for restaurants to serve a few kinds of pizza styles (numerous places serve deep-dish and thin crust) but rarely are they ever both great. Best North Suburbs Pizza . We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements, provide social media features, That includes thick-crusted and square-cut Sicilian-style pizza, which looks just as imposing as deep-dish, but features a lighter and less oily crust. — L.C. Thanks to a long fermentation, it’s also blessed with a slight sour note, which plays well with the creamy cheese. Well, they still have that patio (which is currently open), but now this bar is making Sicilian-style pizza available for carryout. — L.C. And then, after the spring shutdown, he started selling foldable New York slices out of the front window, which quickly trounced any other version in town. Local pizza historians know that not all Barnaby’s are alike. Paulie Gee’s keeps getting better. It also comes with a spicy pepper sauce and - most importantly - ranch. Written by. Order by phone or online, then pick up at tables on the sidewalk or curbside in your car. You may not like this style, with its spare use of toppings and lightly charred edges, and that’s fine. Shortly thereafter, owner Derrick Tung unleashed his twisted version of Detroit-style pizza, cranking up the ridiculousness of the original, while still avoiding gut-bomb territory. Fewer people know it opened as a pizzeria in 1946 in the Bridgeport neighborhood next to Chinatown. Ludlow’s has a fluffy, ultra-crunchy crust that goes heavy on the olive oil (if you’ve ever eaten a focaccia breadstick from Biaggi’s you get the idea) and is topped with a light tomato sauce. — N.K. Small sausage pizza at Barnaby's of Northbrook, $10.75. My heart did fall when I first saw some seriously charred spinach, then soared on first bite. Margherita at Spacca Napoli Pizzeria, $15. No wonder the former FLOTUS excelled in school and beyond. You’ll never know exactly what topping choices you’ll find when you walk into the West Loop shop and gaze at the display case, just that nearly all of them look great. You’ll need to order a whole pizza featuring four enormous slices for $20, but instead of needing to stick to one kind of topping, you can get four different slices for the same price. (I wrote about that obsession here.) Crispy around the edges, but soft within, it’s a marvel. A 10-inch Updog pan pizza at Milly's Pizza in the Pan in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, $26. — Nick Kindelsperger, 161 N. Sangamon St., 312-243-4016, And when Sandoval decides to do something, he goes all in, obsessing over every detail and reaching out to masters of the trade, such as John Arena in Las Vegas. The pizza served up at the Little Village location features a crackly, crunchy crust that’s slightly pinched up around the edges, but extremely thin in the middle.

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