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On relaunch night, Greg is in charge and Gordon asks Brian and David to come for dinner, they sit at the table moaning about all of the new changes. Their playlist is so random though. Worst Taxi Service Ever..!.. -vodka pizza - the crust was pretty decent, but quite thin and not as stretchy as I like it. Truly, the worst I've ever seen in my 40 years as a pro musician. After the filmed "grand re-opening dinner" (attended by actors, we learned, who responded to the producers' Craigslist ad and were instructed to order the new Gordy Ramsay special! thats because they switched the menu back to the original menu after gordan ramsey left. Super friendly atmosphere! No wonder he hates himself and everyone else that much. I had loved Black Pearl and used them for almost 10 years. Park Slope 833 Union St and 7 Ave has a new chef. LOL!He sure didn't come across on Kitchen Nightmares as anyone even remotely likeable. The dispatchers are uniformly rude and nasty, and leave you on hold forever, only to inform you that they have no cars available. (FUCKING GROSS!) The next morning, Gordon calls a staff meeting and asks the staff to ask the owners questions but David is defensive. The options seemed fun-fun, but when the food came to the table .... :( .One of us got the "Seasonal Vegetable Omelet". it was served with a flavorless spinach mushroom mixture, and topped with sliced raw tomatoes (?) Well not that accessible anymore. not what we were expecting. For something a little less heavy on your alcohol-saturated bowels on a Sunday morning, go for the pancakes or the salmon dish. The icing on the cake was when a friend of mine missed an…", "There are a few reviews for this company that are not recommended by Yelp and I'm…", "Beatrice was great! After eating both dinner and brunch here in a matter of days, I have to say the food is excellent and definitely worth the price. Wow. In fact, Gordo's menu changes were horrible, and mirrored the buffet offerings of a cruise ship in the 1950s--lobster bearnaise? When we got there, the limit was 2. It came almost instantly.

The place's yelp reviews were horrid before and after for the most part. It became so egregious that I started coming up with witty phraseology to include in this review while at the table, stilllllll waiting for the check. Both however were consistently replenished... immediately. David returned to his previous career in the music industry and released an album in 2010. Ramsey gave this restaurant an honest opportunity to fix the wronged make things better. The ambience was great- low key, and beuatiful and we got rave reviews for the food-   lamb broquettes, filet mignon, tuna steak and a great dessert bar with mini cupcakes and tartufo. The colder water temperature means that the Canadian lobsters have a thicker shell &, therefore, can survive out of the water for a longer period of time. It always seemed that it was "his way or the highway". The Best:-toasty, warm bread from the oven - smoky, with grill marks and a great dipping sauce-wild mushroom ravioli - delicious creamy sauce and very flavorful mushrooms-seafood risotto - unusual in that it had a marinara sauce instead of broth, but the mussels, shrimp and lobster that came with it were delicious!The Pretty Good:-goat cheese salad - lots of spinach and a nice honey-balsamic dressing, but the goat cheese was spread on little toasts and it was more pasty than fresh and bright. The dispatcher was friendly and polite. 4 other reviews that are not currently recommended, in Airport Shuttles, Limos, Town Car Service. So sad that he would go as low to wish death upon Gordon Ramsey. After the service, Gordon tells Brian that he is lazy, Greg has a good heart and David doesn't care and that's he's only in it for his ego. They are also more expensive due to the size limit the US government imposes in order to keep a healthy population of the species in the wild. And, we were never able to recover financially. We were aiming to go to First St Cafe, but it was closed. As you may know, in February, we filmed an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, at our restaurant, hoping for the best. He didn't even give it a go. In an empty restaurant. Of course, it didn't work. the cuisine, however, left me with much to be desired. They then failed and had to find someone other than themselves because they can't take responsibility for their actions. What a shame. Might try dinner since the food was good. How they've handled the hole COVID, has been just great. We were lucky to have you all aboard. actually i take that back. Because in the end... you wanted them to come! We walked in on a Saturday night at 7pm with only an estimated 40 minute wait, we probably only waited about 25 minutes though. Black Pearl Before Kitchen Nightmares Not only is New York City the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, and a whole lot more, but it’s also the genuine restaurant capital of the world.

Overnight the restaurant is given a makeover but David hates it. We were aiming to go to First St Cafe, but it was closed. Finally, his big design change, the lobster arcade game, was nothing short of asinine. The worst in design, arrogance and bad recorded music. They might have given us a free drink, to placate us. Brooklyn never seemed so hot...Try it as Thursday drink spot, Friday date spot, and Saturday/Sunday brunches spot for sure.Cost: $20-$100 Official Site:, See all photos from ndeye n. for Black Pearl Restaurant & Grill. TT  got the burger, and HL got the cheese steak. HL said they used to have all you can drink Bloody Mary's! The waiter, who enjoyed chatting with the hostess and ignoring his clients, took our order promptly enough. Whoever had that bright idea of making cocktail sauce into a drink is pretty rich now. That was the best burger in the neighborhood. It's too bad you wasted on yourself. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. . Brunch was great too with a perfect amount of selections to choose from. Well, he sure couldn't support himself as a musician! The calimari was on the greasy side, and a bit too chewy for my taste. So if Gordon's changes in food were the cause of their subsequent woes, why not immediately go back to the old way, as we know other restaurants featured on KN have? While deliberately ignoring the important part 1) he's lying and 2) quality is different.Great, same species. He's going to have a tough life because he dug his own grave. Yes, they comped our drinks. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. the ambience was lovely, and the service was great. It's honestly making me laugh. Each persons food came out at different times, minutes apart from each other. they were undercooked, slimy, artificially salted, and fishy tasting. "Hello Everyone... Well, after three years, we have fried our last clam and shucked our last oyster. Rude staff, cold food, food prepared improperly, no class. I may come back, but not with a large group - they seem to charge more than the $14.95 for brunch if you are more than 8.

I don't get it - they closed 4 days after America saw the episode. This area is hot and houses goes for a million and two easy. Imagine:  A supermodel hostess, an equally attractive waitstaff, in an uber cool restaurant, transplanted in Park Slope. All of my brilliant and pointed comebacks were left on the cutting-room floor!

Gordon meets the three owners and discovers that the restaurant was originally David and Brian's but Greg was bought in when they ran out of money and they are $250,000 in debt. The point is, we would like to thank you all for your support during our brief time operating what we thought was the best seafood shack in New York. If you guys were the best then why ask for help from Gordon to begin with����������. And we all know that it is a tv-show which shows a lot of emotions and fighting and is not totally real. Doesn't mean same quality. Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. And that is: the weeds get pulled! David should just go live in cave personally I don't think even the animals would want his food, David your an idiot! Made reservations in the morning, and we were whisked to our table w/no problems. People should not be so quick to judge. It's so hard to find a cafe for brunch in Brooklyn! We received our POORLY mixed drinks a few minutes later - flat vodka and tonic, and a Manhattan with a cheaper version of Bourbon than advertised on the menu. This restaurant is started by two friends David and Greg, Brian joined in later as the third partner when two friends ran out of money. As far as the Black Pearl goes I agree with the consensus that Greg should have taken over the entire business and I am sure he would have had addition advice given on how to better succeed. In the past year they have disappointed me again and again. I was hoping Gordon Ramsey would have punched you in the face! The last thing I'd like to point out to David is that there is a reason that Maine lobster, & not Canadian lobster, is world famous! I always like that. With the Brooklyn Union almost always hanging here, it tends to be kamala's ego and pride. Greg had heart and a wonderful staff - he just was never given enough of an opportunity to succeed. Tough, flavorless and worthless. Those pancakes were mm mm good, and our unlimited mimosa glasses were never empty! I have to find a much better car service. He was not attentive and added the check wrong.

Things would actually work for him. 25 reviews of Black Pearl "It's past time the oyster lover in Tyler has to drive to Dallas get their fix. Terrible disappointment!Recently visited NYC and, one night while craving seafood, made the mistake of entering the 'Black Pearl'.Overcooked lobster is a bit like overcooked steak. How could this possibly be related to Chef Ramsey's show?

actually i take that back. I have a particular run I do and it has been $19 to take something for me to the same location. It made all of us jealous. After eating both dinner and brunch here in a matter of days, I have to say the food is excellent and definitely worth the price. the menu was kind of all over the place. So yes, there *are* differences. That was kind of insulting. comfortable and cool decor. We thought it it was personal after the second time. But, food was quite yummy (hence the 4 stars).

Gordon tries the food and loves it but Yelp reviews are average. Or the credit card. 45 minutes later, no crab cakes. They do not know their wine list at all. I actually sent my scallop dish back - we suspected that they may have been fish cheeks. David was so desperate to prove Ramsay wrong he sabotaged his own business. You could have the best food or the best cocktails in town, but if the staff are cold or rude, that all goes out the window.. They did not give it half a chance. The bar proper will handle roughly 25 people. Recently, the place changed hands and is now known as "Particular People Car Service." While I hope Gordo meets an untimely death so that I can dance on his grave, it is time to move on. Also, my pizza came out about 15 minutes after everyone else got their food. I'm sick of ungrateful people who take advantage of their positions and act like nothing is wrong. The dispatchers/staff are truly lacking in customer (and general) service knowledge.

From the very first day they were initiated, the changes Gordy Ramsay made were ridiculed by the press, hated by our regular customers and were the direct cause of a 50% drop in revenues. An update would have been appreciated and gone a long way. Amy, Samy, Alan, and Joe are all just as repulsive as David. So the bartender/waiter said he would make it for her.

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