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If you are the type to eat take out every day then this might not be for you. I'm talking if I have a hangover the next day and need some grease box food, I will be driving here. But Church’s® isn’t just any restaurant. I filled my beverage cups with Diet Coke and Barq's root beer.

And i love their biscuits, it is a must have every time i go there. I ordered a standard 2 piece spicy chicken meal (thigh and drumstick) with fries and a small gravy (large enough for 2 people).The coating on the chicken was light and crispy and not greasy, inside the chicken was very moist. Our NEW Chicken Sandwich is finally here. Learn more. Chicken was dry. The chicken was extremely greasy! We happened to be in this Pickering outlet mall…", "We wanted to try a new pizza place from our usual choices, and we had not tried Gino's, hoping for some place that would bring something a bit new and different.

No amount of ketchup would make that edible. This was my first visit to the chain and tbh I wasn't really sure what to expect. The coleslaw had a nice crunch but was bland. The jalapeño poppers were alright however I could see that giving you some bad belly later on. Only ghetto people eat this. We had a coupon ..had 12 pieces of chicken and a large jalapeno breaded cheese poppers..... as I drove home, The chicken had a really weird smell to it. Beyond the crispy outer crust, however, the meat was moist but lacked flavour. If not, take out looks like your best bet. We were excited to see Church's open up by the Cedarbrae mall.

1171 St Clair Ave W. Toronto. Which by the way wasn't spicy...Staff didn't know how to ring in a 2 piece white meat. It was actually quite good.Being a lover of fried chicken, I was really looking forward to trying this. So I stopped at the two poppers. I was in grade 5, so it was an open parking lot where this chicken place now stands.There is plenty of parking, although you do have to watch where you are going. Popeyes and KFC), but still good nonetheless. Disclaimer: I'm a southern belle and my standards for fried chicken are insaneI came across this place and immediately was sold on the idea of fried chicken. You get the same generous chicken breast on a sesame bun.I would go back to have some fried chicken with honey-butter biscuits and macaroni salad. They are always so adventurous with their items on their menu- tbwy have a side of jalapeño poppers that you could get instead of fries. The only bad thing is it was under-seasoned compared to its competitors (ie. It has iceberg lettuce, which I am starting to not like these days, likely because I have had an overdose of it.

This is definitely one of my favourite places to indulge on unhealthy food. There used to be more locations in the GTA, but I never truly got into fried chicken until now. I recall eating at Church's Chicken in Scarborough many years ago and then they disappeared. I also had the mashed potatoes, which had a slight kick to it. I don't understand people reviewing it as "ghetto" I am not sure what that means but I did find it pretty tasty. Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. Here, we hand-batter every piece of our chicken. Church’s Chicken Church's Chicken 2020-07-30T11:54:42-04:00. Chicken was dry. My favourite pieces.At first bite, it was very crispy and delicious! I ordered a two piece combo with the jalapeño poppers and a biscuit. The biscuit with honey butter brushed on top was nice and fluffy with crunchy ridges on top from the caramelized honey butter YUM!Would come back if we were in the area. Although it was nice to have larger pieces, it lacked flavour. And we make them both in small batches all day long, so they’re always hot and fresh. DIRTY? All of that is up my alley. Come through the drive-thru and upgrade Fried Okra, Jalapeño Cheese Bombers® or Fries to an XL Shareable Side and have enough for the whole family. I recall their chicken being very good, crispy and not greasy. I recall eating at Church's Chicken in Scarborough many years ago and then they disappeared. For years, I have heard of Church's Chicken. LOVE IS OUR SECRET. We are passionate about our local, farm fresh chicken. I had the BBQ chicken sandwich. The only problem was that we were told…". Everything is still brand spanking new. Sometimes hubby gets a hankering for some ghetto, greasy fried chicken; in the States, Church's was our go to. This was my first visit to the chain and tbh I wasn't really sure what to expect. Sweet and soft and buttery. It was comfort food in a small container.I couldn't eat the other sandwich, so I had the Tex Supreme chicken sandwich for dinner. It was actually quite good. The menu choices were fairly typical of most pizza places. The…", "The place was cute and the food was great. Browse all Church's Chicken locations in the United States to try our delicious fried chicken, biscuits, or mac and cheese.

647-346-0195. I showed my Groupon and then placed my order.I got a BBQ chicken sandwich, a Tex Supreme chicken sandwich, corn, mashed potatoes, and two fountain drinks. Good customer service though. Not buying from here again. The gravy was also good, slightly peppery and I much prefer it over Popeyes but likely second to KFC. Those honey butter biscuits are amazing. Even the people I saw buying the food there looked homeless. Christmas Day - 12/25/2020. .i was scared so didn't eat anymore. Tried an original 3 piece combo while my friend tried a spicy 3 piece combo. I would come back for the biscuits alone. With a juicy, hand-breaded filet and a honey-buttered brioche bun, it’s a sandwich made by fried chicken lovers, for fried chicken lovers. I would say the seasoning is lacking but the texture of the meat more than makes up for it. Telling that they would refer to it as "ghetto" though... "Talk about a bad location. I got two very meaty thighs and a drumstick. Telling that they would refer to it as "ghetto" though...The chicken is extremely juicy without all the grease like Popeyes. Ordered the mashed potatoes with gravy since the coleslaw disappointed; it was decent and had little pieces of chicken in the gravy. I'm not in the area often but will be back…", "My boyfriend and I decided to try this place out after hearing good things from friends and reviews on Yelp. Church's Chicken Store hours & holiday hours Weekdays hours: Mon - Fri: 10:30 am - 10 pm Weekends hours: Sat - Sun: 10:30 am - 10 pm Never thought this was halal, never asked. The fried chicken is good though but the spicy chicken definitely has a kick. I only had to pay for taxes, which came to $1.56.

Will not return as long as there are other fried chicken restaurants in existence.

There used to be more locations in the GTA, but I never truly got into fried chicken until now.On Groupon, there are a few deals at two different Church's Chicken places. This restaurant is located in an outlet mall surrounded by furniture stores and other discount clothing stores with no visible signage from any main road.


It brought back odd memories of my mom taking me to my orthodontist's Scarborough location in this mall to get teeth moulds. I came back 10 mins later and it was ready just like they said! Even the biscuit was dry and salty .Wouldn't buy it again. I'm not sure if it was even seasoned. Had to drink lots of it to flush this crap down my throat.

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