cinnamon roll scones

So, I now schedule decompression moments to make sure I take them. Heat oven to 400 degrees. If you are a Gen-Xer, then this book is for you. And then there was the stage where she carved mini pliers out of super-tiny pieces of wood. We Oregonians especially love our coastline which … Read More about Oregon’s Best Kept Secret, My mind is always going- always. This is another cookie recipe I only make at Christmas because of self-control issues- lol! of butter and add 2 cups of powdered sugar. I am not sure where the soup and corn idea came from originally, but it works. SomeTyme Place has several … Read More about Valentine Lotion Bars, Plants are always in style whether faux or living. We were so excited to get to see our two small nephews from Germany and spend time with them. This astounds me because I am a “dress for success” person. Prepare two baking sheets by lining them with parchment paper. Some of us can’t handle the thought of that (ie: me). However, homemade chips are a bit more … Read More about Homemade Zesty Guacamole AND Chips, Today’s post is talking about how to make water drinking more fun because staying hydrated is important in hot summer weather. Every Christmas I find myself resolving to get with the program sooner next year Today as I write this, I am prepping food for the houseful of family coming from Germany and California. In my humble opinion, The Victorians knew how to do spooky the best with classics such … Read More about October Book Picks, Being a total coffee addict from the tender age of 16, I have enjoyed coffee many different ways. A much-needed mental break surfaced when our local farmers’ market got permission to start up as usual with restrictions. But no worries, they will still hold together amazingly and taste fabulous! Learn how your comment data is processed. Down towards the bottom is a blue and white rectangle that says visit delectabilities for the recipe. And right now, many … Read More about SomeTyme Place Seascape Products, One of my favorite things about summer is the ocean themed decor. Beauty is often a nebulous term, but it is my personal belief that it encompasses … Read More about New Fall Skincare Products: Classic & Clean, September is here and so is the new school year. And make sure to enjoy with a cup of hot coffee! So many people I know have faced horrible situations and life-changing wounds this last year: divorces, death of children, suicides of loved ones, crimes, fractured relationships, etc. While grocery shopping recently I saw a new flavor of my favorite Umpqua ice cream- Lemon Bar! However, the struggles also forced me to reevaluate my life. On a floured surface lightly knead dough a few times (10-12). Many people just don’t feel like eating early in the day, especially before coffee. My daughter lasted a whole day. They were the very first product I made years ago when I came up with the recipe late one night in my kitchen. You have done incredible things with this website! And let’s face it, the older you get … Read More about Favorite, Healthy Chocolate Mint Smoothie, People’s reactions vary to the fact that I run nearly every day. Perhaps you had been planning something big like a career change or a move and everything fell through. Goodluck! When Friday night arrives … Read More about Sea Clay Skincare from SomeTyme Place, Pulling up to the lake I take a deep breath. Crisp autumn leaves, spiderwebs, and darker days all make it the perfect time for spooky, mystery, thriller-type reads. Especially in our case as our home is by the river. Apples, pears, Brussel sprouts, bright oranges, pumpkins, etc. If you click the button it will take you right to it! Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes, or until the tops of the scones are browning. It’s not because I don’t love rolls. Do you like having a personal nook in your home to relax in? In fact, my husband asked for it for Father’s Day dinner this year. We thought we would be here permanently, but life has thrown a lot of curve balls the past few years. When you step in you are entering a whole new world that is so pure and unadulterated by the messiness of this life- especially 2020. This is when our PNW trees are most brilliant with golds and reds. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. After all, who doesn’t love a hot, fluffy roll slathered with butter? So much media attention goes to Baby Boomers and Millennials and their financial woes that we Gen Xers are left out. As I mentioned in this post here Bandon is known for cranberries, so I picked up a few cranberry items such as cranberry fudge, cranberry chocolate, cranberry jellies, cranberry BBQ sauce, and more. Terri, Your email address will not be published. And it’s great that people are taking hand washing … Read More about This Month’s Freebie at SomeTyme Place, Like many all over the world, we are trying to make the best of an extra rough year with this quarantine. Frustrating! Maybe what you thought was a happy marriage suddenly imploded. He bought a very large can of … Read More about My Favorite Coffee Recipe, Currently, I am reading “Welcome to the United States of Anxiety”. Jane Austen is a favorite of mine, so I welcome new movie versions of her stories. It is called this because it does take 3 steps as well as a couple of days to make these because they are cooked twice and refrigerated in between! The beach is a two-hour drive from our home which limits how much time we spend … Read More about Sea Glass Cocktail, Lotion bars were the first product I came up with years ago when I started making things in my kitchen. We are two very different people that way, and it cracks me up! Lime is present in much of Asian cooking and we enjoy lime wedges in our water, club soda, beer, etc. Today’s Cinnamon Roll Scones are inspired by one of 2019’s current food trends: cinnamon rolls. For years I was a stay at home mom and now the parental role is … Read More about The Week before Thanksgiving RoundUp of Ideas, Growing up my mom made a mandarin orange and candied almond salad that we all loved. The fire fighters are in an offensive position at this point. It plays well with the charcuterie trend that was strong in 2019. The first time I did I was so bloated and miserable I stopped after a few weeks. With COVID rates spiking again and things still being so unsettled we obviously won’t be having our annual BBQ. Normally, our house would be full of kids and adults for a dinner and egg hunt. It is like you are talking over something with yourself through the medium of pen and paper. Shoes boxes lay in a heap and clothes are stuffed in corners. Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of cinnamon on top of this. No family history of this or any medical issues explained this. For ease, … Read More about Blushing Spiced Holiday Wine, Today’s post is offering some harvest tablescape ideas from my home. Then sprinkle with the pearl sugar. Email to a friend. Summer wasn’t over before colds showed up around town. Grapefruit is always a popular scent because it is so energizing and refreshing. Kindle has been great for helping this little problem, but occasionally a rogue paper or hardback book finds its … Read More about July Book Selections, We’ve all heard the popular meme “Keep calm and carry on”, but that is easier said than done for many. These two months see lots and lots of heavy rains. Don’t worry though, they are not labor … Read More about Annie’s 3 Part Ribs Recipe, Today’s feature is my go-to, favorite Red, White & Blue potato salad recipe. Next, take the other dough circle and pat it on top of the other. It has a crispy outside and a moist crumb inside and is just perfect. It was difficult for both of us to … Read More about Why SomeTyme Place Gives to Smile Train, Harsh winter elements aren’t nice on anyone’s skin. Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework. Naturally, these are faux flowers because … Read More about Creating Spring Flower Arrangements, The last few weeks I took a break from the WW1 and WW2 themes I was enjoying so much and branched out into new territory. Probably because summer is coming and many of us have more time to do these things with the quarantine still going on. It is the mixed drink I am most likely to order because it’s simple and hard to … Read More about Fresh Lemon Drop Drink Recipe, Lemons are trending in home decor this year although they really never are out of style. … Read More about Inexpensive Hobbies that Reduce Stress, Today I want to share a favorite Asian-style marinade that we love on our BBQ around here. I ordered a cinnamon roll with coffee for breakfast one morning. Society saw some dramatic social changes during this time with a departure from the upper-class system which had ruled society for … Read More about My Top Recommended Books to Read in November, One of the best parts about Fall is the availability of fresh, colorful food. Into the cart it went and one day later two-thirds of the decadent ice cream, dripping with lemon curd and chunks of shortbread was gone. It felt good to soak up some vitamin D and fresh sea air. I hope you enjoy it! This year I am especially thankful for our blessings. Salads are my favorite food, and I just love them! There were uncomfortable changes … Read More about SomeTyme Place Had 10k Visitors This Month, Any person in the PNW could think of more than 5 good reasons to get more sun, especially during March and April. The glitzy Rose Gold Soap and cream were the inspiration for this today’s Pink Champagne Cupcakes. The hot buttered rum was wishful thinking on … Read More about Creamy Spicy Best Hot Buttered Rum Recipe, In honor of the fall Soiree Collection in the SomeTyme Place Shop I came up with a couple of “matching” recipes. I hope you enjoy! This is especially true now that winter has started leaving people housebound more and often struggling with the gray, cold days.

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