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Last reply by Robert B. ALEXANDER III KNIGHTED GILCRIST FOR HIS BRAVERY AND GRANTED HIM THE LANDS OF ROWALLAN CASTLE NEAR KILMARNOCK IN AYRSHIRE. As being one of the oldest Clan’s in Scotland, these have carried forward from generation to generation and are believed to be true. 0 Likes, Posted by Jonathan Ferraby President on November 26, 2015 at 8:50am 1999 – Present Report an Issue  |  The variant of the Mure spelling of the name was borne by the poet Edwin Muir (1887-1959), who belonged to the little island of Wyre in Orkney and he shared this spelling with the two distinguished brothers, John Muir the Sanskrit scholar and Sir William Muir the biographer of Mohammed. 367 – 1299 Through the linking to specific families, territories, and historical events, Clan Muir is here acknowledged as one of the true founding & leading historical Clans of Scotland. 8 Comments Clan Muir Timeline. All of the Officers of the organization have full time jobs that keeps the lights on but all other time is volunteered into making sure the Society reaches its short term and long term goals. The host will come in and decorate the space with the goal of teaching passing visitors about the Clan’s history, current activities, and hope to gain interest enough to have the visitor assist by taking on responsibility in the Society to educate others. – NAME OF MUIR/MOORE SPREADS WIDELY IN AREA WHERE THE NORSE LANGUAGE WAS STILL SPOKEN, PREDOMINANTLY IN THE ORKNEYS AND SHETLAND. As we work with our visitors, we passively hope for a donation which allows us to continue our growth which in turn helps us reach most interested people. Our plan in the future is also to explore grant money that may be set aside for our type of education and research missing. The Clan Muir Society works closely with the Head of the House of Muir to promote communication between the Clan Leadership and the Clan members everywhere. 0 Likes, Posted by Jonathan Ferraby President on August 30, 2018 at 8:10pm These include: Muir/More/Moore/Mure – Ayshire and areas southwest Scotland Moar – Orkney and Shetland Moir – Aherdeenshire and southwest…, Welcome are you, to step into the past a bit and fulfill your longing to belong with the stories of our clansmen and women gone by and those still near and dear. 2 Replies O’Morhda – Ireland These spaces usually consist of an area of 10 x 10 ft, with a table and a few chairs. With our mission to educate all that are interested in the roots of their ancestors, every cent we receive is important to our mission. 0 Likes, Started by Robert B.

Other fund raising idea events are also conducted in the areas of the majority of our members.

0 Comments Mor – Central lowlands

WRITES SONG, “THE MAPLE LEAF FOREVER.”. 1 Comment – JOHANNES MUIR HELD A TENEMENT IN GLASGOW. 0 Likes, Posted by Andrew on March 31, 2016 at 3:34pm Clan Muir has to be one of the most fascinating, unique, powerful, wealthiest and influential clans in Scotland. 1 Reply We hope by meeting our goal of sharing, we can help others retain something of the values we hold true in a world of changing values. Last reply by Robert B. 3) REGINALD (RENAUD) DEL MORE OF COUNTY AYR 5 Likes, Started by Arthur David MIDSON in Genealogy Feb 13, 2017. We are always looking for willing hands and minds to assist us. 1296 A.D. – ADAM DE LA MORE AND WILLIAM DE LA MORE WERE JURORS ON THE LANDS OF LADY ELENA LA ZUCHE IN CONYNGHAM. PUBLISHES “THOUSAND MILE WALK TO THE GULF,” 1867. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. 1317-1400’sA.D. Clan is indeed one of the greatest clan in Scotland history. 0 Likes, Posted by April Dean on November 6, 2017 at 3:51am

383 likes. Moir – Aherdeenshire and southwest MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters December, Randy Muir ~ Clann Muir Genealogist (AKA tree), Mark Muir - Competitor Spotlight -, The Queen's Palaces - Holyroodhouse - 2 of 2, The Queen's Palaces - Holyroodhouse - 1 of 2, Scottish Clan Warriors Extended (ft details of lining up for battle), Scotland's Last Artisan Tartan Mill: A Tour of D C Dalgliesh, Highland Cathedral live @ Flensburg (Musikschau Schottland), Muir's of Fordyce, Banffshire, diocese of Aberdeen, Randy Muir ~ Clann Muir Genealogist (AKA tree)'s, SAVE the Alamance Battleground / NC Literary and Historical Association. I am trying to research the Muir's of Fordyce and Cullen near Banff. The Clan Muir Society Founded by Kurt Moore 1999, We invite all to honor their Muir heritage. The main goal of the Clan is the promotion of our Clan spirit through sharing and education. The Clan Muir Society Founded by Kurt Moore 1999, We invite all to honor their Muir heritage. If you are interested in helping, the first step is to join us. Added by Carole Moore / Muir


1 Like, Added by Jim Moore, Guardian 1830-1906 A.D. – ALEXANDER MUIR, BORN IN LESMAHAGOW, IMMIGRATES TO CANADA AS A CHILD. clan muir resurgence begins clan muir society formed by kurt moore. – SIR ADAM MORE (KNIGHT) WITNESSED CHARTERS BY ROBERT THE BRUCE. We also aim to offer a sense of belonging in kinship and to also propagate our interest in Scotland, the land of our origins and history; and to do all of this in an ever changing and multicultural world. ROBERT IS THE SON OF ROBERT THE BRUCE’S DAUGHTER, MARJORIE BRUCE, AND WALTER STEWART, THE HIGH STEWARD OF SCOTLAND, A HEREDITARY TITLE. 1 Comment 1 Like, Posted by Jonathan Ferraby President on November 30, 2015 at 5:06am Many of those spellings can be traced to different locations around the world. OTHERS LINKED WITH LESLIE FROM A MARRIAGE IN 13th CENTURY. 3 Likes. Muir’s of all spelling variants are acknowledged to have defended from the Pictish race of Celts, and commonly in both Ireland and Scotland. kurt moore elected president of society, hazel (moore) rae elected vice-president of society, brent moore elected treasurer of society. Welcome to Clan Muir, an Ancient Clan of Scotland.

Clan Muir Society works with the large percentage of Scottish descendents that live in North America to assist in their learning of Scottish traditions, family linage, culture, music, and provide events that can be attended by anyone that has an interest in learning. 1543 A.D. – MUNGO MUIR SUPPORTED HIS RELATIVE, THE REGENT ARRAN, DURING THE MINORITY RULE OF MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS, AND FOUGHT FOR HIM AT GLASCOW IN 1543. Clan Muir is an Armigerous Clan which is to say we currently do not have a Chief. 1376 A.D. – MARRIAGE OF ELIZABETH OF ROWALLAN AND ROBERT STEWART’S DAUGHTER, JEAN (JOANNA) TO JOHN LYON, CREATED THANE OF GLAMIS BY ROBERT II, FROM WHOM ARE DESCENDED THE EARLS OF STRATHMORE AND KINGHORNE AND, ELIZABETH, THE QUEEN MOTHER, AND HER MAJESTY, QUEEN ELIZABETH II. Some of these members have been given additional responsibilities and assigned the roles of Regional High Commissioner and Convener for the purpose of organizing regional events and activities which include Scottish style gatherings, Highland Games sponsored by other Scottish Societies, music events, golf outings, and other learning activities as needed. There is a movement in the Clan to begin the long process of having one appointed.

0 Comments There seems to be quite a collection of Muir's there in the 17 and 1800's. Clann Muir is an Ancient Clann of Scotland. Powered by, Badges  |  1200’s A.D. – A MUIR HEIRESSES LANDS IN FIFE PASS TO THE LESLIES THROUGH A MARRIAGE TO A LESLIE CHIEF. CLAN FRAGMENTS AND SEEKS THE PROTECTION OF BY LARGER CLANS BY BEING ABSORBED AS A SEPT. MUIRS IMMIGRATE TO AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA. 1328 A.D. – ENGLISH RECOGNIZE SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE. When the two spellings Moore and Muir are taken together, the name was the 24th most frequent surname at the General Register Office in 1995. Clan Muir Society works with the large percentage of Scottish descendents that live in North America to assist in their learning of Scottish traditions, family linage, culture, music, and provide events that can be attended by anyone that has an interest in learning. O’Moore – Ireland. According to Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, if a person has a particular sept name which can be attributed to a number of clans, either they should determine from which part of Scotland their family originally came from and owe allegiance to the clan of that area or, alternatively, if they do not know where they came from, they should owe allegiance to the clan to which their family had traditionally owed allegiance. Clan Muir Society Your story, my story, the Muir story. 1700 A.D. – LAST ACKNOWLEDGED LAIRD OF THE CLAN DIES WITHOUT A MALE HEIR, LEAVING CLAN WITHOUT A LEADER. 3 Replies We are claimed by:Clan Campbell, Clan Gordon, Clan Leslie, Clan Boyd, and Clan Grant. THIS MARKS THE BEGINNING OF THE STEWART DYNASTY. Alternatively, they may offer allegiance to any of the partic… We also are constantly on the look out for in-kind donations to help us meet our operating goals. 0 Likes, Started by Robert B. These activities are offered to all that are interested at little or no cost to the participant.

It is common to have many different genealogical spellings of last names due to the inconsistent record keeping of the past, often times recording it phonetically which is based on the way it was said. More, High Commissione Apr 27, 2015. 1 Comment Many of those spellings can be traced to different locations around the world. AROUND 1357, HE SENT ONE OF HIS SONS AS HOSTAGE TO ENGLAND FOR THE RANSOM OF THE KING. 0 Comments

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