criminal interrogation questions

Because although someone may be demonstrably guilty of a ‘crime’, what if the law itself is defective? This topic seems to be visceral with the academic criminology sect who’ve never faced a real murderer in the interview room. POLICE INTERROGATIONS – THE 9 STEP REID TECHNIQUE. We haven’t even addressed the oxymoronic concept of “victim-less crime”. Something to keep in mind — the vast majority of police officers who properly employ the Reid Technique are attempting to learn the truth in the matter, not simply eliciting a “confession”. Privacy is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting an interrogation area. Once a person asserts Miranda rights, the police must discontinue the interrogation. 12 TRUTHS LEARNED FROM LIFE AND WRITING – WITH ANNE LAMOTT, THE TERRIBLE TRUTH ABOUT ADOLF HITLER’S REMAINS, HOW TO CONDUCT A “COMPETENT” HANGING EXECUTION, HAPPY NEW YEAR AND WHAT’S UP WITH GARRY RODGERS’ WRITING FOR 2020. During dating, women often play with their hair, again showing signs of “interest” which is causing the stress response. The oldest one is the good cop – bad cop thing. Thanks for reading this piece and responding with a well-thought-out point. However, the police must obtain a warrant when arresting a person in their home if it is for a non-serious offense and there is not a reasonable belief that the person will destroy evidence or harm the public. So they begin with a definite bias – not like a court proceeding which operates with a presumption of innocence. Pulling or fluffing their hair or playing with their hair are signs of increasing stress. Obviously an officer’s intuition is important but do you think there is any credence to the claim that the Reid Technique may compromise officer’s intuition (beyond other techniques). Do the police have to give a Miranda warning when making an arrest? Watch for this subtle shift in elbow position to help gauge the subjects internal stress. While I understand the concern about wrongful accusation and conviction, the Reid Technique remains a proven and effective interrogation tool. ie he is guilty and therefore you subconsciously latch on to anything that supports you assumption of guilt and miss evidence of innocence PEACE), if so why? The interrogator delivers a monologue rather than a question and answer format and the composure is understanding, patient, and non-demeaning. These two areas are jumbled together more in real life than on TV. Unfortunately, there’re far too many academics who have their head shoved up their own ass and haven’t got a grasp on the fact that far too much emphasis is placed on protecting the rights of criminals rather than on protecting law-abiding citizens who make up the vast majority of society.

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