discrete mathematics topics for presentation

In other words, a chordal graph is a graph possessing no chordless cycles.The numbers of simple chordal graphs on , 2, ... nodes are 1, 2, 4, 10, 27, 94, 393, ... (OEIS A048193). What are some good topics for an undergraduate Math seminar? (By Vizing's theorem, the edge chromatic number of every cubic graph is either three or four, so a snark corresponds to the special case of four.) The number of degree sequences for a graph of a given order is closely related to graphical partitions. Cardinal Infinities, and Mandelbrot(although this could be included if you hedge your bet with a split between dynamical systems and graph theorg). Here, denotes a cycle graph, a complete graph, a path graph, and a star graph.productresultgrid graph ladder graph grid graph prism graph stacked prism graph torus grid graph with circulant graph book graphstacked book graphcrown graph rook graph rook complement graphhypercube graph .. For example, the square graph is chordless but not chordal, the diamond graph and tetrahedral graph are chordal but not chordless, and empty graphs , path graphs , and the triangle graph are both chordal and chordless.The numbers of connected simple chordless graphs on , 2, ... nodes are 1, 1, 2, 4, 10, 27, ... (OEIS A287693), the first few of which are illustrated above.The numbers of not-necessarily connected simple chordless graphs on , 2, ... nodes are 1, 2, 4, 9, 21, 56, ... (OEIS A287694), the first few of which are illustrated above. The unordered pairs representation of an undirected graph may be computed in the Wolfram Language using List @@@ EdgeList[g], and a graph may be constructed from an unordered pair representation using Graph[UndirectedEdge @@@ l]. 2012).The -graph corresponds to copies of the graph The following table summarizes special named -graphs and classes of named -graphs.graphcubical graph Petersen graph Dürer graphMöbius-Kantor graphdodecahedral graphDesargues graphNauru graphprism graph generalized Petersen graph All -graphs.. q ? A forest is an acyclic graph (i.e., a graph without any graph cycles). As a consequence, Gerbracht (2006) also proved that the Harborth graph is rigid. The numbers of connected graphs on , 2, ... vertices that are planar and unit-distance but not matchstick are 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 13, ... (E. Weisstein, Apr. Solution of this problem is equivalent to constructing a Kirkman triple system of order . For example, for the set partition , the restricted growth string would be 0122. Text book: Kenneth H. Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, 7th edition (custom version), McGraw-Hill. A hash function might, for instance, be defined as , where , , and is the floor function.Hash functions can be used to determine if two objects are equal (possibly with a fixed average number of mistakes). The complexity class of canonical labeling is not known.Efficient labeling methods yield an efficient tests for isomorphicgraphs, as provided for example by nauty, Traces, bliss, and other software implementations. Chapter 1 Sets and Notation 1.1 Defining sets Definition. However, a counterexample was found by J. D. Horton in 1976 (Gropp 1990), and several smaller counterexamples are now known.Known small counterexamples are summarized in the following table and illustrated above.namereference50Georges graphGeorges (1989), Grünbaum (2006, 2009)54Ellingham-Horton 54-graphEllingham and Horton (1983)78Ellingham-Horton 78-graphEllingham (1981, 1982)78Owens graphOwens (1983)92Horton 92-graphHorton (1982)96Horton 96-graphBondy and Murty (1976).

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