dos and don'ts in south korea

So, what information should be considered sensitive in order to preserve a site? KKday is the leading e-commerce travel platform that connects travelers with authentic local tours & activities. You’ve got countless reasons to fall in love with South Korea, the land of dramatic fall foliage, delicious samgyeopsal, and massive K-Pop phenomenon. It’s no secret that Korean pop culture has been making huge waves all over the world! Every country has its own set of dos and don’ts that travellers ought to be aware of. We were shouting back at him that he was standing on something unsafe. Travel to the country is only possible as part of a tightly controlled guided tour, … This means that every bus and train is booked a month in advance, and the highways are clogged with apocalypse-level traffic heading away from Seoul, then back into Seoul at the end. It’s better to offer apologies and vague explanations that are hard to disprove (I was looking for a washroom, I was taking a shortcut, I was just hiking on the mountain up there, I was following a cat), while moving quickly toward the nearest exit. The Do’s and Don’t’s of South Korea. In South Korea it’s all about respect, so if you can show people that you’re respectful of their culture, then you’ll get about as invisible as you can be. If you cant get in, then just keep looking for an unlocked door or window, and if you cant find one, come back another time. Men tend to wear jeans or slacks at all times rather than shorts or sweatpants. Don’t expect privacy. So, while it might be tempting to travel around the country on a five-day weekend, its going to be hell unless you’re going against the flow. While were on the topic, lets talk about lockpicks. I’ve made good use out of pocket-sized flashlights over the years, sometimes even while not exploring. I suppose the rule of thumb here is to approach any topic regarding Japan delicately. More likely than not, your host will give the green light for everyone to start eating anyway. What more are you waiting for, then? For years my photos were mostly enjoyed by people outside the country, and that was safe because none of them could visit the sites. Until they prove that the afterlife consists of incorporeal existence haunting abandoned buildings, I have no respect for their hobby. All rights reserved. Also, possibly, much more fun. There are some things you have to pay attention to when you are in South Korea. These holidays are a great time to visit Seoul, when the capital region is a ghost town (figuratively, but literally in some parts). Here’s a scale, from least sensitive to most sensitive: 0: Share anything. Not to mention, English has a way of carrying extra far here, so its important to be mindful of your volume if you’re the kind of foreigner who takes issue with that, keep in mind the time to stand up for your right to be boorishly loud is not during a bit of recreational trespassing. These sites may be busted and old news, or they may have developed into businesses such as art galleries or parks that receive steady foot traffic already, and may benefit from it.

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