dutch oven bread no knead

When we walked into the house, it was filled with that fresh baked bread smell.

I’m always so hungry when I get home.

If I want to herbs or cheese, at what point in the process do i do that? I used Pink Himalayan salt instead of sea salt and it worked just as well!! That said, it came out deliciously. 2 teaspoons of salt seem like alot. Crust is superb, but it lacks taste. I’ve made it several times, but I haven’t been able to achieve those huge air pockets like yours.

Texture is best when bread is completely cooled before slicing. I put the bowl next tot he fireplace and that helped it rise more. Have to admit I didn’t stand for eight hours but it still turned out wonderful. just wondering. Do I need to adjust recipe? Another wow! How does it work with just adding the yeast to the dough without mixing the yeast alone in water or with a sugar Like so many other recipes call for. Thank you! Might be worth a quick Google search! I am drooling over this bread. Stephanie (based on Jim Lahey's original method). Thank you for recipe. I also threw ice cubes on a sheet pan the last 20 minutes of cooking. At which point would you add fresh herbs? Have had some success with Leahy’s recipe, so do not know what went wrong….

Do you reduce the temperature when you bake it? Linda — I’m sorry to hear the recipe didn’t work out for you! In a large bowl, whisk flour, salt and yeast until well mixed. Happy baking! I’ve tried a quick rise in warm oven, no better. That being said — you can play around with the amount of yeast that works for you/your schedule! Maybe more flour? I have a question, if I want to make a bigger bread can I just double the quantity and what about the cooking time?

I hope it works! Ingrid — So glad to hear that you loved it! Try to brush the bread with a little melted butter when it’s done and that should soften it up. Thank you.

I just saw this in Lindsay’s dutch oven post, and I’m SO EXCITED to make a loaf this weekend. I would just cook it longer with the lid on, though. It tastes amazing, but I wanted to tweak that recipe to see if I could make a no-knead dutch oven bread that DIDN’T require a rise overnight.

Amaaaazing. (a total of 1-1/2c). Anyone, please help. Terry — I’m sorry to hear that! I could just pick it up rather than slide the pot. Instead of using plastic wrap as the recipe calls for, I used beeswax wrap to be more earth friendly. The parchment paper for non-enamel, cast-iron Dutch oven is the trick. Turned out beautiful. It’s been sitting for 5 hours and does not look like it’s risen much. What did I do wrong?

I am going to go out and buy a dutch oven today and see how it looks! Made this yesterday and baked this morning. Oh my heavens!!! https://www.girlversusdough.com/multigrain-sandwich-bread/. I’m well aware of what sourdough bread is, and what it isn’t.

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