empyrea quest tree

6. 39. The Eyes Have it (talk + talk) 70. 73. 24. Cold Storage (instance: talk + elite + boss + interact + explore + talk) 71. Shadow Trickster (talk + explore + solo boss + talk) Simmering Tensions (interact + mob +talk) Eye-Eye, Captain (interact + talk) Eat or Be Eaten (interact + talk), 65. Please do not add any text or images directly to this page. Insulation Insurrection (explore) To Boldly Crash… (talk + talk + explore + explore + talk) Throughout the main quest line of Empyrea Part 2, you will get a chance to revisit Zanadu and go through the Beacon of Hope dungeon. 15. This is because many of the D&C quests in Mirage actually give you the item required on the first try. 36. 30. The Raiders Raided (mob + (instance: explore + elite + elite + boss + talk + interact) + talk) 68. The largest and most comprehensive Wizard101 Wiki for all your Wizard101 needs! Cistern, Turn, Turn (boss + interact) Insulation Insurrection (interact + interact + talk)? The area is not always one hundred percent correct, as certain quests can require you to run back and forward between areas to talk to people. He’s Good for the Heart (interact + explore) Welcome to the Leisure Dome (talk + talk) 66. Empyrea is quite short, I would say. At the end of the quest you get a Fern Lumi pet. Ice, Meet Fire (explore). Go Time (explore + interact + talk), 9. May the Beastman Win (explore + talk + mob + collect + talk) 28. 77. Some of these elites could very well be counted as bosses, while others are little more than mobs. Athano-More (talk + interact + talk + explore + talk + explore) 58. Brain Drain (explore) The Path of Khan (mob + mob + minor cheat) I think on one of these quests, I had to engage in 7 battles to get what I needed from it. 40. I don’t really understand why this world is full of elite creatures. World Info. A Little Khan and Dance (puzzle) 18. The cheats displayed from this creature are compelling to say the least. To the Bat’s Cave! 27. Tunnel of Terror (instance: mob + interact + boss + interact + mob) (explore + talk) Note that some of the quests might be labeled “defeat and collect” in game, but actually appear as mob battles in my guide. Among those quests, there are 20 regular mob fights, and 24 elite fights. For this guide, I’m only listing the main quest line quests , aka storyline quests, which means the ones you have to do in order to get to the next area. Ruumbaya (explore + mob + talk + explore + solo mob + interact + talk) 54. While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. There is one elite battle which I counted as “cheat elite”. Athano-More (explore) These were so fun to do! 20. 69. 74. The center of the Spiral, Empyrea, was painstakingly created by Raven to keep the Chaos Heart safe and Spider out. 51. 63. Only Mostly Dead (talk + explore + interact + talk + interact + talk). One is a more intricate and longer version of the pet dance game and the other requires you to play shock-a-lock. Peace Pipe (explore + explore + puzzle + talk) 1. Disappearing Ink (talk + interact + explore + talk) misthead. Negative Reinforcement (talk + explore) Rebel Rebel (talk + collect + D&C + interact + talk) Too Hot to Handle (mob + talk) 38. Waiting in the Sky (explore) Incantation Investigation (explore + solo boss + interact + talk) 25. Afraid of the Dark (elite + talk + talk) Lava at First Sight (talk) Eyes Are the Prize (D&C + talk) Snowballistic! Eye-Eye, Captain (explore) Massive Headache (elite + major cheat) 60. 75. 16. Swine of the Ancient Mariner (explore + talk + explore + mob + interact + talk), 5.

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