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Ghost stories and spirits walking the earth; summer 'Obon' season is upon us in Japan. After briefly cooking the skinny somen noodles and preparing the dipping sauce, they gather the kids around the bamboo trough and let the fun begin. (I make a silent entreaty for a little cooling rain, please). Understand that Nagashi Somen is popular during the summer. The crowd of delighted diners is seated ten at a time at the riverside noodle bar and treated to a spectacular view and cooling air from nearby dramatic waterfalls. My chilled nest of noodles, dipped in tangy sauce, tastes even better for having caught it. Wait, Nagashi Somen? Tosenkyo valley in Ibusuki is the birthplace of the unique serving style of soumen noodle called 'soumen nagashi'. In the old days, she says, families or neighbors would cut down a long bamboo trunk, split it, wash it out and set it up like a slide with running water coursing through it. Your email address will not be published. Every 30 seconds, a bundle of the thin, white wheat flour noodles flows down the stream. Tomoko is seated “downstream” from me, so she can snag a clump of noodles if I miss it, which I do on the first round. Then she shares her strategy: stand the ends of the chopsticks in the water to act as a dainty dam. Nagashi Somen is a common Japanese cuisine whereby we can eat noodles flowing along a bamboo stick with our chopsticks. All the diners seem to be attempting this juggling act. It works! This is because there will be sessions (25 minutes each) allocated for customers and no cross-picking is allowed here. PDRさん and Mimei make their debut on the Tokyo Creative channel and get to eat some flowing noodles from a DIY kids toy! Required fields are marked *. Address: 268, Jalan Strachan, Sentul West, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Operating Hours: 12 PM-11.30 PM (Opens Daily), ALSO READ: The Square by Jaya One  Christmas & New Year Countdown 2020. From dining in the sky to gastronomic food experiences, there’s just something about unique dining that has us hooked. Once we get the hang of it, the challenge is to grab your noodles, try to take a photo, dip and eat before the next bundle comes whizzing by. Known in the region as "nagashi sōmen" (literally "flowing noodles") diners are generally seated in groups of two, assigned a pipeline, and armed with only a couple pairs of chopsticks. Answer 1 of 7: Hi all, I will be travelling to Japan during start of Nov. We will also regularly post about casual promos and latest findings. On our walk back down the hill, we stop at a dramatic Shinto shrine lined with rows of stately red lanterns, which is dedicated to the god of rain and water. Squeals of delight or frustration are heard all around, followed by murmurs of enjoyment. You can touch crystal clear water by front of your table! Thus was wondering if I'm still able to find Nagashi Somen during Nov? She is a food and travel writer and a sign language interpreter, two fields bridged by a fascination with culture. But, if you need more info, then we got your back. With bowls of dipping sauce and chopsticks at the ready, their noodles zoom by and they giggle, grab, dip and enjoy. In Japan, during summer time, there is a fun and cool dish called 流し素麺 (Nagashi Somen) or flowing somen. Once you catch the flowing noodles with your chopsticks, just dip them into the shoyu topped with spring onion, sesame seed and mashed ginger. Well, don’t worry because we’re here to give you guys some background info. After a dozen or so rounds, a last tangle of pink noodles silently slides by to announce the final serving. The particularity of these noodles is that their diameter is less than 1.3 mm. Hi there foodie friends! What are you waiting for? According to a Twitter netizen, @wanmuaaz, the entire Nagashi Somen experience is really fun! Summer festival. Photo: @wanmuaaz (Twitter) That’s the fun of it because you’re supposed to catch the noodles on time before it flows away! Enjoy Flowing Noodles in 3 Steps (Catch, Dip and E.

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