franklin richards vs cosmic armor superman

Doom is known for the frequent plot device where in it is revealed that his actions were actually those of a "Doombot", one of Victor Von Doom's many robot doubles, either working on his behalf or as a result of rogue artificial intelligence. [65] With this new power, Doom trapped Franklin in Hell, immobilised Doctor Strange, and then neutralises the FF's powers, torturing the other three while taunting Reed by leaving him in his magical library, comparing it to giving a dog a road-map as he concluded that it would be impossible for Reed to master sufficient magical skill to be a threat to him. With the help of Bruce Banner, he escaped and returned to Latveria, damaged by this experience. [29] In an interview, Brubaker said the series was a way to elaborate on the earlier portions of Doom's life which had not been seen often in the comics. Emperor Joker created new villains for crying out loud, erased the multiverse from existence and then remade. @firsthunter: Download it, it the best I can do go read the book otherwise i guess. (Suddenly this never happened). How does his imagination compare to Superman's? Loading ... How Power Is Cosmic Armor Superman in Tamil - Duration: 3:25. The castle was owned by a "Baron of Iron" centuries prior, who had used his technological genius to protect himself and his people. Your argument is that SP isn't even universal-level. So what if you have a problem with the story? but you haven't given a reason why the attack can work against CAS and both supports have called stomps not just the Franklin one and you did care when the CAS fans called stomp without reason. I think Franklin has all the keys to success against CAS. [6] In a later article, IGN would declare Doom as Marvel's greatest villain. I mean, unless you've got proof that they're lying or that they're someone who'd lie, character statements sure as hell can be taken as proof. No dummy. Doom disappears before the unconscious Tony regains consciousness. ", a fact that later led to the character's redemption. Imagination. Read next time. "[21] Doctor Doom made his first appearance under Byrne's tenure with issue #236. You have not been listening. Doom remained trapped there until the events of the 2004 "Ragnarok" storyline in the pages of Thor, which resulted in Thor's hammer Mjolnir falling through dimensions and giving Doom a way out of Hell. Simonson drew up a list of stories which featured the real Doom and those which did not[27] but later writers ignored Simonson's choices, retconning these story elements as an attempt by Doom to blame his own past failures on unruly robots.[28]. Throughout most of his publication history, he has been depicted as one of the most intelligent humans in the Marvel Universe, most famously restoring the Thing's human form, a feat Reed Richards has also accomplished but has had difficulty in maintaining over a long period of time. with being of this power that would be a huge lie. [90] He subsequently makes a Faustian deal with an unspecified demon to resurrect Brother Voodoo. That's your entire argument. [61] A particularly detailed plan saw Doom ally with the Puppet Master to trap the Fantastic Four within the miniature artificial city of "Liddleville", their minds trapped inside tiny cybernetic, part-organic copies of their original bodies. [15] During the 1970s, Doom branched out to more Marvel titles such as Astonishing Tales,[16] The Incredible Hulk,[17] and Super-Villain Team-Up (1975). You can't use character statements as proof, outside of omnipotent characters. You wanna see what Joker did with 99% of Mxy's power? Tony still refuses to trust him after what he has done and Doom leaves once again. I get to have my opinion. He job is to counter ever thing but somehow still take damage. Because if Mandraak really could have erased CAS Superman, he would have. It only repeats what you've been saying which means ZILCH. Victor grew into a headstrong and brilliant man, combining sorcery and technology to create fantastic devices which would keep the Baron's men at bay and protect the Roma people. He stomps both rounds. lieutenants. Anyone of these can stomp Cosmic Spider-Man (despite his universal level might). Even Superman has done that. When more rebels arrive, Doom teleports Iron Man to the Bronx Zoo. [111] These supervillains are genre-crossing villains who exist in adventures "in a world in which the ordinary laws of nature are slightly suspended"; characters such as Professor Moriarty, Count Dracula, Auric Goldfinger, Hannibal Lecter, Joker, Lex Luthor, and Darth Vader, also fit this description. Second, Is CAS able to control the plot of the forum. Victor Von Doom was born decades ago to a tribe of Latverian Romani people under the rule of an unnamed nobleman called the Baron. Following the villains' defeat, Victor retreated to the ruins of Castle Doom. And Superman is anything but overrated. It is OUTSIDE their watch. Just gonna jump in here, that doesn't mean he was able to do so either. Osborn's mysterious ally, the Void, violently attacks Doom, and an apparently amused Loki tells the Hood that he should go, as there is nothing here for either of them, which the Hood, now loyal to Loki due to his hand in the restoration of his mystical abilities, agrees. The Entire Marvel Verse. The story gets no reason why the story is able to take place. Maybe I call you Clark? Thanks to this sacrifice, the X-Men finally managed to destroy Onslaught. A repaint of this figure and a Future Foundation variant were released in their 2012 Marvel Legends Epic Heroes wave. He demonstrated behavior very uncharacteristic of him, however, which may or may not become a plot point later. How idiotic. In 1984, the first Doctor Doom figure was released as part of, In 1990, a Doctor Doom figure was included in, In 1994, ToyBiz released another Doctor Doom figure based on his appearance in the. Fellow journalist Jason Stanhope called his "master[ing] of sorcery and technology an unusual combination", and also felt "his inner sense of nobility sets him apart from lesser villains, in a similar manner to Magneto. [87] An ill-fated excursion into the alternate universe of the one of Infinity Gauntlets resulted in Reed and Nathaniel Richards rescuing Doom from his own council. Doom soon allies himself with the isolationist group known as the Desturi to take control of Wakanda, attacking and wounding T'Challa, then the current Black Panther, maiming him enough to prevent him from holding the mantle again. The Marvel multiverse contains Earth-616 and most of the What If? Sign Up Login-= VOTERY STARTED =- Celebrate 15 years of SHDb. During the Secret Invasion storyline, Doom was among those who escaped the Raft when a virus was uploaded into its systems by the Skrulls. That only 1 possible outcome Franklin is only limited by imagination. Most notably, Doctor Doom has been portrayed in licensed Fantastic Four live-action feature films by Joseph Culp in Roger Corman's unreleased 1994 film; Julian McMahon in the 2005 film and its 2007 sequel; and Toby Kebbell in the 2015 film. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Also I would hate Franklin for constantly allowing Carnage to survive every death he has experienced (LOL). Von Doom adheres to a strict code of honor at all times. ever. 50th Anniversary, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,, Fictional characters with electric or magnetic abilities, Fictional characters with spirit possession or body swapping abilities, Marvel Comics characters who have mental powers, Articles with dead external links from December 2016, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2011, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April 2016, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Energy absorption and projection, teleportation and demonic summoning via. According to theOfficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes, "It includes every single literary, television show, movie, urban legend, universe, realm, etc. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. It doesn't diminish the power they have in the slightest. Third, FR: I saw that coming a week ago, I also that move didn't do anything it just made it so the fight did start. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. [15] The comics site Panels of Awesome ranked Doctor Doom as the number one villain in their listing of the top ten villains in comics;[114] Wizard Magazine went a step further by declaring Doctor Doom the fourth greatest villain of all time. He has even on several occasions battled opponents who were intent on killing the Fantastic Four, for no other reason than the fact that he does not want the ultimate defeat of the Fantastic Four to come from anyone's hands but his own. Why should I be impartial? [49] As Doctor Doom, he would go on to menace those he felt responsible for his accident—primarily, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Dragon Man and Alex Power give an invitation to Diablo. [111] Sanderson also found traces of William Shakespeare's characters Richard III and Iago in Doom; all of them "are descended from the 'vice' figure of medieval drama", who address the audience in monologues detailing their thoughts and ambitions. He is typical a mutant with cosmic power from the Negative zone but Human of not what it his "weakness"? Doom not only saves Sue's daughter but also cured Johnny of a recent problem with his powers where Johnny was unable to 'flame off' without technological support after becoming overcharged with energy from the Negative Zone by channeling Johnny's excess energy into Sue to keep her alive.

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