french slow cooker chicken recipes

Next time I will add a bit extra french onion soup mix to give a little more flavour but it was absolutely delicious. Thank you. Recipe Girl®© 2020 , All Rights Reserved. I used a block of cream cheese and added the French onion soup. Went heavy on the cream, didn’t want to save the extra in the 300ml tub. Made the sweet chilli one. I have a Breville fast slow cooker which I can’t use the tea towel trick – how long would you suggest I slow cook it for in this instance, and could I put the pasta in as well to cook? I used Sweet Chilli cream cheese (Philadelphia Brand–Sweet Chilli Philly). Just tried this tonight. All fields are required to submit a review. The first time I made this recipe I used chicken breast and reduced the slow cooker time to one hour. 250gm block of cream cheese and full packet of soup mix? I can’t begin to explain HOW AMAZING this dish is!!  Is the 3 hour 40 min time meant to be if you set the slow cooker on “high”? Pretty rich but absolutely delicious! Served with whole meal couscous and steamed veggies. This was amazing! Another classic from the annals of French chicken dishes, but this time turned into an easy slow cooker, set-it-and-forget-it recipe. Only had ½ a packet of French onion soup (left over from something else…..?) I could only find plain cream cheese in Woolies, but found Bulla brand sweet chilli cottage cheese. Not sure what the fat content is for this but how could I make it healthier? This was delicious!! My hubby made the sweet chilli version lastnight, it was soooo yummy!!! Thanks in advanced!!! We used lactose free cream cheese and cream with 1/2 cup of Chilli Jam Very simple to cook and tasted amazing. Oh My…… How delicious, my hubby has to watch his cholesterol, so I used creme fresh instead of cream, and because we love mushrooms I fried about half a punnet in coconut oil and added them in about half an hour from the end, and I used frozen spinach, added at the same time as the mushrooms. I’ll go search for the sweet chilli cream cheese, otherwise I’ll use the cottage cheese again . I think you’d be ok without doing so but if you want to serve it on for eg pasta and want lot’s of sauce then sure double up . Hi Staci 339 calories; protein 28g 56% DV; carbohydrates 15.7g 5% DV; fat 14.8g 23% DV; cholesterol 98.9mg 33% DV; sodium 747.7mg 30% DV. The rest of the recipe is done in the slow cooker. The clever recipe sees fans sprinkle a packet of French Onion Soup Mix onto a whole chicken, before cooking it in a slow cooker on low for eight hours. I used 1kg of chicken thighs I also added 1 can of condensed cream of chicken soup, mushrooms. My husband broke his pet hate rule and spoke with his mouth full. Tried this today and changed it slightly by adding paprika and using philly herb dip as I couldn’t find the french onion soup mix one, as well as adding some french onion soup mix and philly cream for cooking. And all that heat surrounding you means you probably don’t feel like cooking either, right? 4 Ingredients or LESS!, Chicken, Low Carb. Wished I’d tried it sooner, so tasty & didn’t feel ‘heavy’. It looked and tasted like I put a lot of effort in but it was so easy…shhh…my little secret from the fam.

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