funniest mcu movies

Disoriented and without his hammer, Darcy uses a taser on Thor when she mistakes his behavior for aggression. Here’s the thing about so-called “super” heroes: Yes, they save the day, but why? Spider-Man and Ant-Man alone would be enough to make this film one of the funniest, and yet our favorite interactions might be the animosity Sam has for Bucky.

I’ve tried to prevent too many Guardians jokes from dominating this list.

To be honest, the previous "Spider-Man" and "Amazing Spider-Man" movies didn't do the best job at representing this. We limited the list to five (fine, essentially six) because, though each of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have a semblance of comedy, most just offer a glimpse — or essentially duplicate — the wit of the films we unpack below. But that’s not a problem in Homecoming.

So is attempting to list the 10 funniest. With Thor: Ragnarok looking absolutely hilarious, CBR decided to look back at the funniest moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. | Marvel Made. Today marks the release of not only the best reviewed Marvel movie to date, but also what is being regarded as the funniest. It’s a really silly movie, with some of the best, dumbest jokes this side of Popstar. Especially because if you think about what you could cut out it’s usually some of the funniest scenes in the film. FREAKY Interviews (2020) - Celeste O'Connor & Misha Osherovich, FREAKY Interview (2020) - Vince Vaughn & Kathryn Newton, MANK - Movie Review (2020) Gary Oldman, David Fincher.

You could, in theory, do an entire list of just great jokes and funny moments from both Guardians of the Galaxy movies and their appearances in Infinity War and Endgame.

And which movie cracked us up the least? It’s so beautifully dumb and I love it with all of my little heart. Plus, in the midst of the biggest fight in MCU history, we get Captain America and Groot exchanging pleasantries. It was less about defining a story structure or visual style, and more about setting the parameters of what we could expect from the universe — namely, charming superheroes coming to terms with being a superhero, while either cracking wise (Dr. It’s consistently clever and full of great one-liners, but it’s not loaded with pure laugh-out-loud comedy the way many later films in the franchise are. This is one of the funniest action or superhero movies ever made, and in many ways it reset the standard for just how funny an MCU movie can be. The second Thor movie, often listed at or near the bottom of MCU movie rankings, is definitely funnier than people remember. Whether they're poking fun at their friends, enemies, themselves, or just the absurd situations they wind up in, the funniest heroes always have the ability to capture the audience’s attention. As weird as it sounds there, might be too much comedy in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. This is one of the MCU’s great comedic moments: There’s never been a superhero movie where the man in the funny suit said things were “awesome” so many times. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up.

The second Avengers movie might not have matched its predecessor overall, but it was still full of humorous lines and scenes, including one of the most memorable in the entire franchise: When the other heroes tried picking up Thor’s hammer. BLAMS!

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