gerda lerner the creation of patriarchy sparknotes

In a series of fascinating portraits of individual women who resisted patriarchal indoctrination, Lerner discusses women mystics such as Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich and later Protestant mystics, and brings to life the many women of great literary talent, from Christine de Pisan to Louise Labe to Emily Dickinson, who simply bypassed patriarchal thought and created alternate worlds for themselves. The system of patriarchy is a historic construct; it has a beginning; it will have an end. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Your IP: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. She contends that patriarchy laid the foundation for the construction of Western civilization. The period of "establishment of patriarchy" was not one event, but a process developing over a period of several thousand years and at different times in several distinct societies. It means getting rid of the great men in our heads and substituting for them ourselves, our sisters, our anonymous foremothers. This was, according to Lerner, the ‘first accumulation of private property.’. This, then, calls for a struggle that has a broader definition of class, which accommodates intersectionality in its discourse. I have long wondered how it is that half the world's population can be oppressed/repressed/suppressed, with some variations with respect to societal norms and religion, but with remarkable consistency and, apparently, women's own (to me, inexplicable) compliance, if not active complicity. User Review  - Not Available - Book Verdict. She was a professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a visiting scholar at Duke University. Receive updates from Deep Green Resistance including news, action updates, training events, and volunteer opportunities. DGR is hard at work educating and training revolutionaries, providing legal support, coordinating public outreach, creating and sharing security protocols, and taking part in campaigns and direct action. The most unfree women were slaves. Very solid book on the historical roots of Patriarchy. In this book, she looks at the origins of patriarchy and found that it was not one event at one time, but many events across the world over a long period of time. Refresh and try again. By the second millennium B.C. Lerner was one of the founders of the field of women’s history, and was a former president of the Organization of American Historians. There are threads with which I no longer agree, and others which have given me new insights. I particularly loved how Lerner stressed the importance of the contrast between thought dominated by the system & thought being able think outside of it, unrestrained by it to challenge it which is of great importance to fostering revolutionary thought & to give hope for change. The Creation of Patriarchy was written by Gerda Lerner and published in 1986, making it slightly outdated but nonetheless, relevant and though-provoking. The Creation of Patriarchy is a nonfiction book written by Gerda Lerner in 1986 as an explanation for the origins of misogyny in ancient Mesopotamia and the following Western societies.She traces the "images, metaphors, [and] myths" that lead to patriarchal concepts' existence in Western society (Lerner 10). Gerda Lerner’s findings are radical and memorable because they attempt to give feminism a foundation which can dismantle traditionalism, the view that women … Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. This graded hierarchy within the class of women, which becomes even more complex with regions and time, makes it difficult for them to develop a group consciousness. She seeks to show that the subordination of women ... Read full review. She argues that before this development, male dominance was not a feature of human society in general. My problems with it are mostly threefold: Read 10 or 15 years ago, this is a very scholarly treatment of how male dominance and female subservience are determined not by biology, but by social development. and that the origin of slavery begins with the subjegagtion of women. It inspired me to recommit to feminism and promote women's work, struggles and experiences. Lerner goes on to state that 4000 years of paternalistic dominance was possible only through women's cooperation. Incest taboo was created to facilitate the exchange of women as inter-tribal gifts through the system of marriage alliance. My favourite line from the book is "men and women both constructed society" and I think that's such an important idea to conceptualise in that it gives women active roles in what they can now do in the 21st century. She chose to answer this question using historical understanding, although she had to expand her methodology to include fields which study PRE-history in order to properly address it. In its earliest form, patriarchy appeared as the archaic state.". Thanks, Sr. Debbie. Her academia work speaks for itself, a self imposed elitist who created her own path to self righteousness. As a student of women's studies and history this is exactly the book I would have wanted to write. This was a bold undertaking, for s. After establishing herself as one of the pre-eminent Women's Historians (and, in the process, helping to establish Women's History), Gerda Lerner turned to one of the major questions of feminist history: why, throughout the world, are women apparently universally subjected to men? Reading Lerner's book after bell hooks made me acutely aware of the very 'whiteness' of the history that she was presenting. Men-as-a-group had rights in women which women-as-a-group did not have in men. I can't argue with most of the facts presented (women sold into slavery, turned out of their homes after being raped, stoned, children considered property of their fathers instead of mothers, basically the fact that women have been oppressed for as long as recorded history). This article explores the key points from her magnum opus: The Creation of Patriarchy. Goes back to the time of our species as hunters & gatherers, tribes & clans up to where we are currently. The Creation of Patriarchy was written by Gerda Lerner and published in 1986, making it slightly outdated but nonetheless, relevant and though-provoking. Class differences were, at their very beginnings, expressed and constituted in terms of patriarchal relations. She draws especially on archaeological evidence of the cultures of ancient Hebrew and Mesopotamian societies, cultures from which modern Western civilization has largely derived. With the scale of ecological and social crises that are facing the planet, we evaluate all strategic options for resistance, from non-violence to guerrilla warfare. The development of agricutlure in the Neolithic period fostered the inter-tribal “exchange of women,” not only as a means of avoiding incessant warfare by the cementing of marriage alliances but also because societies with more women could produce more children. October 22nd 1987 Historian Alexis Coe's new book, You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington, arrived in U.S. bookstores in February. Women were trained even then to submit to men. ― Gerda Lerner, The Creation of Feminist Consciousness: From the Middle Ages to Eighteen-Seventy. in Mesopotamian societies, the daughters of the poor were sold into marriage of prostitution in order to advance the economic interests of their families. Thus, the enslavement of women, combining both racism and sexism, preceded the formation of classes and class oppression. As long as both men and women regard the subordination of half the human race to the other as “natural,” it is impossible to envision a society in which differences do not connote either dominance or subordination. Lerner cites a few reasons: (i) the reward of subordination: In exchange for submission, women could enjoy the class privilege of the man they were attached to.

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