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The original Hornsby’s Cider was created by George Hornsby. At its best, cider is made of 100% freshly pressed apple juice, fermented slowly for months and then aged, often in oak barrels, for months (if not years). } $(document).ready(function() { Free newsletter The History Of Cider begins some 50 million years ago when it’s believed the first apple trees began fruiting. corporate office. At its worst – well, that is the problem. Messages Copyright - Unless otherwise stated all contents of this web site are © 2020 - William Reed Business Media Ltd - All Rights Reserved - Full details for the use of materials on this site can be found in the Terms & Conditions, Related topics: During the Napoleonic Wars (1792-1815) British farmers were pressured into producing grain and livestock to ensure a domestic supply. They retired to their country estates and some of them started experimenting with cider, cross-pollination of apple cultivars, glassware and corks. By the beginning of the fourteenth century, cider was being made in almost every county in England as far north as Yorkshire. 4800 east 42nd street, suite 400. odessa, texas 79762 (432) 367-7662 Whoever coined the phrase ‘the humble apple’ must surely be unaware of the wild Malus Sieversii apple – ancestor of today’s domesticated Malus Domestica – and the journey it made from the foothills of central Asia’s Tien Shan Mountains along the Silk Road to fruit bowls the world over. The original Hornsby’s Cider was created by George Hornsby. To George's delight, the … However, cider is a broad church, and if people want an easy-drinking sweet carbonated pint with a big refreshment factor, they are available in every pub and supermarket. Jane Peyton is an award-winning beer sommelier, writer, broadcaster and founder of the School of Booze. I emailed Hornsby's cider company and they confirmed that their hard ciders are gluten free. About Us Frequently Asked Questions Feedback. Crisp. Cider was consumed in the Roman empire, ancient Greece and the Middle East and the name itself probably derives from the Hebrew shekar or Greek sikera meaning ‘strong drink’. Hornsby’s is an exciting addition to the business’ portfolio.”. Sign out. The history of cider digs deep. Vikings were keen cider drinkers and this explains why in France, a land dominated by wine, there is a proud tradition of cider in Normandy which exists to this day. I’m firmly in the 100% juice brigade thinking of cider as apple wine. Rating History. That means most of the contents of the glass is water. dataLayerNews = {}; dataLayerNews.related_tags = sanitize_gpt_value2("Beer, New york city, Tennent caledonian"); Add A Beer Add A Brewer Add A Place Add An Event. Cider is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting apple juice. After the end of Roman occupation and once the Dark Ages began there is little information about cider in Britain, although cider-drinking Vikings and Anglo-Saxons colonised in this period so we can assume (although there is no proof) that apples were still being pressed and the juice fermented. Subscribe to our newsletter, RateBeer Weekly, a must for understanding new people, places and beers in worldwide craft culture. By the 1980s cider was perceived as being uncool; a drink for rustic men who resembled Worzel Gummidge or as cheap loony juice for teenagers to glug in bus shelters. A proper British gent, George grew up in England and settled in America many years later. Norman means 'North Man', and many of them were Vikings that had moved south from Scandinavia in the early ninth century. Try it – you will be surprised. function sanitize_gpt_value2(gptValue) 2020 © RateBeer, LLC. Magners launched in the UK with a series of slick and attention-grabbing TV adverts of young good-looking professionals drinking cider. There is evidence that Celts in Britain made cider from crab apples as long ago as 3000 BCE, but the Roman invasion introduced apple cultivars and orcharding techniques to England. This meant that once again heritage apple cultivars were lost. By the 1960s big producers were using fewer tannin-rich, intensely flavoursome apple varieties, preferring apples that would make easy-drinking and unchallenging cider. Get the latest news, analysis and insights from the uk pub sector straight to your inbox! It’s spawned a multi-billion pound global apple and cider trade in doing so, and when you consider that without English cider-makers there would be no sparkling wine business (more of that later), then the rather pejorative reference to the apple’s lowly status is amiss. }); Hornsby’s has a softer carbonation and is designed to be enjoyed chilled and straight from the bottle. That’s what seventeenth-century English aristocrats did, an era when cider had an elevated position – King Charles I was said to prefer cider over wine. Go to shop Marty's Fine Wines- Newton. An unexpected saviour appeared on the scene in the early twenty-first century in the guise of an Irish company called Magners. 4800 east 42nd street, suite 400. odessa, texas 79762 (432) 367-7662 Common Cider 6.0% ABV. Beer, New york city, Tennent caledonian This blends into the growth of orchards in Caesar’s timeline. Two political factors had a major impact. Categories. Free newsletter The finish is balanced and smooth with a tart dryness. After the Normans invaded in 1066 they improved cider-making in this land forever by introducing tannic and acidic cider apples. Online ordering for in-store pickup only Local delivery within DE No minimum order. Hornsby's Pubdrafts produces pub draft hard apple cider. 12oz . Manage Your Account. sales tax. This cider isn't nearly as dry as Hornsby's Amber Draft, although its a teeny bit dry, and the sweetness is the same. 6 Pack 12oz . - Last updated on Hornsby’s was purchased by C&C Group in November 2011 as an addition to its international cider portfolio, and this month’s launch aims to open up new drinking occasions and choice in the UK packaged cider category. Britons are the biggest consumers of cider per capita and fifty-six percent of apples grown in the UK go to make cider. As agriculture and market gardening increased during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, so did orcharding and cider-making on a commercial basis. vOut +=', '; The UK launch of Hornsby’s will be supported with in-bar activation, POS materials and staff incentives, including a major competition to win a trip to San Francisco. He enjoyed his adopted home but missed the smooth and crisp taste of the ciders of his native Britain. A proper British gent, George grew up in England and settled in America many years later. Between the fourteenth and nineteenth century western Europe underwent The Little Ice Age. Hornsby. The taste has ripe fruit notes throughout with a full apple flavor. It is being launched with two flavours, Crisp Apple (4.5% ABV) and Strawberry & Lime (4% ABV), which will be available across hundreds of modern and American themed bars throughout the UK. West Country cider-makers were the precursors of one of France's greatest sources of national pride. Hornsby’s Hard Cider Middlebury, VT. Hornsby’s Amber Hard Cider is a medium bodied cider, with a golden amber hue and notes of green apple on the nose. Hornsby’s was purchased by C&C Group in November 2011 as an addition to its international cider portfolio, and this month’s launch aims to open up new drinking occasions and choice in the UK packaged cider … dataLayer.push(dataLayerNews); corporate office. So George started making his own cider and slowly introduced his invention to a curious American audience. There are poor quality iterations of all alcoholic drinks but people do not denigrate the entire category of other libations the way they often do with cider. Cider has negative connotations for many people – teenage hangovers, street drinkers on benches. Hornsby's Hard Cider Crisp, United States $ 1.99. ex. That’s Egyptian pharaoh deep. 2000- See the following dated September 14, 2009: Thank you for contacting us regarding Hornsbys. USA: (DE) Wilmington . They planted orchards and (very importantly) brought advanced pressing technology with them to make the extraction of juice from apples more efficient. { In the first in a series of articles on cider, Jane Peyton charts the 5,000-year-old journey of the drink and how artisanal cider-makers are giving it a new lease of life. Add A Place var vOut=""; Related tags: vOut = vOut.toLowerCase(); Feedback, Add A Beer It can be made from dessert and eating apples, or bold and tannic cider apples. It’s also home to the world's largest cider maker HP Bulmer. var aTags = gptValue.split(','); It is those ciders that are appearing on the tables of discerning diners; acidic, tannic and fabulous matches for food. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry. Apples can survive cooler temperatures whereas grapes need a warmer climate, and so began a golden age for cider at the expense of wine. It comes in a variety of iterations – still, naturally sparkling, bottle-fermented, methode champenoise, carbonated, dry, medium, sweet, ice cider, cider brandy, acidic, tannic, wild yeast fermentation. Go to shop Kreston Wine & Spirits . Soil conditions and climates in counties such as Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Somerset suited apple cultivation perfectly, and even today the West Country is the leading cider-producing region. Cider Consumer Trends; Cider Culture; Cider Events; Cider News; Cider On Tap Contact us. Add Premium Edit Profile Messages Ramses was expanding the growth of apples. Suddenly, Magners was ubiquitous and its most enthusiastic customers were men and women in their twenties – a new generation of cider drinkers. There’s evidence that seventeenth-century cider-makers were producing sparkling cider using a secondary fermentation in reinforced glass bottles sealed with corks on papers stored in the archive of the Royal Society in London.

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