how much to charge for album cover art

Carly, this article is not aimed towards authors whose books will have a large print run. What do you think? Since they’d have to pay extra for the orginal painting, and graphic design is also extra to size it up to template, what am I submitting to them in exchange of the $1500 I’ll be charging? Let’s dive in! Hi August, great question. Try to get them to sign it, but even if they don’t sign it, legally it’s valid because their payment of your fee indicates agreement to your terms. We tried every model and think the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 strikes the right balance between price and feature - the Instax Wide 300 is our choice if you crave a larger format. It came up with $350.00. Legally, without the artist’s written permission, you cannot use that artwork for your album cover or for anything that will be reproduced. Learn how your comment data is processed. See if there's a professional organisation near you that has a price guide list that may cover (part) of this. You can see probably the world’s most expensive cover designer who charges $3750 here. Maybe $80-150? NO. I’m from Brazil, and recently I was contacted for a Chicago-based soul band to work in some artwork. Thank you! Copyright © 2009-2011 by Duncan Long. In your case, that basically means how much will the musician be willing to pay. So if they paid as much as $100 for their art, they can cover that on book sales in about 50 years. Learn more. She only charged £75 for the single cover as they were unsigned. Many Premades are cover concepts that were not used when the cover was being designed for a custom order. You have to be selective and not put your art on too many covers, it’s not good for the bands or you. Colors matter. HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU CHARGE A BAND FOR THEIR CD OR ALBUM COVER ART? I appreciate your time and effort in your work. My question is how to handle this. How to photograph flames and achieve this colour and tone? Suggestion to anyone who gives a great price for usage only on a cover, and then later the band wants permission to use the art on merchandise – tell them yes, of course, but, it’s going to cost an extra licensing fee. If you are an artist who has your own style (and your business model is to become known for your art), you should always keep the copyrights. These capable cameras should be solid and well-built, have both speed and focus for capturing fast action and offer professional-level image quality. My biggest question is, should I be charging a one time fee for the design or should it be more of a continuous thing, considering they will be selling a lot (hopefully) of shirts? I plan to do it in Photoshop, so it will be digital and it would take me around 7 hours or … Let’s dive in! Okay, Got it! *Just the cover* He saw my work on a recent festival of jazz fest and he wanted something similar to it. (I’ll go into detail on that more later in this post.). There are widely varying 'rules' on usages/licensing fees, depending on how easy or difficult you'd want to make it. Above all, I totally agree with you on valuing your art enough to always charge something, even if you decide to give your client a “deal”. so it suits you. Would it be better to offer: 1) to charge a negligable fee for a restricted and short term copyright use of the paintings; 2) to let them use the image for a set time period before paying me a larger fee; or 3) to arrange to have royalties paid me when CD’s are purchased? it didn’t seem like he had one. And second, how much should you charge? Create your own album cover . Try to find out. Create your own … I would charge them $100-$200 for one time use for this album only. Normally, I'd be doing the whole cd and the booklet. HELPING ARTISTS MASTER THE BUSINESS OF ART, ONE STRATEGY AT A TIME. There are as many inexperienced editors as there are book cover designers. Great information that you are posted on your blog. Which can be an irritation…). It seems they are not that famous. Both extreme sides of it, are not what average indie author should concern themselves with – low-end is designers who don’t care about copyrights (like Fiverr) and high-end is for the big Publishing companies. To give you an idea, look at any book on Amazon that shows a sales rank of 1,500,000 or above. Your friend doesn’t have rights to use the artwork on any commercial or printed item without your written permission. I think it is important to state any restrictions on the use of the artwork when you quote them for it. I’ve been looking at so many articles and yours was perfect! Great article! Any band that we have had Drew create art for, is a band that valued Drew and his work. Required fields are marked *. This is how they will learn about business, and music is indeed a business. What is a reasonable fee to allow the individual to license the image for this use? 3 – When people pay for art, the artist actually has MORE control over the art. Learn more about our privacy policy or learn more about how to turn off cookies. 3 years), or until they are picked up by a record label, whichever comes first. Thank you for this informative blog post. Amazing article! The previous designer they were using was doing it for free but they just weren't feeling the design. This is the price for an original illustration in digital format ready to go directly Your agreement does not have to be a formal contract. It’s personal preference and we live in a great age for self-publishing, where anyone can find a designer for their budget. I have a question: A young band I know is struggling to help support the parents of two of the members (brothers) who are ill. Some charge more for a print version, some less. So, BEFORE licensing your art for a CD cover or other media, get it registered! Hi Maria, great article! It is so helpful to have some idea of where to start, or what the average range is for a variety of art works. me, and let me create the artwork you need for your project. Design stunning album art that speaks for itself. Please keep teaching us here. If I get this request I always say no and explain why, and tell them they can have a license for the image for 5 years. two). I have done photos for 2 bands, both would be in your “garage band” tier. It is possible to get very very affordable cover but it takes ‘hunting’. Including an art print! Check it out HERE! ie 100, 1000, 10k+ copies, etc? First, as a musician, I truly appreciate the effort an artist puts into my project. Most common thing is to offer 100% refund. Things that are generally considered are: Alex, thanks for sharing all of this info! Hi Maria, great article. And an artist can choose which type of band they want to do business with. And then your relationship with art becomes a dark one. Maria provides many excellent strategies to license art and photographs to musicians and their media use. I was careful to stipulate that the artwork was for the album cover only and the agreement was on that basis. You just haven't learned HOW to yet. Which may be why (apart from artistic reasons) you sometimes find copies of the exact same album with different covers/artwork in the same country. Maybe 1500 visits in first two months, maybe 4000 total in six months. Am I right in thinking he’s being, mmm, stingy? PS Publishing, Pocket Books, ILEX, Moonstone Books, Enslow Publishers, Solomon Press, Paladin Press, Ballistic Publications, American Media, Delta Press, Lyons illustrations as CD album cover artwork and graphic designs. I know you get what you pay for. Some are good and some aren’t. Thank you, that is an excellent summary. I'm a Canadian college kid and an amateur artist. I need a book cover artist ..i have a sketch of the EXACT cover picture I want .. Quick question, They have now asked for a band logo. But there’s a pretty straightforward process I follow for creating an illustration for a client. I never seem to learn, always repeating the same. If you have another piece sitting around, you could ask him to make an offer on that, and start from there. Hey Maria, I would like to correct some miscalculations in your pricing model for recording an album. This article is not meant to say, you must pay X rate for a book cover. I've had a request from an songwriter who would like to use one of my (If you plan to sell the art prints with the band’s name printed on the art, you have to get written permission from the band to do so.). So go ahead and ask a broke musician for $350 and see how long that conversation lasts.. Recently I famous jazz musician contacted because he was interested in me to do his album cover artwork. If I may comment on a few things. Hi Maria! This happens often. Remember: you are not just charging for the image, you are charging for use as well. Hi, I’ve been doing graphic design (mostly calligraphy, type and some illustration) on the side to earn extra (usually $1000 each year to pay for my kid’s activities and books). What Keep him up front about that. Ability to extend agreement for further fee. hope you’ll let me help you get that special illustration you need for your book This site uses cookies. Get CD design prices for high-quality custom album artwork, done in-house by a professional album art design team. Don't sign an agreement releasing all rights to usage of the image. Your call. Question about photoshoots. Kevin K. Lv 5. Glad that you are getting comfortable with introducing the money discussion early on. Thanks for another great post! How do I get started drawing on the iPad? So from a copyright perspective, if you work with Fiverr designers, be sure to request proof from where they get their stock photos and the terms that apply to them. Others have a higher price and seem more expensive but they work faster (first concepts in 3 days instead of a week etc). To keep proper balance, your art has to flow outward while the money flows inward. 2 – You don’t want to over-expose your art in the music world. merchandise, tees, posters, etc.). A lot of them also use questionable stock images (free ones that get overused) or it’s not clear where they get the image from at all. Copyright © by Duncan Long. If he's releasing 1,000 copies, you price is $500. This year is almost over but don’t PANIC! Maria’s outline of how to license artwork to music licensees is correct–what’s missing is the critical part about timely registering the artwork before licensing it.

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