how to stop kicking yourself

Thank you for reminding me that my work has value even in its embryonic stages. The downside of this is that we simply can’t follow those kinds of diets forever. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 0:00. It took Michelangelo four years to paint the Sistine Chapel and some of the world’s greatest buildings took hundreds of years to construct. I’ve thus reframed paperwork from a thing I’m being FORCED to do, to a thing that I CHOOSE to do…because there’s something I care about involved. -It’s good to celebrate and feel thankful for the opportunity to work from home. To your brilliance!Elizabeth Grace Saunders My business partner and I just shipped our first big book on Amazon today. I’m excited about losing some weight (saving some money, having time to myself…). We have to shift the MEANING of what we supposedly HAVE to do, to something we are CHOOSING to do…because there is something we value on the line. Keep moving. Posted Oct 09, 2014 Or your desire to create a website that makes your designer friends drool diminishes to a hope that you’ll launch a site where all the hyperlinks function. By Elizabeth Grace Saunders. What signals are you sending by what you say and do— or what you refrain from saying and doing?" We put it off because of what we think it will MEAN if we go ahead and do it. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. But not everyone kicks themselves for it. ( Log Out /  Want to curb your binge eating this winter? This can lead you to distract yourself by doing time-consuming things that may save you a bit here and there, like selling things on Craigslist or going to three stores to find the cheapest price on a computer accessory, but ultimately steal time from your highest goal. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. How have you used large blocks of time productively? Volunteering is also a great way to gain perspective about the world around you. Veteran and new work-from-homers share self-care practices, rituals, and boundaries to make working remotely successful for creatives. And then I felt guilt for not making fast enough progress. Can the Right Mix of Diet and Exercise Improve Brain Function? But the guilt kept me from writing, and answering the questions of people, especially in a country where everyone works 14-15 hour days became too much and I took on a series of volunteer assignments so that I too was working very long hours and didn’t have any energy for my own projects. Tina Essmaker - Fullscreen. What would you accomplish if you looked at those failures in a different light? What’s important or unimportant to you? 3 comments. Be accountable to yourself. You might say, that doesn’t sound like much of a choice— and I agree with you, it’s not much of a choice. February 2020, We’ve all been there: You finally carve out the time to work on a big creative project and then you… choke. We asked six creative leaders how they set the scene for creative exchanges and productive collaboration in the age of remote work and distributed teams.

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