how to use some of which in a sentence

Let’s look at another sentence variation opener. This is part of the same rule, but the conjunction in question is “but” instead of “and.” In other words: To summarize, a semicolon links up two related ideas by narrowing the gap between the ideas of two separate sentences or by replacing a conjunction between two related ideas. I’m not all that fond of the colors of tiger lilies; moreover, they don’t smell very good. Exceptions. What’s great about a standalone/leaning sentence is that you can create a mystery. In these cases, the semicolon helps readers keep track of the divisions between the items. A semicolon should be followed by a capital letter only if the word is a proper noun or an acronym. ', 'Do you have any money?' Some is used for both countable and uncountable nouns. Now, what about the middle of the sentence? Should I never use semi-colons or colons? Copyright © But you shouldn’t use a semicolon and a conjunction. Why? (For a list of vowel examples, see below.) According to a 2001 survey, there were 1,863 newspapers published in Tamil, Quite a few culinary loanwords exist in German and in other languages, some, Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust manages the museums dedicated to Sheffield's industrial heritage, There are some Presbyterian people, but no organised Presbyterian churches in Penama and Torba, both, There are also independent Methodist churches, many, There are also other independent Methodist congregations, some, The sailors in mufti returned with 140 quarts of Bar's Leak, half, Permanent residency refers to a person's resident status in a country, There are also 170 woodland areas within the city, 80, Sheffield has five cinema complexes, three. Question: What are other words to use instead of using "I" all the time? In fact, if you follow that link, you can read Steven Millhauser’s 1,147-word long sentence (!!!) but because some is slightly more emphatic than about or approximately it is occasionally used with a more exact number in an intensive function. Okay, now that you’ve got your sentence feet under you, let’s branch out further on this sentence tree, and explore breaking some rules. The ancient Greeks reached the Iberian Peninsula, Other features, loosely dated to phase 3, include the four Station Stones, two, Two shops have, however, been opened in the village catering to the tourist market, one, Malaysia has a number of grammar schools, a majority. I’ve written a ton about long sentences, and you can check out my list of long sentences over 100 words. Remember that most of the techniques above in the sentence tree above can be combined to form super combo sentences (if you’re a child of the 80s, think of all the Transformers coming together to form a Combiner Superbot!). But don’t let this punctuation mark get you down, either. Ugh. What you do need to know is that by using a bunch of Connectors in a row, you’ll cast a spell over the reader and make them seem cast headlong into your writing dream, and heighten the action of your writing. The correct usage of the pronouns “I” and “me” is determined by their function in a sentence. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Example sentences: " Some of the people did not show up. " When you have a conjunctive adverb linking two independent clauses, you should use a semicolon. The production peaked in 1905 at more than a million barrels, Additionally, the city also has an international airport and a major port, both, Other castles in the vicinity are Fetteresso Castle and Muchalls Castle, both, Around this time the first of several proposals was made for a rack railway to the summit, none, It has a number of offshore islands, by far the largest, Newport has several internet radio stations, the most popular.

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