imperiex vs odin

Because it sure as shite isn't the rules written in the rule thread you're going by. Odin's battle with seth tears at the fabric of the multiverse, 2. odin shatters galaxies and fights on every plane of existence, 3. odin and seths battle sends ripples through every plane of reality, 4. My understanding is that the higher tiers in Saint Seiya are above Odin at his nastiest..which..Should be well above Imperiex. So helpless, in fact, that Brainiac 13, who is slightly above herald level, can absorb Imperiex.

Young Justice escape by travelling to another timeline.

no one likes your annoying little rat face here. Here is an amped Superman easily breaking Imperiex Prime's containment suit and Brainiac 13 absorbing Imperiex Prime's energy form with no problem whatsoever: Imperiex Prime is so weak that without his containment suit, he's completely helpless, lol. I'm saying all their other showings negate the Superman showing.

Sorry to disappoint you. Odin's battle with seth extinguishes stars, 6. Well, Galactus one shotted a Celestial while being fed on 4 planets and he was threatening to destroy the Universe himself on more than once occasion. Doesn't make sense.

Beings similar to kryptonians, atomized doomsday down to his skeleton with a casual hand blast, destroyed the universe and a new one was reborn, imperiex was outright stated to contain a big bang, b13 wanted to use his powers to dominate the universe( proving imperiex power is universal+), heck, the only way anyone could even somewhat phase imperiex was superman merdging with the embodiment of the universe, kismet( dc's answer to enternity from marvel).

On par with a Starving Galactus you mean? you came on here derailing like you usually do for my attention to acknowledge what you said on an entirely different thread LOL, I'll respond when you make a proper rebuttal, until than stop derailing.

So, it's only by destroying Earth-Prime that Imperiex can induce a big bang by collapsing this nexus of reality. 1. @uberhikari: I...I think he has nothing left to say. I didn't. Imperiex is like a Galactus on steroids. Odin vs Imperiex Discussion in 'Comics Battledome' started by MrChubz, Oct 12, 2011.

@uberhikari: lol, you did not read thoroughly did you.

Imperiex is like Monarch: both are technically powerful, but they fought like total dopes for the supposed level of power they had. Lastly, Veridium explains what the constructs, i.e., hollowers are and how they operate: Therefore, hollowing is the process whereby Imperiex uses machines that transform a planet (or galaxy) into cosmic quanta energy so that Imperiex can absorb said energy. In fact, towards the end Imperiex Prime was crying out, "Free me.".

Even if he is, he is not beating both Surtur and Amped Odin. But even if the Imperiex Probe was weakened when Wonder Woman beat what? Why is the consensus that Imperiex will easily beat Odin so strong?

Team pretty easily. Imperiex atomizes Doomsday into a skeleton with a mere gesture and was about to kill Superman the same way until Darkseid saved him.

Imperiex wasn't "fighting for a while." Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.

Now, let me explain the process of hollowing and why Imperiex needs to destroy specific planets in a specific chain in order to induce a big bang.

Furthermore, Brainiac easily absorbed Imperiex Prime who could do nothing about it. KMC Forums > Comic Book Forums > Comic Book 'Versus' Forum > Imperiex Prime vs Thanos,Odin. @uberhikari: i see you can not read well. It doesn't.

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