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Skill Drill: Finish your warm-up with 100m of WALKING alternate toe-touches. That dialogue played in cycles and had me convinced that it was “totally 100% fine (I own this decision – I’ll fess up to it! Interested in working with a running coach? Remember, 800m equals two times around the track. Here’s Why You’re Not Losing Weight (Despite the Effort). This workout is all about chasing that 800m repeat effect: It’s learning how to fight fatigue and battle the breakdown that will come when you’re pushing yourself hard. Maybe not in the same way, but it consistently tries. Start here. I just ran my first marathon on Saturday. I had never heard of yassos till recently, but I am going to have to find a track nearby to do them at occasionally. You have to know how to push through that; you have to REMEMBER a time when you did. Long enough to require sustained effort but short enough to allow for good recovery, 800m intervals are useful for training any distance from the 5k to marathons. i agree. This will allow you to rest between each repeat. Dig deep to finish off your repeats and treat yourself when you're done. Warm-Up: Start out with a very easy 10-15 minute jog around the track. 4-6 x 800m repeats: 4-6 x 800m with 200m (or 400m) light jog after each repeat. How Fast Should You Be Doing Your Training Runs? If you’re training for anything between a 5K and marathon, 800m repeats are a great workout to add to your toolbox. I simultaneously felt nauseous knowing that I actually had Yasso 800m repeats on my schedule two days later. If you’re in a training season, we’d recommend adding them once every 3 or 4 weeks. Seems like a pretty short speed workout considering the task at hand, I hear ya. The rest will … So it’s 400m, rest 1min, 400m, then take a long break (10min+) and do it again. She's a Certified Level 1 USA Track & Field Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Girls Gone Strong Women’s Coaching Specialist. Track [or Road] Workout: 1,000 Meter Intervals, Track [or Road] Workout: 800s and 400s and Sprints, Oh My, Track [or Road] Workout: Up the Ladder, Down the Ladder, Track [or Road] Workout: Ladder Intervals, Speedwork 101: How to Do [And Read] Speed Workouts, Track [or Road] Workout: 3 or 4 Minute Intervals, Road [or Trail] Workout: Beginner & Intermediate Hill Repeats, Track [or Road] Workout: "Down the Ladder" Fartleks. )” that I ONLY do eight repeats today. The endorphins want to be chased, and the effect they reward you with is not to be missed. Your email address will not be made public. for yassos to be a “true” (or as true as possible) reflection of race day, you’ve got to do all 10 :). That’s all. It goes a little something like this: the average time you run for 6-8 800m repeats represents your potential marathon finishing time. You have to be ready for it to hurt. – Should I really be doing these two days after basically racing a 5k? Nope. This is a challenging workout. Welcome to the party in my head! And then, as soon as I round out the FIRST LAP of the FIRST 800m I immediately started thinking of reasons why I wouldn’t have/need to complete all ten. If you are training for a 5K race, you can complete eache 800m repeat closer to your 5K goal race pace. Plop me on a track and the battleground is foreign; the game has new rules. If you're doing this workout with friends, you should be able to hold a conversation with them. The second I start the Lap and pick up the pace, my mind is immediately against me. Make sure you are mostly recovered before starting the next repeat. – I’ll say we woke up a little too late…or the track closed early…or my feet hurt…Or…OWN IT – I ONLY WANT TO DO 8 – NBFD, it’s still a lot of stupid oval repeats.”. workouts, fitness, planks, cross training, squats. On The Go Fitness Pro. I qualified for Boston so now I need to figure out how to best train for it. You have to watch failure lure you to the dance floor and turn it the F down. They have more of a aerobic cross over that will be great for transferring to long distance running and helping you find the speed and power you need during the final push of a race. This is a great description of yassos. This workout will help reduce injury and increase mobility. But there’s a lot more to it than the “finishing time predictor” puzzle which may or may not hold true. Splitting your workout into short 800m intervals will allow you to push yourself to use more oxygen while working out in sets. Experienced and marathoner runners should feel comfortable with 6 reps. Where to do it? All Rights Reserved. If you let fatigue beat you once, it will beat you again. If you do 800m repeats at a fast pace that you can barely handle for that distance your body will need a lot of oxygen. I thought about the last 0.2 miles of the Eugene Marathon and the jet-power … Until it wasn’t. Isn’t she a little bit nuts? You will feel like stopping but try to keep the body in motion … 4-6 x 800m repeats: 4-6 x 800m with 400m light jog/walk after each repeat. There’s a mentality you have to embrace when you want your legs to turn over faster and maintain speed as you run around that oval repeatedly, feeling just short of insane. As I closed in on the Big Sur Marathon 5K finish line, there was a sign that said “1/2M to go!” and I told myself “this is just an 800!”. After you complete your first set, jog 200m (or 400m) at a slower pace to catch your breath. I’ll just do 8 – Okay it’s just 8 today. Why do Yasso 800m repeats when you’re training to run 26.2 miles? Purpose: In addition to gaining speed, this workout is designed to improve running economy and mental toughness. My coach’s version looks a little different: I have one minute to rest and I do 10 of them. Remember, 800m equals two times around the track. We recommend bringing a bottle of water to the track with you for this workout. Prior to last year’s training for Marine Corps Marathon, I had never tested the Yasso 800s theory. Strength Training for Runners - PDF Guide. Until I found myself in that last 100m stretch on 800 #8 and I remembered something so SO SO important to this whole process: In the last 10k of the marathon, YOU have to show up. How to do it: Run around the track 2 times (800m) at your 10K pace. After you complete your first set, jog/walk 400m at a slower pace to catch your breath. Repeat until you complete 4-6 reps. 2 broken 800m runs with 1min rest in the middle of each. This workout is all about chasing that 800m repeat effect: It’s learning how to fight fatigue and battle the breakdown that will come when you’re pushing yourself hard. I have definitely used them for marathon training, but boy is it hard to get 10 completed! “There’s no way this is necessary – my marathon is in 11 days – ELEVEN DAYS – this might be too much. If you're doing it on the track, 800m is two full times around the track. I prefer trails to roads, and champagne to water. What you can expect: This workout won't be easy but you're going to feel like a badass when you're done. How to do it: Run around the track 2 times (800m) at your 10K pace. Why is this so difficult? This workout can be done on the track or on the road. As I understand it, for a true Yasso 800m repeats workout you recover for the same amount of time that you run (3:30 800m = 3:30 recovery). I begged the legs to give me whatever they had left, if it existed. Let's chat! This will help your body adapt to able to use more oxygen while running or doing other sports. If you're doing it on the road, please note that 800m is about half of a mile. If you're new to speed work, start with 4 reps. I flashed back to last Fall when I had to do the 800s in 3:20 and thought, Today’s 3:30 will be no bigs! Cool down: Light jog for 10 minutes before stretching. This particular “10x800m” workout was no different. My ego thought she was ready; my legs were up for the challenge. Registered dietitian, freelance writer, running coach, and yoga teacher. Because of the high intensity of the workout, it’s not ideal to include it in your weekly routine. 4-6 x 800m repeats with a warm-up to start and a light jog to finish off. What is it? – what’s the big difference between 8 and 10, really? Which Workout Plan Should You Be Following? When you feel this again, it will be when it counts, and you have to KNOW that you’re better. Let’s say you run 54.0, 56.0… 54.5, 55.5…. But why would Katie give me something that’s too much? That’s an average of 55.0sec. race day endorphins can bring that finish time down by 5-10 minutes IMO! by the way, i only use them as a very loose prediction method. There’s a different fight to win and a different strategy to learn. This workout is so adaptable it barely counts as just one workout. For whatever reason, these 800m repeats elude all of the work I’ve done to bulk up my mental game over the years. My warm-up felt great and my 4x100m shake-out strides were downright peppy. More services and details under the Work With Me tab above. This workout will help reduce injury and increase mobility. It depends on your goals. As I came around the last curve on #10, knowing I had finished what I started and did it exactly the way I was supposed to, I thought about the track at Hayward Field. Key Workout: 800m Intervals. 800m intervals are a classic workout for nearly any race distance. I thought about the last 0.2 miles of the Eugene Marathon and the jet-power showed up, because I called for it. Takia McClendon is the co-founder of City Fit Girls. As I came around the last curve on #10, knowing I had finished what I started and did it exactly the way I was supposed to, I thought about the track at Hayward Field.

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