koforidua senior high technical school courses

Sec-Tech has over 120 active teachers and about 90 non-teaching staffs who are dedicated in providing the best available services to their students. The school majors specifically in the department of mechanical and the Department of Building. This courses offered in the school includes: KTI was founded in 1976 by Ghanaian government in partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency. This is one of the oldest schools in Ghana, it was established in 1917. Gen. Secretary, Micheal Agbogbo - S.R.C Organizer, Emmanuel Yorke - Organizer 2, Cobbinah Adu Kwasi - Financial Secretary, and the Entertainment committee was led by Barnabas Nomo, and Morrison Acquaye. The school periodically organizes what is termed 'frik'. Koforidua Senior High Technical School, also called Sec-Tech, is a Senior High School located in Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Prominent 'Old Boys'. Interestingly, Ghana is also an industrious nation where there are numerous industries including manufacturing and production companies, and this fosters the country to create, develop and improve their technical schools as well as afford the students the ease of securing jobs before and after graduation. The term 'frik' here refers to Symposium and Funfair'. The Physics and Biology labs number same as the chemistry labs which are found in a storey, the main, and the other, in a normal building. It also bore the name Ghana Secondary Technical School until in 3 2000s that it was changed to Koforidua Secondary Technical School and finally to Koforidua Senior High Technical School in 2012. Eafinder.com is an informative blog that gives you an opportunity to explore & get quality updates on the best Universities & Colleges across Africa and Beyond as well as scholarships, visa requirements, travels and many more. The courses offered were modernized having the following: ROTECO is a private technical school that strives to provide a grass root first class and efficient training for students in Ghana to qualify them to be Technicians and Engineers in the future with sound practical training. It was originally a boy’s only school, but upon changing the name in early 2000, the school admitted girls, thus making it a mixed school. Koforidua Senior High Technical School; Koforidua Senior High Technical School. Presbyterian Senior High School – Mampong, Ayirebi Senior High School- Akyem Ayirebi, Anum Presbyterian Senior High School (ANSEC), Boso Senior High Technical School (BOSSTECH), St. Francis Secondary Technical School (FRANSTECH), Saint Stephen’s Senior High Technical School, St. Dominics Senior High Technical School – Pepease, Somanya Secondary Technical School (SOTECH), Akuse Methodist Senior High/Technical School Akuse, Koforidua Senior High Technical School (KSTS), New-Juaben Secondary Commercial School (NJUASCO), Pope John Senior High School and Minor Seminary (POJOSS), Universal Girls Senior High School (UNIGISS), Oyoko Methodist Senior High School (OMESS), Osei Tutu II College (Great Osec- PE NOKORE NO), Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. After about two three months later, another collaboration of clubs within the school organized another Symposium and Funfair which saw the presence of an old student of the school who is a TV presenter at TV3, namely, Gideon Aryeequah. Next on the list is the St. Joseph’s Technical School which was established in 1967 by the SVD Missionaries but was taken over by the Ghanaian government in 1984.This school is also recognized for having an excellent record in WASSCE and SSCE. If you are to term one school the best technical school in Ghana, then Koforidua Senior High Technical School might just be the best option. The school has an old American bus, one Neoplan-like bus, and one Eicher bus. Koforidua Technical Institute, Koforidua, Ghana. Due to its beauty and conserved nature, it earned the name Eastern Varsity. In 2012, the results were impressive bringing out more than 16 students scoring 8 A's in the WASSCE examinations and many more number of 7 A's. Koforidua Senior High Technical School – KSTS, Koforidua Senior High Technical School Facilities, Koforidua Senior High Technical School prospectus, Koforidua Senior High Technical School Uniform, Koforidua Senior High Technical School Alumni, Koforidua Senior High Technical School Contact/Location, Koforidua Senior High Technical School History, Koforidua Senior High Technical School Dormitory, Koforidua Senior High Technical School Subjects Courses Offered, Koforidua Senior High Technical School Fees. It is an ultra-modern 12 unit storey which would give the first year's student a place of study. In the field of entertainment, the school has scooped so many honourable awards in areas such as football, basketball and dance nationally. (It is an Akan (Twi) language.) A Sick Bay also is found on the campus to provide basic first aid to ailing students before transferred to the hospital (Koforidua Central Hospital). Don’t miss out on current updates, kindly like us on Facebook & follow us on Follow @EAfinder OR leave a comment below for further inquiries. It is established and assisted by the government with the vision to train the students with the required knowledge and skill in the field of Agriculture, Printing Press, Electrical, Creative Art, Computer Technology, and Building Constructions and a host of others. As a result of this Ghana has made a lot of investment in her educational system, establishing several institutions of various types. In 2011 the first four-year program badge of the school set an unprecedented record in making the highest passes in the West African Senior High School Council Examination (WASSCE) with a maximum of 200 students getting A+ in all eight examinations. Transit Quarters are also on campus to house teachers who are brought into the school to do their national service. Aside these, another vehicle, known as the bone-shaker is used in carrying foodstuffs and other heavy materials including newly made desks from source to campus. That facility headed one tutor called Mr. Agyene Christopher. In addition, the school has two main chemistry labs, and the other known to them as a 'junior' chemistry lab. In 2011, KSTS took part in a national dancing competition organized by Coca-Cola, Ghana. Koforidua Senior High Technical School Results. A school considered as a science resource center is meant to provide certain science related resources to other nearby schools. As of December 2011, the school has over 2,200 students. The school is headed (known as Headmaster) by Mr. S.P. Quartey and Rev. Koforidua Senior High Technical School (KSTS) New-Juaben Secondary Commercial School (NJUASCO) Pope John Senior High School and Minor Seminary (POJOSS) Universal Girls Senior High School (UNIGISS) Pentecost Senior High School (PENSEC) Oyoko Methodist Senior High School (OMESS) Peace Hill Senior High School. And this culture has continued till this day. Thus the name Transit Quarters. 488 students were registered for the WASHSCE and 485 students passed in eight subjects. It was established in 2011 by the Government as a day school but was transformed into a boarding school in 2015. The school existed as a Boys School since its establishment, until recently few girls were introduced of about 5% of the overall students population. This exposes the students to be more practical in line than theoretical. This article contains a comprehensive and updated list of technical schools in Ghana for the year 2020. It was jointly established in 1969 by Rev. The school was established in the year 1967 by the then head of state Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. At such events, opportunity exists for students from other schools to mingle with the KSTS students. Okpoti. However,  ensure that you check out if the technical school you decide to apply for has met all the requirements laid down by the government. Moreso, these technical schools have been known for their optimum and impressive performances as well as the quality of educational training they offer which has in turn transformed the students who have contributed to the country’s  fast growing economy. It also bore the name Ghana Secondary Technical School until in the 2000s that it was changed to Koforidua Secondary Technical School and finally to Koforidua Senior High Technical School in 2012.

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