last of us 2 boycott

I think that Naughty Dog is perfectly within their rights to make whatever kind of video game they want. I've been thinking this all along but not been able to put it into words. I am refusing to play it until it is released. He said the kiss had no context within the scene yet it's so damn clear that its showing the dichotomy to Ellie's character; the girl who just wants to live a happy life and the brutal killer within her. People have had no problem with that in previous instalments in the franchise, but now that it's a women it's suddenly pandering? I've been looking forward to TLOU2 for years now, it's come to the point where I can't help but watch any speculation/theory video I come across on YouTube. I'll admit it, I would very much like to play as Joel at some point in the game because I am attached to him too as a character but lets face it, Ellie kicks just as much ass as he does. I subbed to him a week ago after seeing his video on God of War's story telling, but his recent video regarding Naughty Dog's agenda felt like he was trying to cover his flawed argument with a somewhat professional delivery. Entitlement! Man, most gamers are normal people but there's such a vocal minority who are the scum of the earth, like one of my least favorite groups of people. I'm so damn happy I saw you point that out. He is trying to send this message that not playing as Joel is also forcing an agenda. Also his criticism of the lack of Joel too, that was also another point in his video where I felt like he was just losing any shred of validity to his argument. That's basically how I saw it, especially when "insert_company" talks about it before you experience it. The song is beautiful. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm not trying to suggest anything but I heard that people were boycotting the game. Also another problem I noticed with Robin recently is that he is not consistent about his own views. Yes, we are all making statements about inclusion and discrimination and ethics, rights, morality, just like was begun and is still being done with racism. It’s not wasting your money if you want to use it on a product. I say it’s less of a “boycott”, and more of people don’t want to waste their own money. Also another problem I noticed with Robin recently is that he is not consistent about his own views. And we are at the beginning of this movement now, and until we get over this particular stage, it will not be the 'norm' to look at this kind of thing as normally as we do heterosexuality. Unless....I get a call from Naughty Dog’s Quality Control Team needing my input during Beta testing. Now I am not a Sarkesian fan, but Neil has consistently proven that he doesn't let his political/personal beliefs come in the way of his thought process.And the proof is simple: He has written Uncharted 2, The Last of Us and Uncharted 4(with each story being arguably better than the last one). I loved The Last Of Us, but that's largely because its horrific moments of violence are offset by a story of love and companionship that remains one of the most poignant video game stories I've ever experienced. I don't think so. The game looks amazing and it's a shame that a bad story can ruin a good game. Do the math. Joel's story reached a perfect conclusion in Part 1. Also Joel isn't Superman. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Petition details; News & discussion; Discover related petitions; Recent news. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A lot of them that are saying that never intended to play it anyway. Thanks a lot! It's just crazy how people can come up with these things. It's just my perspective on what we have seen but I would say that makes sense. Graphically, the game is looking every bit as stunning as you'd expect. Press J to jump to the feed. And I do hope that this new trailer isn't too much of what we experience in the game proper. His "professional" style videos are absolutely nothing like how he really acts. For the ideal browsing experience, use for this subreddit. Also why Robin didn't have a problem with Uncharted 2's promo where Chloe and Nate were kissing ,MGS V's Quiet reveal or GTA V's next gen promo where you are throwing cash at a stripper in FPS. Just make the characters and treat it (and them) as the normal thing these companies claim they want them to be. That's exactly the word! All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Most people are buying it and some are waiting for reviews and few are actually not getting it. As much as I love that game, you can't deny this. But it all has to start somewhere. I'm aware that Neil Druckmann supports Anita Sarkeesian, given the way that the internet works some people have rather immaturely started referring to him as "Neil Cuckmann". But the point, and every other point below it falls apart entirely when you realise that yes, it is a movement. Ah, gaming. I have seen people say that they are boycotting it though. I am sorry for this comment being very long, but I couldn't tolerate these double standards and hypocrisy which has been widely flowing on YouTube to defame my favourite developer. The violence is incredibly brutal. But none of them is true. Ah, gaming. I'll not even talk about his Uncharted 4's Nadine complaint because I'll end up writing 10 more paragraphs. Lots of people are going to buy the game. Since his video on God of war showed that he's capable of carrying out an efficient analysis on a game, I kept waiting for a strong point to be made on his recent Naughty Dog video. It was that part of his video where I felt like he was missing out crucial information. Dude, you gave this game a fucking 9/10. However, most people I've heard complain are okay with Ellie being a lesbian. The original game looked fantastic on PS3; now that we're several years into the PS4's life-cycle, of course the sequel's going to set a new standard for graphical fidelity, facial animations and so forth. Hell, he literally said before the video was released that he had to keep re-recording and re-editing it because he didn't want to come off as just bitching for no reason, even though, in reality he really WAS just bitching for no reason. The first game was brutal enough; we don't always need the volume turned up for the sequel. Neil said nothing wrong in wanting to make empowered women characters. Just sayin’...sorry! Take time to do something more impactful then worry about what others are doing. This still made me feel uncomfortable. I have to stop and remind myself that they shouldn't represent gaming as a whole but they certainly tarnish its reputation. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It's kinda the point, so that we go into the game experiencing something fresh. The gaming community is quite open to diversity. And I was referring the the video that Robin recently released. Endure and survive! So well said! Last year, he gave Horizon Zero Dawn a 9/10. I've even heard complaints how we play as Ellie this time around... We played as Ellie during the Winter sequence in the original game and that was without a doubt one of the best chapters in a video game for me personally. Then, you’re on your own. More posts from the lastofuspart2 community. I do however, applaud Druckmann for being so approachable with her, I hope that his knowledge and insight of the industry can influence to make more convincing arguments when trying to achieve diversity in video games. So that's why his recent video simultaneously comes across as earnest in delivery, but moronic in the actual content. When I saw his livestream, I could clearly see the discomfort on his face when they kissed, so I was pretty sure he would make something regarding this. There is a reason why book clubs exist. I'm not saying some of these people don't have a valid concern, because I think there is at least one valid concern to be had, and I think rational fair minded people will have it, but for the most part we can ignore the 98% of the rest of them for the uncomfortable man baby's they really are. They just seem like such non-issues to me? These are people, not things you can use to show how up to date and hip you are with modern culture, or an opportunity to say 'look how anti anti-gay we are!'. Petition details; News & discussion; Discover related petitions; Boycott The Last of Us Part II. In a way, it was inevitable that The Last of Us Part 2 would be controversial. To be edgy, to take part in a buzz topic, etc. Also Robin says that the mystery woman being buffed is a forced agenda? I just hate that this happens whenever a woman has women has a more prominent role in a video game. It just felt like he didn't like what happened in the demo and is trying to justify it somehow to the majority of his audience. You may opt-out by. Just look to what trolls did to the actress who played Rose in the recent Star Wars film. Also anyone with a basic common sense can say that playing as Joel isn't viable for neither the story nor the gameplay point of view. A written story can have many different meanings. The good thing is that this will not change how good the game is. Meaning a company can inflate the numbers in order to advertise. You may still disagree with that, or see nothing wrong with it, but we may as well accurately portray people. I'm not trying to act like I have the moral high-ground or anything here, I just think it's immature, petty and spoilt to throw a tantrum over what was shown in the E3 demo. This THE LAST OF US PART 2 article contains spoilers.. But in each of these videos, I see an upsetting amount of people getting straight up angered by a 10 second clip of two girls kissing each other... We get a sequel to what's arguably the best standalone game of this decade and this is how people react? Agree with everything you said, this sense of entitlement is starting to become somewhat toxic in the gaming community. First of all, Robin's video is pretty much pointless. Because he just flocks to the opinion of his subs most the time. Before anyone shows up angry about me saying this, or upset that I'm moralizing about violence in video games, I want to assure you I'm not. I guarantee you that it’s a small minority “boycotting” it. Please read our Rules before submitting content. But according to him, this was forced? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It wasn't until I saw him live streaming until I saw it too, because being fake is alot harder to do when it's not pre-recorded. I play and enjoy many violent video games. How this happiness appears to not last long seeing as though she's seeking revenge on this new religious cult? You're a little late to the party on the whole kiss thing, a couple of morons pretending to be outraged about a kiss and some wannabee YouTuber's trying to profit from the drama, its all a load of shit. I do have faith that the game will be amazing, though I really wish they'd ditch a large portion of the tedious crafting stuff and make it more about the story and action. No boycotting! They've been pandered to their entire lives and now that some different demographics are getting a taste of the spotlight they feel like they're being treated unfairly because it's no longer all about them. Muscle hypertrophy is a gender fluid concept. Dude, you gave this game a fucking 9/10. The new 'Last Of Us 2' trailer is not for the faint of heart. That kiss was 10 seconds in a 12 minute video video. It is how the story is told that truly makes the impact. You don’t have to pay as soon as you preorder. For just be the first or youtube walk-throughs or shear curiosity even if they've seen the leaks. Ellie is angrier than she was in the first game, but it still feels like the first game. I have thick skin. Robin then further complains that we haven't seen much of Joel. I hear of criticisms of this kiss between these two female characters being shoved in there, not having any context in the demo etc. This is a Naughty Dog game, after all. :). And now she's grown up and looks to be on a quest for vengeance and that's a problem for some people?

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