leninism vs stalinism

• Lenin was a leader in the Bolshevik revolution and credited with being the founder of the USSR, whereas Stalin had a readymade system in place that he took forward with great force. Socialism is achieved when wages and capital are abolished, both existed in the USSR all the way to collapse. notions of left and right do not apply to Soviet realities. Started by: An exact number of negative votes is unknown. btw you know that the post-Stalin USSR spent billions to aid communists all over the world, right? His religion beliefs have been light.

: Explaining the ‘Cult of Personality’ as a legitimation technique.". lol yes it did. [96], David L. Hoffmann raised the issue of whether Stalinist practices of state violence derived from socialist ideology. "[58] In addition, Stalin dispatched a contingent of NKVD operatives to Mongolia, established a Mongolian version of the NKVD troika, and unleashed a bloody purge in which tens of thousands were executed as "Japanese spies", as Mongolian ruler Khorloogiin Choibalsan closely followed Stalin's lead. At the end of the day, the objective progress of a society is determined by the productive forces. He wrote that the concept of Stalinism was developed after 1956 by Western intellectuals so as to be able to keep alive the communist ideal. Self-deception is the anaesthetic of life, while God is. If you look at theoretical publications from the time you see an incredible bunch of awesome theory and a couple of half-assed excuses (which are so obviously out of place that it sometimes makes you laugh. Lenin was influenced by the political thought of Karl Marx. 'Anti-Revisionism' was a new bureaucratic-opportunist tendency that never existed in the USSR + warsaw pact. lol no, actually "It expands productivity to make communism possible" is taken directly from the Manifesto, where Marx describes the DOTP. Sakira5447, Started by: It pointed out the obvious, but took it a step forward and drew a liberal conclusion for the western populace.

The predominant goal of Stalin was to maneuver the Soviet Union into trendy industrialization nation.

Stalinism vs Marxism Leninism ? The role of the Soviet Army was to protect the Party from its own people. Simple state ownership is not socialism, unless you're a liberal. the degree of participation you had in the GDR. He is believed to be a father figure; a man who tried with all his might to create a mighty socialist state in the world. He's just using M-L to refer to Leninism which is dumb because M-L was Stalin's line. [ii] The repression of so many formerly high-ranking revolutionaries and party members led Leon Trotsky to claim that a "river of blood" separated Stalin's regime from that of Lenin. Let's go 3d and make a political cube! Lenin vs Stalin • Lenin ruled the newly formed USSR for only two years from 1922 to 1924, whereas Stalin succeeded him and remained in power for nearly 30 years. "[82], A similar analysis is present in more recent works such as those of Graeme Gill, who argues that "[Stalinism was] not a natural flow-on of earlier developments; [it formed a] sharp break resulting from conscious decisions by leading political actors. It was the same theory, which just continued to develop on and on, quite independently of the power struggles in the bureaucracy.

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