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I know his face and probably know him from SOA. Lydia and Serana are the first chars who comes to mind but she did a lot of voice acting on Skyrim. Alex Désert voices Bwonsamdi. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, another that Nathanos sends off to his death. She mentions her services were 'requested' but the powers that be... so when she puts it like that I would say she was also threatened, the rest however appears to detail she found something worthwhile in the situation, as in helping the newly risen adjust. That makes her presence as Serana rather funny to me. I think you can literally ask her why she's helping the horde now while you're on one of the quests, I just don't remember the exact answer. She also voices Blood Rayne. Nexus-Prince Shaffar / | Perhaps I can spare them the sort of pain I endured. If reanimating people stops them from going to the Maw, that’s kind of a lesser of two evils situation. She is a rogue agent, serving her own agenda and makes a specific point in Tirisfal that she is not part of the Forsaken. (voice) (archive sound), Narrator I've always had plans for my future. NPC Leader of Silvermoon is Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, he’s also in Destiny 2 as Devrim Kay, don’t know his real name, he will always be Balthier to me. It's also why they had to use subjugated undead Night Elves as Horde Warfront figures instead of actual Hordies. Patch changes β Patch 5.0.1 (Beta ): Added. Martin Sheen voices Nozdormu / Murozond. Shade of Aran If he didn’t, someone was really trying to mimic him. He does the intro to races amazingly and reminds me of the Elder God from Soulreaver Tony Jay. What those are, I have no idea. They both hold important seats in the Uncrowned. Trained to destroy them. Kill a few key members, and make sure Whitemane isn't going to get up again, and now the Argent Dawn is able to operate in the plaguelands much more freely, making a far bigger dent in the scourge there than she ever could on her own. (voice) (archive sound), Valeera Sanguinar Lillian Voss swore to hunt down necromancers across Azeroth to prevent her own fate from happening to anyone else. Is there a video game I’ve played that she hasn’t voiced a character in? It probably never will be explained. Wondering if there are any voices you guys recognize in the game from other media? World of Warcraft (Video Game 2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Gossip - Rogue. Steve Blum pops up a lot, and Richard Horvitz was in BfA as the little turtle kid. Jaina’s voice actress also voices Serana from Skyrim’s Dawnguard dlc. In life, I was raised to hate the undead. She requested us to kill several scarlet crusade outposts and kill their major figures, she's seen killing a buttload of them too but we never see her mindlessly slaughtering piles of undead or scourge necromancers that are remaining in the plaguelands. I know him from the Terminator and other movies. Blizzard needed more Undead characters for their big faction war but didn't want to put in the effort to develop any current ones actually affiliated with the Forsaken. World of Warcraft: Illidan Stormrage's Story ... WoW PTR - Lilian Voss Character Sound Clips (Patch 7.2) ... Queen Azshara Patch 8.3 Voice Over - Duration: 1:55. Blizzard forgot that Garona and Voss were both explicitly not Horde characters, and made them fight for the Horde because of their races. (voice) (archive sound), Boden the Imposing (voice) (archive sound), Vindicator Maraad (voice) (archive sound), Prophet Velen The reasons are given though? Grand Magister Rommath | Anything? Cree Summer (Susie in Rugrats) is Lilian Voss, or she was at least up to Legion. Xiao Tu It's bad writing and one of my biggest gripes with the war campaign. Sorry. Lillian has matured in her time as a forsaken. Loved those games and his voice was amazing and perfect for Raziel. Actually the one that immediately comes to mind is one of the shadowpan in pandaria is voiced by the actress that voices azula in avatar the last airbender. I found some faces to here ` (voice) (archive sound), Kang Bramblestaff / That is her one MO after taking out the Scarlet Crusade leadership. (voice) (archive sound), Mannoroth Blood-Queen Lana'thel NPC, Tauren Character / The only one that sticks out is Michael Bell who does Medivh’s voice and also did Raziel’s voice in the Soulreaver games. Scout Captain Elsia It's about time I do the work to make those plans a reality. (voice) (archive sound), Preistess Delrissa This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 00:30. In the LA version, there’s a dwarf with Reinhardt’s voice. Hakkar the Soulflayer / John DiMaggio (Bender in Futurama, Jake in Adventure Time) is Trade Prince Galliwix. Just because she's being efficient about it instead of slaughtering everything that annoys her like an orc would doesn't mean her goals aren't what she claims they are. It doesn't take a prophet to see that Sylvanas will use this war as a means of bringing more Forsaken into the world. (voice) (archive sound), King Genn Greymane Release Dates (voice) (archive sound), Flynn Fairwind He’s done anime dub voices for ages now, including good ol Shinji from Evangelion. (Just to clarify I agree that Blizz's writing is attrocious and just keeps getting worse). (voice) (archive sound), Varimathras / New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. (voice), Taran Zhu (voice) (archive sound), Apprentice Marten Webb She still struggles with her new reality, but recognises that it is indeed her new reality. The Scarlet Crusade made anyone operating in tirisfal and the Plaguelands difficult, and weren't doing a very good job of dealing with the undead in the area themselves. Edit: Not a wow character, but Wakka from Final Fantasy X is the same voice actor as Bender from Futurama, I hate the fact I know that because now I can never take Wakka seriously again. I know his face from movies and T.V. Her story in BfA doesn't make any sense unfortunately. I know him from Becker as the blind guy even though I never watched the show. Despite my profession, I'm not the best at subtlety. Jaina Proudmoore’s voice actress played Jedi Knight companion Kira Carsen in SWTOR.

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