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Hour of Devastation deals 5 damage to each creature and each non-Bolas planeswalker. Sylvan Scrying trim exploits this slowness since you have more time This is really where you need to make decisions. Seems like a card that can just put the nail on the coffin when you are comboing. I typically only board in at maximum 6 cards. Niv-Mizzet, Parun kills people. Breach and then Strings breaks even on seven mana and down to one card in graveyard, Granted and then Tome Scour leaves you two floating mana and six cards in graveyard, and that’s exactly enough to escape Hidden Strings and start escaping Tome Scour in the loop. Next is Growth Spiral. If you have Underworld Breach in hand on top of Fae of Wishes, you just need a Hidden Strings and another two-mana untap effect with two cards in graveyard. Be aware that with most single Lotus Field kills you need Thassa’s Oracle in graveyard at the end since you are netting zero mana and one card in graveyard per ten milled, so don’t exile it along the way. You {T}: Add three mana of any one color. Plus, the look on your opponent’s face as they try to process the now Dragon-dominated game is always a delight. The escape cost is equal to the card's mana cost plus exile three other cards from your graveyard. Especially when you've taken an entire turn off to cast Infinite Obliteration? The Resolving one of these against Dimir Inverter puts them in the awkward spot of needing to beat you with one of their significantly weaker alternate win conditions, which your deck is hopefully set up to beat. : Add three mana of any one color. All creatures lose indestructible until end of turn. The fact that it's a solid sticky threat makes it even more exciting. This This spell costs {2} less to cast if it targets a blue spell. As a side note Infinite Obliteration naming Niv-Mizzet Reborn is also excellent against those decks if you struggle to beat their long game. After Infinite Obliteration resolves, the matchup switches from being a combo matchup to a midrange battle; is that a battle you're ready to win? Lotus Field enters the battlefield tapped. You start with six mana, Hidden Strings nets four mana untapping both Lotus Field up to ten total, Granted finds Underworld Breach, and casting it brings you to four mana. Get ahead of the crowd on Kaladesh Remastered Limited with Ryan Saxe's analysis of the gold uncommons, format speed, and top commons for each color. off and see what happens. Latest Set: Throne of Eldraine. This is most common against If you keep reading this article, that so you have the most live draws against a Thoughtseize. Just be aware that’s the starting point for doing the math since you need to convert the baseline six from untapping two Lotus Field into eight to Granted for Breach to escape Strings. So I ran this deck through 2 leagues on MTGO. graveyard interaction. fire back with Collected Company. This was the most successful deck at both Player's Tour events and SCG Tour Richmond last weekend and is the de facto "best deck" in the format currently. removal if you have floating mana to recast it. Because, you Anger Of The Gods is a great way of hampering aggressive decks, phoenix or the "dredge"-style decks. Too often players think that drawing a hate card is auto win, when against any good combo deck piloted by a talent pilot it is nothing more than another impediment to overcome. Casting Vizier of Tumbling Sands is common in this matchup since it leads to slightly faster kills than Thespian’s Stage. To start Lotus Field , Hidden Strings and Pore Over Pages these cards generate a silly amount of mana very quickly and with a few other card draw spells generate huge card advantage. This deck is a combo deck based around getting two copies of Lotus Field on the field and continuously untapping it to make mana with cards such as Hidden Strings and Pore Over the Pages . Let's go over what we generally would like to see in your opening hand. How To Get A Leg Up In Kaladesh Remastered Draft. that do vary from list to list. Sands, really any number of things to convert that mana into more You can certainly do worse. I'm still testing this card and I see this as my flex spot for now. you need to untap four mana with your Hidden Strings, you need a You may put a land card from among them into your hand. extra land. You have a silly amount of mana floating and it's possible your opponent has nodded off a bit. Lotus Field enters the battlefield tapped. TAGS articles, metagame, constructed, analysis, decklist, jim davis, pioneer, 02072020, Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates and offers, Cards I Can't Wait to Play With From Commander Legends, One Year Forsaken: How to Rebuild Magic Story, Saturday Night Reaver: A Magic the Gathering Puzzle, Around the Wheel: Atraxa, Praetors' Voice. important role as a way to handle Damping Sphere and is a common Wanderer anyways. Bant Spirits, which has huge issues with Ugin unless they immediately Not only does Damping Sphere completely invalidate Lotus Field as a mana producer, but the spell tax also makes it exceedingly difficult for them to do much without directly removing it. If you have a Vizier of Tumbling Sands to cycle, the requirement drops to three cards in graveyard. Sign Todd Anderson up. Pioneer Challenge #12143036 on 04/26/2020 . That kill takes nothing else. Besides those cards, this is a pure race. answers, more mana than they have, and their clock is slow if they Due to the lack of mainboard hand hate I was able to combo off on turn 5 without much danger. An extra card in graveyard always prevents this. In total it costs seventeen mana to perform these actions, but once you cast Underworld Breach you can start escaping Hidden Strings, and Lotus Field puts two cards in the graveyard when played. Lotus Field: Core Set 2020 This card has restrictions in the following formats: Format: Legality: Standard Legal Brawl Legal Pioneer Legal Modern Legal Legacy Legal Vintage Legal Game Two my opponent started out with 3 creatures and hand hate to put me in a bad position. .scgtour-ad { Oddly, an extra Fae of Wishes doesn’t help that much, since the two cards you discard to return the first Fae fuel Hidden Strings escapes which negate the four-mana recursion cost. I heard multiple Players Tour competitors tell stories about this costing them games. excuse is going right out the window. Let's go over the non win-con wish targets. Izzet Phoenix had a good amount of spells and was setting up a big swing with phoenix's. Even if Strategic What about when you don’t have it You want to be able to cast a grazer and or a spiral turn one or two. Your Fae of © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. The cards in this deck that are banned in pioneer are: Kicker {1}{U} (You may pay an additional {1}{U} as you cast this spell.). Lotus Field: The most fun I've had in Pioneer This is quite the deck built out of cards I would never have thought ever playable, let alone hilariously fun. enter the infinite lotus field omni pioneer. In combination with a Dig Through Time I was able to float a ton of mana tutor out the Ugin, the Spirit Dragon for style points and end round three with a win. It's hard to imagine a better card to play against them as long as you are applying some sort of pressure. Breach deck is fairly stock. Any chance we want [[Thousand-year Storm]]? Temple of Mystery enters the battlefield tapped. I would rather cast my spells. What about the scenario of going off the turn your Thespian’s Stage your Lotus Field? Once you have a Lotus Field, it’s right back to the combo math You might want one Natural State as marginal respect to that end-game, with a land or a Strategic Planning being the next best cut. }. Sideboard 15. Format: Freeform. It's possible with the mainboard Omniscience that you can cast whatever you'd like at this point. is almost the same matchup as Dimir Inverter, but your anti-hate It also feels much more like a Modern deck than a Pioneer deck, with non-interactive very long turns that result in the combo player drawing most of their deck and then winning. Blast Zone plays an The deck plays out like a storm deck, with. I found a line of play to keep myself alive but it relied upon a set of draws off of one Pore Over the Pages but I just couldn't find what I needed. Mystical Dispute is a First, a few untap effects. text-align:center; Let's take a look at some cards that really stand out at combating these three combo decks. All three of these combo decks are too powerful and resilient to completely fold to a single piece of hate. It is hard to interact with and is tons of fun. set up to sacrifice Thespian’s Stage to your Turn 3 Lotus Field. Lotus Field kills. Sylvan Scrying Many people have been asking for this so I’ll try not to disappoint. Fae of Wishes can be cast from exile, returned to your hand, and then Granted-cast again for Tome Scour, setting up the loop. some cool interactions against discard, counterspells, and with Ugin, The Spirit Dragon hits the field and usually puts aggressive hand dumping decks out of commission while providing a clock to win the game. Game Two my opponent couldn't get a hand that seemed to do anything too serious, so I was able to essentially goldfish. Hour of Devastation is reasonable to sideboard in, but Anger of the Gods is important as a cheap Granted target. Unlike the Thespian’s Stage activation kills, you get the floating two mana from Lotus Field’s sacrifice lands the turn you start going off, plus a mana off whatever third land cast the Vizier. Nepean, Ontario When Lotus Field enters the battlefield, sacrifice two lands. Forever the bane of Storm decks in older formats, Eidolon of the Great Revel combines great damage output and a good body while turning off Lotus Breach's ability to combo. I was surprised how consistent it was. The second league I went 4-1 losing to hardened scales when on the draw and winning the one game on the play. Lotus Field has solidly added itself to the long list of influential cards from 2019, but unlike almost all the other ones, it is breaking the game in a classic combo way.

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