martin strings review

Martin has been partnering with Worship Guitar Magazine for the past two years and while we absolutely love their guitars, I personally haven’t been able to use their strings. She also stated the thing that every string manufacturer says, this corrosion resistant technology does not compromise the tone of the strings. They had a, dare I say it, Authentic feel. The Lifespan 2.0 strings also have less “string talk” than the standard strings I have used, but just enough to make them feel/sound authentic as you are sliding up and down the fretboard. I could actually slide it up and down the string. Up until this point I was still playing Elixir Nanoweb strings. The high E and B are plain steel, but the rest are Monel wound strings. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. I would only recommend them for soft fingerstyle. I am sold. I bought two set and both sets the a sting broke and the second set the d broke. I just purchased another set from Sweetwater for my CEO-7. Signup for our monthly newsletter and stay up to date on the latest worship guitar news, resources, gear and more. Required fields are marked *. While I await the delivery of the Curt Mangan strings I wrote about recently, I was in my local guitar store The Arts Music Store, which is a very dangerous practice in my case and saw on sale a Martin D-35. I want my acoustic to sound like an acoustic and that includes those light sounds that come when I slide up and down the fretboard. When playing softly, the squeak made by sliding is very distracting. In addition to the consistency in tone I noticed that the strings do not get hard and plunky over time like all other strings I have played. As I sat and played however, I started to notice tones that I had never really heard before. Immediately, I enjoyed the flexibility of lighter strings, but it did not compromise the volume or warmth of the heavier strings. I do notice that my other acoustics, strung more traditionally, are louder and boomier. Sound nice. Here is what I noticed. I am ordering another set!! I get all my instruments and gear from sweetwater. I put them on last Thursday, played it a few times to get warmed up and then played a bar gig the next night. My dad has been wanting to try these strings for a while, so I decided to buy him a set for Father's day. During last week’s World of Bluegrass convention, the Martin guitar company introduced a new and improved line of guitar strings which they have branded as Authentic Acoustic.Martin had a major presence in the trade show exhibit hall, the first booth you see when coming down the escalator, and opened a second booth out on the street during the weekend festival environment. He didn't even get it to pitch before big E broke--darn! Martin designs their strings as they design their guitars — with maximum performance, exacting tone, and playability in mind. And so far I"ve had these on for over two months with no noticeable drop in quality sound. So, as I released the tension on my Titanium Core strings so I can change out the pins. I put my first set of Titanium strings on my D-28 Martin Marquis a year ago. For the price, I was expecting them to last much longer. Highly recommended. I was told about these strings by a friend who uses them on all of his acoustics, and he plays a lot. They sound great and make it easier to play but the titanium core breaks easily. Okay, at this juncture of the review I have to throw out that, these strings do not last as long as Elixir Polyweb strings for me. Sadly, the low E and low A strings broke at the tuning peg simply from releasing the tension on the strings enough to change out the pins. As happens there was a bit of corrosion on the frets, and the guitar has been handled a lot. After all, they’ve been interacting with musicians for almost 200 years. The wound strings are very noisy when sliding between notes. To be completely honest, sub-consciously I was thinking, okay we get it, you make strings but let’s see the guitars.

It's back to Lifespans for me. I played these exclusively for about three years until Elixir’s invention of the Nanoweb coating. The plain strings tuned up just fine. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. Since I am rather picky, I asked to do that myself, since I knew I wanted to check the neck, and do a basic setup as well as polish the frets as well as clean and oil the fingerboard. They just take the fun out playing acoustic. So, although they didn't work out for me, they could very easily be the best strings ever, for someone else (if you have soft hands or think you'd like that mushy feel).
After I got a bit better I wanted a bit more bite and volume to my tone so I switched to Martin SP 12-54 Phosphor Bronze strings. I purchased a set of Martin Titanium Core strings (Not from Sweetwater) and have been playing them for about a month now. Parenthetically, I did not notice any great difference in the tone or other characteristics of these very expensive strings - have switched back to my Martin LifeSpan or Elixirs. Yesterday I was at a jam and just tweaking the tuning on my instrument when the A string snapped - it was not overtuned and the actual rotation I was turning was very slight. I've always used Martin Lifespan string on all of my acoustic guitars and been happy with the sound of them. I was also a beta user and Wow is all I can say I put these on my Martin D-16E and they are absolutely amazing well worth the money they stay in tune so well and sound awesome will be getting some for my D35 and D18. Martin Authentic Acoustic Lifespan® 2.0 strings offer next generation treatment for long life, great playability and feel, and superior reliability with authentic, Your email address will not be published. But with that honesty I also have to say that Polyweb strings sound so crappy that I don’t care if they were lifetime strings. I'm going to keep them on for a while because they cost... Who knows, I might later realize what the extra quid went for. Loosened G string slightly to make adjustment to truss rod. However I found that these bring out a tone and clarity from my guitar that I never experienced before. But on a good guitar, I guess they are worth the investment. As a consequence, I hear a wider tonal palette, with more delicacy than I have in more traditional string choices. I put them on a larravee Custom OM-40. This review is very overdue. I am also not so disciplined as to put all my guitar dollars away until Black Friday sales events. I am interested to test the consistency across different packs. I use an LR Baggs M1A soundhole pickup through a Fishman ToneDEQ preamp. Since then I've stuck to nano web phosphor bronze elixir. I know for instance Ernie Ball strings for me tend to be very inconsistent on electric. So, here I am with an amazing Martin 000-28 (purchased from Sweetwater) a new set of Martin Luxe Liquidmetal bridge pins (also purchased from Sweetwater) and a set of broken Martin Titanium Core strings. However, my wife just purchased a set of Martin Luxe Liquidmetal bridge pins for me (Yes, from Sweetwater) and I couldn't wait to try them out. In summary.

Play easy. I am going to order titanium core strings for my other Martins, these strings are definitely worth every penny! After several hours, I am looking forward to getting the Mangan strings that I ordered for my Gibson L4C arch top. I never had a problem before on my Martin 000C-GTE. The guitar is not as loud as with the strings that were on it, but there is more clarity in the quieter tones. We will see what transpires, but I may end up transitioning my larger body acoustics to this different string structure. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. Overall these strings do exactly what Martin says they do. I"ve read everywhere that the have this issue.

They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it.

Well all cheesy cliche statements aside, these strings sound Authentic. The initial attack of the top end might be a bit less than when they were brand new but I am willing to go on the record here and say that I have never played a “good sounding” guitar string that has been more consistent through the life of the string than these Lifespan 2.0s. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I must admit, I didn’t see this live on Easter. It"s much louder than other strings I have used. They felt like those Martin SP strings that I absolutely loved but parted ways with because of longevity. I've used Martin Lifespans for quite a while before deciding to try these, and I am going back to them. I have to say, I am very pleased with the sound and feel of the strings. I've never felt a string feel as good as these. Thanks, Martin Guitar for the free sample! I was reluctant to shell out forty bucks for strings. I love the look, the feel and the sound. Martin sent us the new Re-inspired D28 and D18 guitars to demo and review and they came strung with the Lifespan 2.0s in the same gauge I had on my guitar. The strings hold tune better than normal PB or Monel strings. The D35 has no built in pickup, although if I buy it, I will install one at some point. It took a bit of getting used to, but I am very impressed by these strings.
I was told about these strings, by another guitarist. They do have a nice feel to the touch but I don't understand what the thinking was with these strings. Good highs and lows. Your email address will not be published. I came back to the reviews here… and discovered there were many who have had these string snap on them.

I watched the video and used a birthday pretext to get a set of these. When Nanoweb strings came along I tried a pack and while the tone wasn’t as good as the Martin SP’s the coating helped me get a few extra weeks out of them, which for a starving worship leader, less string changes was a huge win.

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