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Its just a big confidence booster for someone like to me to read something like this. Higher-level languages take longer to execute, but they’re easier to use. Just because they can do all of that fancy math I still get higher grades in programming.I too shall be keeping an eye on your blog.Jerome. I hope this won't sound too definsive, or too cynical. I think Amazon sells it cheapest but check your college bookstore. These people focus on the conceptual work behind implementing data communication networks.

My professional focus is empowering people with technology and math. I wanted to do better than all the people who had taught me in college and really explain what was going on to my classes. After this, might I recommend, "What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic" ( Arithmetic Try some polynomial long division after this.5) Modular Arithmetic Go implement Diffie-Helman key exchange. Sometimes, defined by the same word I'm looking up!At this point I realize that I am seriously crippled in my math knowledge.

You can find information on NCTM standards here -

Yes, with very few exceptions, from grade school to grad school. I gave SAT solvers as an example.

No matter your route to mathematics, it will pay handsomely in the end if you keep it up.Some of what you are experiencing is mathematical readiness.

No matter what the subject if you are feeding your brain some fuel its sure going to help you with programming or whatever.Really great work. About that then, maybe at a certain point it the future it will; and with everybody programming (lawyers and medics alike) old CS graduates will end up being underspecialized. Einstein's "miracle year" papers are short, clear & brilliant. If you want to discover and explore more about the salary and abilities of a programmer, check out more content on Dave4Math. Great blog.First up its my first year of university, And right up until the last 2 years of high school i actually knew WTF i was doing in maths, then came the last 2 years at a different school and i was immediatly going WTH is this stuff?I was being tought to do who knows what and not being able to understnat WHAT it was used for, shoveling equations down my throat and telling me it finds x when something else is useless of i cant reconise when the equation would actually be useful.So now come university, And i'm doing discrete mathematics as a first unit, rather easy to understand straight off the bat unlike many others who thought they were exelent at maths the last 2 years....Exept, Long division is something i was NEVER tought to do, thats right, i was never tought how to do it, i really couldnt work it out.. it was assumed that everyone would know how to do it when the past 7 years i had been told "No, dont worry about it, just use the calculator, you'll allways have one handle, and if you dont, theres subtraction" Something i agree with..So now has come the time that i need to know long division -- Binary Division -- I'm still not 100% sure on how to do it... but supprisingly, guess how i got to my current understanding of it?I Wrote a PHP function to do exactly that, infact whenever i have a maths concept i cant understand right now, i write a PHP function/program to do it manually without relying on all the builtin maths functions(Ok, FLOOR() and ROUNDUP() to round to next higher or lower number, but thats only because humans can do it in an instant whereby computers need much more steps), but you know what? For a more user-friendly language, Python has clear and intuitive syntax while remaining versatile. Douglas Hofstadter, 1979.Not sure I would call it a textbook though... Re: "Godel, Escher, Bach"see also The only purpose for learning Algebra is to be able to do Calculus. I have many years of experience in different industries and I am doing some graduate work in Molecular Biology in between doing a bunch for hiring for a startup. You should write a book man. but if i had to do any of this right now, i could easily figure it out, because it's nothing more complicated than middle school math.maybe it's true that "math is a lot easier to pick up after you know how to program."

The field is also reaching a level where humans aren’t the only coders; now, humans have the help of machine learning algorithms that are close to doing most of the heavy lifting themselves.

Also I'm not convinced by your choices among fields of math.Anyway I agree that the sort of math people get in school (until you take an upper division math course in college) is designed to teach rote algorithms rather than real understanding. Also, the point of the depth first teaching is to get students to learn one thing well before encountering more difficult and abstract mathematical concepts. I totally agree that math is taught wrong, especially at the high school level.

Consequently I performed low, and my teachers and professors used to say, they knew I knew the stuff, but couldn't prove it.

(Getting Started). Emailron .dot.

It is an excellent (and broad) introduction to the subject. hi,i would say math education nearly everywhere sucks.for example, numbers and figures are inherently connected so that you can study them simultaneously - that's how mathematicians actually prove theorems about them (even so "applied" as elliptic curves cryptography) - but unless for some reason you decided to hide it you honestly have absolutely no idea what I mean. I won't bother listing other areas that are lacking. And the sort of reasoning used here is crucial in a host of disciplines. rates of change: a fast ball hurts more than a slow one, etc.) What comes next is tough.

I liked the idea as soon as I heard it.In discrete-time math integrals are summations and differentials are subtraction problems.

", 1. Data security and data analysis are, of course, gaining more and more traction as well.

One is that we share common ideas and backgrounds that bind us together culturally. Hell a lot of college students don't need calculus and graphing functions is way overrated. The modern math curriculum was in place by the 1930's. Just wanted to say that i found your article to be a good read and even inspiring; I'm a coder in the XHTML/CSS sense (I do it professionally), but I am enrolled in a programming class where we do JavaScript, PHP, and ActionScript.

If you like to do encryption programming or game programming, you NEED math.. and lots of it. I am glad I found your post through!!

That's the place I learned it from. With the decrease in physical size comes increased computing power and speed. Discrete mathematics is not as important a field as subjects concerning continuous sets -- students from business, chemistry, physics, engineering, math, biology, and so forth, require indepth knowledge of continuous systems. firstly, because there are other "learning types"; people who can't remember a list of seemingly arbitrary computational steps easily, but will be able to perform the calculation effortlessly once they 'get' it.

Can I use math? today i dropped math C30 IB.for those who dont know of the program, the International Baccalauriete is a worldwide andvanced program. They say it's better to know about design patterns, object-oriented methodologies, software tools, interface design, stuff like that.

Everything from Statistics, (Linear) Algebra, DEs, Calculus, and so on require an understanding of the real/complex numbers -- this understanding is provided by Pre-Calc and later on by Calculus classes.I'm not going to comment any further, but someone wrote this:> Your approach to math is certainly> from a compsci point-of-view which> heavily depends on the discrete > side of things. See for example the book "How People Learn" and an instructional design book called "Understanding by Design".There has already been a tremendous amount written on problem-based learning (PBL), anchored instruction, enactive learning, and other techniques which have all been applied to mathematics education.

Talks about all the right things.. And most of it is deja vu for me, like when you talk about the summation and forloop.

I personally believe that Math stretches my understanding of things and I am able to think in a much more logical way when I am doing math on a regular basis. However, these courses are required for the simple reason that passing them shows a certain level of ability and dedication and since they keep mathematicians employed who am I too complain.

Students who learn without calculators "get it" in a way that those who use them just don't.I would emphasize building things and geometry very early on.

"Easily said. I will pick up a math book and must teach myself.

For the rest of the world, it helps to understand at least the importance of programming, if not how to do it. Professional programmers must also know how to troubleshoot errors in a project’s capabilities and processes. Caveat: Originally published in 1954 or so, it misses the last 50 years, but does do a good job with the first 4500! You might check this book for details, and there is also an free, online draft version available.The Logic of Science.

to finish the tiranny of the continuous math teachers over the discrete science. It's about the best you can hope for in terms of the general population.

Here's a link to the main site. And I totally agree with you. It would be much easier and more enjoyable if the concepts are taught first instead of being drowned in exercises and ROTE memorizations. So, when most of my peers were taking Algebra 1, I took "Arithmetic II". Asimov wrote a story about a future where math was a lost skill. This fact just seems unfair to those of us who didn’t obtain such early introductions. Websites and online programs allow businesses and individuals to increasingly rely on these tools for financial, social, and professional reasons. )Matrices are an example of a vector space, by no means equivalent to Linear Algebra. You can learn algebra without calculus, but not vice versa.

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