mindfulness activities for high school students pdf

h�b```f``2g`2l@���� (�1�a�0C��j��N1/`S`����k In this lesson, students will watch a video on growth mindset and work in pairs to share their ideas about growth vs. fixed mindsets. Students will work together in groups to create activities for their classroom peace corner. They will practice and learn how to use their breath when they feel tense or overwhelmed, just like a magical tool! Mindfulness 101! In this lesson, students will explore and discuss the term "empathy" by hearing stories from two different perspectives and identifying the feelings of each of the characters. Teaching mindfulness to teens and young adults can be difficult, but quite beneficial. Z�m�^�����u����������c8� {��������������O�8���8ޯm�'Na�����z/��%��1N�k�Q�m���������$�E�˂. They'll consider how challenges grow their brain. A Mindful Moment Words can uplift others, but they can also cause harm. In this lesson, students will practice having a growth mindset and looking at mistakes as opportunities to learn. We all have our own home of feelings inside, like a shell that we can tuck into when needed. The Peace Corner is a space where students may practice cool-down methods such as mindful walking, deep breathing, and mindful listening. Gabi Garcia's "Listening With My Heart" provides students with an opportunity to reflect on ways to extend themselves compassion all year long. @mc�t��� ��a�����6��i���~ �#~���u[.�v��7��o�-3H�Ӷ���i������Ƣ�����3f�>�j�y|��>���$_vz���&�O#�s��Z�:�eE��8`Dv#Z���xp�"��$� v��'q�0�ֺM�m^��1�n���u� �(&B'~T_�:��䣶S�F1J!6��CH���vXs�ۭ��@�XeR��}ϐ? Have your students try on their owl ears! �Ud���?� In this lesson, students will reflect on the term "positive role model," discuss positive role models in their lives, and research positive role models in history. Students focus on the present moment using their senses to observe what is happening right now. What happens when students explore their senses on the inside? Owls hear so well that they can hunt in the dark. In this lesson, students will hear the story "The Way I Act" and complete two activities connected to the story. In addi-tion audio files are provided to reinforce the daily practice. Positive role models can have a powerful impact on individuals and society. In this lesson, a butterfly helps teach students about mindful breathing. Mindfulness: The Outside and Inside Present. Imagine wild animals teaching students to walk mindfully, and camoflauge teaching about stillness. Students will work together in groups to create activities for their classroom peace corner. They will share their experience and reflect on how and why silence or space can be important. In this lesson, students will learn about how emotions change and will understand and discuss different feeling words for different emotions by associating emotions with colors, visuals, and a charades game. There is a growing body of research to support the many benefits of mindfulness practice.In order to help make it more accessible, we can teach mindfulness in a way that is more interesting and interactive than the traditional sitting meditations. With these lesson plans, help your children learn how to practice mindfulness and discover the benefits of bringing mindfulness to everyday situations.

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