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She spends the third and fourth episodes doubting herself, her connection to both the sword and the forest, still bent on fulfilling her mother’s last wish to see the sword delivered to Merlin, believing she’s failed at it. Suffice to say, Langford delivered on the role, and Love, Simon proved to everyone that she had what it takes so succeed under a bigger spotlight. In Cursed she stars as Nimue, a young woman with extraordinary powers. This time around, however, it isn't King Arthur who wields Excalibur — it's Nimue. Here's what you need to know about the ending, including if Nimue … Although she's heartbroken once she learns she has no chance with him, the two make up and remain friends by the film's end. Based on the illustrated novel by Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller, Cursed takes serious creative liberties with the source material. Not to mention this role gave Langford a ton of exposure and got her to rub shoulders with some of cinema's biggest names. The pandemic may have cut season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy short, but even the coronavirus couldn’t keep us from our favorite medical drama forever. In this iteration of the classic tale, Nimue is the sorceress commonly known as "the Lady of the Lake." Based on the illustrated novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler — who also co-created Cursed – the show centers around the tale of a brave individual's quest to find the ancient sword Excalibur. “It doesn’t for one moment cross Nimue's mind that she could be the one to use this sword, that she could be a king or a queen. Cursed tells the story of Nimue (Katherine Langford), a teenager with a “mysterious gift” who soon embarks on a quest with young mercenary Arthur in a … While it was a nice moment, even with its unfinished CGI, it didn't quite work in the context of the rest of the movie. That’s why Langford believes the ultimate message of, “Embrace all of yourself and don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something. The show debuted on March 31, 2017, and took the streaming world by storm. “Nimue has a powerful personal journey, which isn’t just to do with embracing herself and finding her courage… but it’s also about coming into her womanhood,” she continued, stressing the difference between becoming a legal adult and “really coming into yourself” as a woman. Don’t be ashamed of who you are, because what you have is so special. An adaptation of Jay Asher's 2007 novel of the same name, 13 Reasons Why begins with Hannah's story: After experiencing harassment, assault, bullying, and emotional neglect, the young teen takes her own life. Langford says she sees their relationship as a not just a point of growth for the both of them, but a safe place in a tumultuous world. She used it to her advantage and nabbed a handful of solid film parts, as evident by her Endgame cameo. Once there, he encountered a grown version of his daughter, Morgan Stark, who was played by Katherine Langford. controversial for its treatment of suicide and serious mental health issues. “I said to Tom, ‘what changes her mind?’ He ended up writing this really beautiful scene between Nimue and another character, where that point-of-view shifts and for the first time, she’s able to see herself in a position of power, and being able to use the sword for good and do what she needs to do, do what she feels is right.”. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. It follows detective Benoit Blanc, the man tasked with investigating the murder of Harlan Thrombey, a successful novelist and patriarch of the Thrombey family. note: The rest of this article contains spoilers for Netflix’s Cursed]. ; Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin - The royal court magician, who has served many other kings before Uther Pendragon. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Still, to entrust a rising star like Langford with such an important scene shows Marvel Studios had a lot of faith in her. Making the jump from television to film is no easy feat. She devised a number of schemes to wreck his kingdom before she turned her attentions onto Merlin, a young warlock, and Arthur, Prince of Camelot. To understand the finale of Season One of Netflix's fantasy series, Cursed, let's sort through some ancient myths. After her time on 13 Reasons Why concluded, Katherine Langford was riding a serious wave of momentum. Cookies help us deliver our Services. But Langford, like Nimue, realized it was time to take her power. The latest offering from Netflix is Cursed, the fantasy series that takes a fresh approach to a well-known Arthurian legend. “It feels like we were on Game of Thrones or something,” Grey’s Anatomy star Jake Bore. With Katherine Langford, Devon Terrell, Gustaf Skarsgård, Daniel Sharman. For one, Arthur is a roguish mercenary and he and Nimue strike up a romantic relationship over the course of the season. Nick Robinson plays the lead, Simon Spier, a gay high school student struggling to hide his sexuality, maintain a solid social life, and figure out the identity of the person threatening to out him. This wasn't a leading role by any means, but it's still an important feather in Langford's cap. She got to work alongside Chris Evans (Captain America), Jamie Lee Curtis (Blue Steel), Daniel Craig (Spectre), and several other established stars. Knives Out is a throwback to the classic whodunnits of old, such as 1974's Murder on the Orient Express and 1985's Clue. According to Insider, directors Joe and Anthony Russo felt the scene hurt Endgame's emotional end. Created by Frank Miller, Tom Wheeler. During her tenure on the first two seasons, she produced some truly chilling moments of high drama. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. That film was Rian Johnson's Knives Out, a movie that arguably contains her most impressive performance to date. This solidified her as someone who could hang with the best in the business, and will hopefully help to send more opportunities her way soon. Netflix’s Cursed deviates from the typical King Arthur mythos by centering on the mysterious Lady of the Lake. In 2018, she finally got her chance to show the world what she could do in a new medium when she was cast in the teen drama Love, Simon. They lean on each other. Here's where you've seen her before. Overall, most of the faces are familiar, but there is one new ch, Following a summer of Black Lives Matter protests over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and institutional racism, Netflix’s ne, Just in case you thought that this season of The Bachelorette didn’t have enough twists and turns (I’m already tired), fans have a theory that things m, On the heels of the debut season of Ratched — the first project after his brief hiatus from horror via Hollywood — Ryan Murphy is diving headfirst back, The Masked Singer boasts each episode about the intricate steps everyone on set takes to ensure that each celeb remains anonymous until they are unmasked o, Yes, Forest Whitaker Can Sing: Meet The Cast Of Netflix’s. But while riding with a merchant smuggling Fey, Nimue has a brief heart-to-heart with the merchant’s wife, where Nimue confesses she feels her mother must be disappointed in her. They embrace and he leaves her with the now-iconic "I love you 3,000" line. A teenage sorceress named Nimue encounters a young Arthur on her quest to find a powerful and ancient sword. Leah is just a normal girl living a normal high school life. That honor belongs to Katherine Langford, the Australian actress who actually got her start on Netflix. Meeting Nimue inspires him to fight for something instead of running away. Despite its over three-hour runtime, there were a handful of scenes left on the cutting room floor that didn't quite fit. And, in the, There was a lot going on at the Emmy Awards this year — everything from corny pandemic jokes and funny celebrity Zoom backgrounds to Jennifer Aniston pu, After a months-long hiatus, Grey’s Anatomy season 17 is back with some cast changes. Langford admits she has recognized this gap in her own life, as have her friends. You Have 11 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s Wha... one day become the Lady of the Lady in Arthurian Legend.

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