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You have entered an incorrect email address! NINJA WiFi is a Mobile WiFi router rental service. With Unlimited WiFi data, you'll be able to use Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, watch Youtube videos and more on the go. [SAKURA PROMOTION] Enjoy 20% Discount with Referral Link Below! Unlimited WiFi Router Hotspot Naha (Okinawa) Airport 4G LTE plus Free Power... Japan Unlimited WiFi Router 4G LTE + Free Power Bank - Free Delivery to Hotels, Ask KleineHexe about Unlimited WiFi Router Hotspot Haneda Airport 4G LTE plus Free Power Bank, Ask Jolly_Bong about Unlimited WiFi Router Hotspot Narita Airport 4G LTE plus Free Power Bank, Hotels near Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Hotels near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Decks, Hotels near Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Shinjuku, Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in Shinjuku, Conference & Convention Centres in Shinjuku, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden: Tickets & Tours‎, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings: Tickets & Tours‎, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Observation Decks: Tickets & Tours‎.

My cousin’s iPhone still had connection with only one downtime.

Due to the corona virus, many of the Airport counters and flight companies have altered their working hours and/or stopped working for a unknown period. The Ninja WiFi logo on the email immediately alert them for a portable WiFi collection. Firstly, ordering from the UK was simple and straight forward and. When I was wandering around in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, I tried to outsmart Google Maps by refusing to believe that there is no through road from Yoyogi Park to Meiji temple. Rental Providers, Plans & Comparisons. Question for you- I want to pickup at Narita, but that isn’t my final destination. Unfortunately for me, my flight arrives to the Naha Airport past the time the pickup location will be open. My wife and I traveled to Japan in Nov 2019 for a week. Assuming he was leveraging on his 3G local network; the call itself has a 2 second lag but the quality is good and his voice was clear without much distortion and minimal feedback.
Access 4G LTE WiFi across Japan with this pocket router that connects to the Softbank Network. Of those, PuPuRu is the cheapest as it can be rented for as low as ¥500 per day. The best pocket WiFi in Japan for casual and unlimited data use, for short term stays of 10 days or less, are PuPuRu WiFi and Ninja WiFi.

Keep calm and install the Google Translate app on your phone! I think Ninja WiFi also offers some sort of discount to new customers so you may need to create an account and wait for an e-mail. I hope my question makes sense! Then again, you can also take the risk and take your time to compare the different rentals at the airport to stretch your dollar further. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. We had no issue with connections and were impressed with the speed no matter where we were!
Just visit Kansai International (Osaka) Airport, Terminal 1 and you will be able to start using the Internet as soon as you have landed. I didn’t want to use roaming due to the costs involved for the length of time of my stay. The staff were helpful and friendly and were always very patient with my awful Japanese どうもありがとうございます。 The only tiny negative (and it's not Ninja WiFi's fault) is that I booked it through the site and a day's rental is morning to night NOT morning to next morning. Having unlimited internet is a big advantage as you don’t need to worry about cost and can do whatever you need. Hi Devan, All I needed was to sign out the machine which was tagged with my name and I am ready to go. The batter pack was a very nice additional bonus and we used it daily.

The hotspot made life easy while in Japan. This is extremely useful when I see something that I think someone I know might like or want to have and all I have to do is snap a photo and whatsapp them the image. If you’re planning to do some work on your laptop and you require internet, mobile wifi definitely makes more sense as such usage tend to be very heavy and using a phone as a hot spot ain’t too feasible. Just head there after you completed your long flight, provide them your reservation details, and you are good to go! With Unlimited WiFi data, you'll be able to use Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, watch Youtube videos and more on the go. 何卒宜しくお願いします。, I travelled to Japan last year for the Cherry Blossom festival covering 3 cities which included Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. Required fields are marked *. The speed and coverage is very good. We never had to use the extra one, but for sure you may need the one that comes with the WIFI. Then again, we did not have problems when we were travelling on the Narita Express Service (NEX) which I think was travelling at a speed way faster than the rapid service trains. Place 01: The most inside, nearest to the cold drinks fridge areas of the convenient stores. It can be used anywhere and easy to use with unlimited data. If you plan to get 1 data SIM and share it as a hotspot for others, the battery of your phone will drain up like crazy =/ Most prob your phone will have to be charging on powerbank most of the time (which actually damages your phone’s battery). Obviously if you are using it all day away from a charging point you should take a USB Powerbank as the battery might not get you through the whole day if it's being used constantly but these are so cheap to buy it's hardly an issue. The router has 4G LTE speed and can be used as a portable hotspot that can connect up to 10 devices. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Australia.

With Unlimited WiFi data, you'll be able to use Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, watch Youtube videos and more on the go.

Thank you so much this is gonna be awesome when I travel in Japan! I notice there too are dead zones for data connection (eg. Scroll down for more details!

NINJA WiFi router does a better job in this area. Free yourself from any restraints in Japan with Mobile WiFi router!

Back then, paper maps and guide books were your best friend, but do bear in mind that they can be unreliable at times (There was a new Bus terminal in a small city of Korea and this info was not in the guide book as it was newly opened few months ago. I would recommend using Ninja Wi-Fi to anyone travelling around Japan as I will when I return again. In my current trip, I dropped Facebook and focus on Instagram instead as Instagram has this annoying misfunction which only allows you to tag a location only if you are in that area/country. The unit was at the hotel on my arrival and fully charged. We ran several speed tests and was able to get download of 40 Mbps and upload of 21 Mbps! Thank you to NINJA WiFi for allowing us to catch the Raptors’ historic first NBA championship even while we were on the Shinkansen! Google Maps instructed me to walk out of Yoyogi Park (back-trekking is something I always prefer to avoid), walk along the main road and enter Meiji temple from the main entrance. Then, I chanced upon a sign which says “There are no ways from this park to Meiji Shrine directly.” *face palm*. All I had to do was to speak back to the iPad and he gets to see what I spoke in Jap. For me, I left it on the whole day! Beside Haneda, NINJA WiFi also has airport pickup options for all major airports in Japan, including Narita, Kansai, Naha, and New Chitose. by honeystars | 25th July 2015 19th July 2017. Router has long battery life: Approximate 30 hours per full charge. weeks without a single loss of signal meaning we were able to access all our data throughout the whole trip across Japan, simply perfect, wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone travelling to Japan. No matter what, you definitely will be able to leave the airport with one form of internet access or another. The service lasted the entire two.

NINJA WiFi also has excellent customer services and was able to provide responses very quickly. We picked up our Ninja WiFi at the Haneda airport and have used it quite successfully all over Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara for the past 10 days.

We picked it up at the airport, and dropped it. The unit worked well and never failed me anywhere that I was using it throughout my whole trip. Keep in mind that there were two mobile devices connected, I supposed this is half the whole bandwidth since my cousin and I were sharing the WiFi on two separate devices. There is coverage basically in all areas across Japan, so you can stay connected no matter where you go. We had to follow rather strictly to our plan as any de-tour might prevent us from getting to our destination (especially when the distance traveled is not via the metro). It is usually accurate and sometimes you should just trust it blindly. The call quality is superb and there was almost no lag at all. Returning the portable WiFi was also easy, just return to the counter at the departure hall (details were in the confirmation email as well) and you are done. Hope you enjoy this review of travel tips blog on Mokolate! Return location is also at the same place. While there are trips we take specifically to go off the grid, but most of the travels we take now just cannot do without the need for data connection. ★★★★☆ 6,701 yen.

If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. We stayed mostly in Tokyo during our trip, but we did venture out to Hakone Yuyo Onsen and had no issues with coverage there as well. I’m unsure if you can pick up and return at different airports. For the docomo card which I used, several models like xiaomi is unsupported. Much easier than using SIM cards and Roaming, you can connect your phone, computer, and other devices simultaneously.

That is a mystery that may not be easily solved. Check out NINJA WiFi, where their completely flat rate and completely unlimited pocket WiFi router will get you covered anywhere in Japan! Ninja WiFi offers discounted rates of ¥7,000 (around US$68) flat fee if rented for 11-30 days. As for speed wise, I don’t really feel the difference compared to Ninja wifi, but certainly if you go too far into the shops (shops in Tokyo are like dungeons, I tell ya’) you will still lose some coverage. Pick-up & Return. Looks like this is a free service now so that's even better. more. Take that cost and divide by two, each of us are only paying about SGD5.70 a day for high-speed data WiFi.

(As long as you are relatively close buy you can use all three at the same time which was handy in markets and parks). The only downside is that the gadget runs out of batery pretty quickly I.e.with average use of only Google maps and WhatsApp after half a day you will need to recharge.

Cost: 900 yen + tax per day (about SGD11.40 as at October 2015). You pay more for the peace of mind, I guess.

★★★★★ 187Mbps. Hello, thanks for the great information. Click on my referral link below and receive 20% OFF your entire order!! Therefore you will need one of this magical gadgets you can carry with you and have wifi at all times. Data speed as promise and minimal or no lag in VoIP calls.

It may be slightly more expensive, but nevertheless convenient.

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