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Karachi Halwa is a unique dessert which is famous in Pakistan because of its jelly-like texture.

Gulab Jamun is a traditional Indian delicacy consisting of soft, spongy flour balls soaked in saccharine rose scented syrup, even more delicious when you eat it with ice-cream, cream or kulfi. A confection of condensed milk, flour, sugar, garnished with shreds of coconut, almonds and pistachios, special occasions in the Indian sub-continent are incomplete without Barfi.

Established since 1965, Ambala offers a wide selection of the very finest quality mithai.

KG Mix Mithai Order Today with FREE Shipping & Global Delivery.

Flowers - InterFlora KG Mix Mithai GREETING CARD & FREE SHIPPING, 2 The taste of tradition is preserved delicately in the carefully prepared confections and is superior to our contemporaries, since we make our mithai with pure home-made khoya as it has been traditionally done for hundreds of years in South Asia. AJWAAH SWEETS.

Kah Halwa We use the best available suppliers and do not compromise Send your loved ones Pineapple Barfi on Eid, weddings, engagement, Roza Khushai, Khatm-e-Quran, Hajj, promotion, birth, or just any celebration! Cakes - Holiday Inn

PC Contact us Sweets you cannot resist. UK Now Get Sweets Delivered to Your Loved Ones! Made from milk, khoya and sugar combined in perfect proportion, with a centre of scrumptious pista filling, Pista Rolls make for an irresistible dessert.

Mithai is a yummy sweet loved by everyone, from children to adults, and any celebration is incomplete without it. and the best taste, Keep up the good work, you can be sure you From Reputable Vendor, Price : US $ A delicious delicacy for your loved ones’ celebrations. Canada Only! Made of yoghurt, flour, sugar, milk and dry nuts, it is simply delectable. Shop Mithai Festive Season Order Now.

From Reputable Vendor, Price : US $ From Best Vendors From Reputable Vendor, Price : US $ (Only for Karachi Lahore, Islamabad, Pindi Perfumes


send mithai to pakistan, online store delivery to send mithai in pakistan Send Mithai to Pakistan ... USA Toll Free 1(800)-860-5143 (8 am to 6 pm Cst) UK Office Tel (0208)-002 8796 : Live Chat Help: Same Day Delivery : Order Tracking: Our Suppliers : Marriott / Avari Hotel Cakes: Best regards, (Sarah Rizvi -USA) Combinations, Mithai    (See Supplier list above), Price : US $ From Best Vendors From Best Vendors UK: +44 208 903 8462 Our uncompromising use of only. 30 Rabri is a rich, creamy dessert made to perfection, it will tingle your taste buds for sure.

90 Baklava Mixed Sweets

hear that the flowers were delivered on time, thats was just    Order Mithaai Online Ordering Hotline No. This sweetmeat is a combination of sugar, milk, wheat, desi ghee and loads of chopped almonds, pistachios and cashews. Words such as "delicious", "sumptuous", "lovely", "absolutely wonderful" were used to describe the sweets. Cham Cham is made in many vibrant colours and sizes. Mansoor - USA) A confection of condensed milk, flour, sugar, flavoured with pineapple, garnished with shreds of coconut, almonds and pistachios. Food Special - Food Promos Food Fests - Events Order Now. Free Greeting Card & Delivery, Order Over Cham Cham is a spongy mithai dipped in sugar syrup and garnished with shredded coconut. Confected from shredded carrots, sugar, milk and dry fruits, this sweet dish is irresistible.

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Share it with your beloveds on their happy occasions and join in on their celebrations. Sohan Halwa is a traditional sweet in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Share this treat with your loved ones on a memorable event. OFFICE that the chocolate chip cake your company sent had great packing 42

Free Greeting Card & Delivery, 15 KG Mix Mithai Savour a piece of the all-time favourite sweet, Barfi. Established since 1965, Ambala offers a wide selection of the very finest quality mithai. Rabri is perfect to serve or gift on many occasions.

56 USA: +1 212 671 3019, ARY SAHULAT BAZAR is an online shopping facility of its own kind, offering multiproduct shopping convenience as in any “BAZAR”… [Read More].

Send Mithai to Pakistan - Online Mithai Delivery Service and other Gifts to Pakistan ... USA TOLL FREE (800) 860 5143 UK OFFICE (0203) 868 5052. - KFC & Macdonald 21 send you an appreciation e-mail for the great job  (Farhan Verified Purchase. 43 From Five Star Hotels All Rights Reserved.

I was informed by my mother The delightful Pista Barfi – a silky and nutty sweetmeat, sweet bliss when it touches the tongue. -  FREE .

Rasmalai Copyright 2019 Sahulat Bazar.

Entice yourself with Balu Shahi, a sweet and crispy eastern delicacy made from plain flour and pure butter ghee, coated in sweet syrup and topped with pistachio shreds.

Send your loved ones on Eid, weddings, engagement, Roza Khushai, Khatm-e-Quran, Hajj, promotion, birth, or just any celebration!

As a family owned business with our parrot brand, we guarantee the freshness of homemade food and the symbol of quality, consistency, and excellence nationwide. Free Greeting Card & Delivery, 2 KG Ladoo (See Supplier list above), Price : US $ 19

High Quality Pakistani Sweets & Snacks in Mississauga, Canada & Doha, Qatar. ------------------------------- your website again and would also recommend it to others. Free Greeting Card & Delivery, 6 Experience Sukhadia.

From Best Vendors, Price : US $ Order a batch for yourself or your loved ones and enjoy this delicacy as you celebrate your joy on Eid, weddings, engagement, or any other celebrations. A traditional Asian dessert consisting of crispy puff pastry layers oozing with sweet syrup, and filled with dry nuts and creamy khoya. Free Greeting Card & Delivery, 4 KG Mix

Patisa is a crunchy, delightful sweet eaten in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. From heavenly Halwas and delicious Ladoos to refreshing Rasmalai and exotic Baklawa, the world of mithai offers a truly unique range of rare, mouthwatering tastes and textures to delight the tastebuds. From Best Vendors (0305) 2294585. Free Greeting Card & Delivery, 2 KG Sugar 135 Please get in touch for more information about sending mithai to Pakistan or to order gifts. We proudly accept From Best Vendors Send Mithai to Pakistan from UK, USA, Dubai, Australia, Canada or anywhere in the world. (0203) 868 5052, PAK Items, Flowers 25 Delicious! Special occasions in the Indian sub-continent summon seem incomplete without mithai, especially Barfi.

From Best Vendors Our uncompromising use of only premium quality ingredients remains the secret of Ambala's unrivalled quality and taste. efficient and professionally-handled experience in having my (See Supplier list above), 1 KG Gajjar 860 5143 Quality you cannot ignore. Made from powdered milk, sugar, butter, ghee and cocoa powder or chocolate, these chocolate barfis are bound to make your loved ones’ day even more special.

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