peggy lee ain't we got fun

Still we have fun Yet George Orwell highlights the lyrics of "Ain't We Got Fun" as an example of working class unrest: All through the war and for a little time afterwards there had been high wages and abundant employment; things were now returning to something worse than normal, and naturally the working class resisted. The instrumental tune is heard at a party during a sequence set in the 1920s in the 1942 biopic, British emo/post-hardcore band Baby Harp Seal's song "Eric Arthur Blair" incorporates lyrics from "Ain't We Got Fun?" There was a turbulent feeling in the air. Moreover, they had been at war and were coming home with a soldier's attitude to life, which is fundamentally, in spite of discipline, a lawless attitude. Truncated phrases like not much money are the verbal equivalent of syncopated musical fragments. [10][16] It also appears in Dorothy Parker's 1929 short story, "Big Blonde. and its jaunty response to poverty and its promise of fun ("Every morning / Every evening," and "In the meantime, / In between time") have become symbolic of the Roaring Twenties, and it appears in some of the major literature of the decade, including The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and in Dorothy Parker's award-winning short story of 1929, "Big Blonde." We'll stay as we are The topic was, of course, the economy. Don't we have fun? Not much money, oh, but honey Every morning, every evening Ain't we got fun? [9], However, others concentrate on the fun that they got. Peggy singing Ain't We Got Fun as they went to commercial and as they returned. Ain't we got fun? It premièred in the Fanchon and Marco show Satires of 1920, where it was sung by Arthur West, then entered the vaudeville repertoire of Ruth Roye. It appears in the film adaptation of the novel from 1974, "Ain't We Got Fun?" [1] The melody uses mainly quarter notes, and has an unsyncopated refrain made up largely of variations on a repeated four-note phrase. Watch the video for Ain't We Got Fun from Peggy Lee's Things are Swingin'/Jump for Joy for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. There's nothing surer [2][3][4] The Tin Pan Alley Song Encyclopedia describes it as a "Roaring Twenties favourite" and praises its vibrancy, "zesty music," and comic lyrics.[5]. It was used as a late 1970s commercial jingle for Little Friskies Cat Food. The song was used and covered by actors in the independent film "Suffering Cassandra ". The men who had fought had been lured into the army by gaudy promises, and they were coming home to a world where there were no jobs and not even any houses. The song also contains variations on the phrase "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" (substituting, e.g., "children" for "poorer"); though this phrase predates the song, its use increased with the song's popularity. RAYMOND B EGAN, GUS KAHN, RICHARD A WHITING, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Peermusic Publishing. [15] Woody Allen used the song in his 1983 film Zelig. Nicholas E. Tawa summarizes the refrain "Ain't we got fun" as a "satirical and jaunty rejoinder" toward hard times. Even if we owe the grocer Preview Add correction. For example, American History in Song[7] quotes the lyrics: The sheet music published in 1921 by Jerome K. Remick and Co. leaves this chorus out completely,[13] whereas a recording for Edison Records by Billy Jones keeps the reference to the Pierce Arrow, but then continues as in the sheet music: "There's nothing surer / The rich get rich and the poor get laid off / In the meantime,/ In between time/ Ain't we got fun?"[14].

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