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Oktober 2020 um 20:28 Uhr bearbeitet. Baker Hughes wird im Aktienindex S&P 500 geführt. High-performance gearing and gear coupling solutions and services to solve the most complex power transmission challenges. The Subsea Connect business model helps our customers accelerate time to production, maximize recovery over the life of the field and reduce their total expenditures (TOTEX). Providing ultra-high energy efficiency for cryogenic and waste-to-value applications. Leverage precise geological models to optimize your asset development—from one well to the full field. April 2016 darauf, dass jeder eigenständig bleibt. Get the weekly and monthly summaries here, or find more details on our Rig Count site. "For us, the role of technology is to drive progress. Der Preis soll etwa 35 Milliarden Dollar (etwa 28 Milliarden Euro) betragen. Working together with our customers, we believe technology can help make energy cleaner, safer, and more efficient. A proven range of single and multistage, horizontally and radially split designs for long-term reliability in harsh conditions. Smart solutions to help industry operate safely, securely, and efficiently while reducing costs. November 2014 wurde bekannt, dass Halliburton den kleineren Rivalen Baker Hughes übernehmen will. ", Intelligent completion systems & flow assurance, Integrated Intervention and Production Enhancement Solutions, Terminals, Blending, and Transportation Services, Pipeline Maintenance Services & Decommissioning, ICL Zero-Emissions Integrated Compressors, BB2 DVSHF/THF/DS-THF Radially Split Pumps, BB3 MSN/MSND Multistage Axially Split Pumps, BB5 DDHFM Radially Split Multistage Pumps, Dedicated to sound environmental practices, Policy advocacy and engaging with governments. Die Hughes Tool Company geht aus der 1909 von Walter B. 15 Filed. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 12. Beat the day-versus-depth curve with reliable technology. [5], Ende Oktober 2016 gab Baker Hughes bekannt, das Unternehmen mit der Öl- und Gassparte von General Electric zusammenzulegen. Baker Hughes Company is an American international industrial service company and one of the world's largest oil field services companies. Press Release. Flexible solutions for high reliability and endurance. Extensive and training solutions to develop talent and improve expertise to reduce risks and increase productivity. Press Release. Rwd In Folge weiterer Umstrukturierungen gab GE jedoch wenige Jahre später die Mehrheit wieder ab. 8 (6-Yr) Accepted & Sec. At Baker Hughes, we value leadership, loyalty, integrity, and commitment to excellence that military service and experience can bring. Baker Hughes ist in folgende Segmente aufgeteilt: Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht hinreichend mit, Unternehmensportrait im Hamburger Abendblatt,, vom 17. Baker Hughes initiated the monthly international rig count in 1975. Together with our customers, we are accelerating the pace of change for the industry. Check out our Careers site to learn more about how you can be a part of the team. Baker Hughes ist eine der führenden Erdöl-Service-Gesellschaften der Welt. Our portfolio of technology, equipment and services solves customer challenges in energy and industrial applications. Our culture promotes and encourages employees to act with integrity, responsibility, and compliance every day. Oct 28, 2020. Baker Hughes has said it remains “intensely focussed" on improving its "margin and return profile" as it stayed deep in the red in the third quarter. Build greater safety, efficiency, and reliability into your process operations. Proven modular designs with the flexibility to meet operating challenges across the oil and gas, and power generation industries. Trademark officially registered with the USPTO, Registered - Sec. The companies and people profiled on Corporation Wiki are displayed for research purposes only and do not imply an endorsement from or for the profiled companies and people. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the business data on this site, its use, or its interpretation. was registered on Tuesday, August 1, 1989 and is currently owned by Baker Hughes Incorporated, The last case file activity for this mark occured 10 years ago on Sunday, March 7, 2010, according to the, View all trademarks for Baker Hughes Incorporated, View all trademarks for Eastman Teleco Company. by Allister Thomas 21/10/2020, 2:29 pm Industry-leading gas turbine technologies for mechanical drive and power generation (50/60 Hz). 8 (6-Yr) & Sec. Größere Niederlassungen befinden sich in Aberdeen (UK), Singapur, Dubai (VAE), Celle (Deutschland) und Lafayette (USA). The North American rig count is released weekly at noon Central Time on the last day of the work week. Rwd was registered on Tuesday, August 1, 1989 and is currently owned by Baker Hughes Incorporated under the registration number 1550591 . Registered - Sec. We are committed to operating with sound environmental practices to protect the planet. November 2014: Halliburton will Baker Hughes schlucken,, Mineralölunternehmen (Vereinigte Staaten), Wikipedia:Defekte Weblinks/Ungeprüfte Archivlinks 2019-05, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, 1987 (durch Fusion), 2017 Übernahme durch. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of people and the environment. Baker Hughes ist eine der führenden Erdöl-Service-Gesellschaften der Welt.Die Gesellschaft entstand 1987 aus einer Fusion von Baker International Corporation und der Hughes Tool Company.Der Hauptsitz der Gesellschaft ist in Houston/Texas ().Größere Niederlassungen befinden sich in Aberdeen (), Singapur, Dubai (), Celle (Deutschland) und Lafayette (). The Baker Hughes Foundation Contributes $50,000 to Houston’s Emancipation Park Conservancy. Der Hauptsitz der Gesellschaft ist in Houston/Texas (USA). Baker Hughes has issued the rotary rig counts as a service to the petroleum industry since 1944, when Baker Hughes Tool Company began weekly counts of U.S. and Canadian drilling activity. The last case file activity for this mark occured 10 years ago on Sunday, March 7, 2010, according to the United State Patent & Trademark Office Reduce the time and cost of interventions, from well construction to abandonment. Baker Hughes is organized in Delaware and headquartered in Houston. Schlussendlich einigten sich die Vorstände von Baker Hughes und Halliburton am 30. 8 (10-Yr)/expired Section 9. Diese beiden Unternehmen fusionierten 1987 zu Baker Hughes Incorporated. Baker Hughes Signs Agreement to Acquire Compact Carbon Capture Technology to Advance Industrial Decarbonization. Sharp und Howard Robard Hughes Sr. gegründeten Sharp-Hughes Tool Company hervor. Halliburton musste eine Summe von 3,5 Milliarden Schadensersatz an Baker Hughes zahlen. We issue the North America and International rig counts as a service to the industry. Baker Hughes Declares Quarterly Dividend. Rely on experienced teams and proven technology in critical operations. Safe operations, reduced downtime and maximum throughput. Optimize your well operations with proven, comprehensive project management service and support. People are the key to achieving our vision of a cleaner energy future for everyone. 15 Ack. Die Gesellschaft entstand 1987 aus einer Fusion von Baker International Corporation und der Hughes Tool Company. Everyday. Comply with all applicable Company policies and applicable laws, and not permit, authorize or allow any unauthorized third parties access to the system. … We are taking energy forward - making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and for the planet. [3], Am 17. Comprehensive capabilities ensuring the highest availability, reliability, and efficiency for the entire life of your equipment. Oct 29, 2020. By accessing the information system you agree to use the system for Company business purposes only. Bereits in der Woche davor wurden Gespräche über eine Fusion bekannt gegeben. Data inaccuracies may exist. Cancelled Sec. From natural gas to energy storage, our technologies and expertise help you meet your carbon emission reduction targets. Erhalten Sie alle Baker Hughes: Zahl der aktiven Ölbohrungen -Ergebnisse in Echtzeit und sehen Sie die unmittelbaren globalen Marktauswirkungen. Im Juli 2020 wurde bekannt, dass GE sich über die folgenden drei Jahre von sämtlichen Anteilen trennen wird. View all trademarks for Teleco Oilfield Services, Inc. With operations in over 120 countries, we are developing and deploying technology to take energy and industry forward. Enterprise-scale AI to make energy operations safer, cleaner and more efficient. We believe there is no better place than Baker Hughes, to make the transition into the civilian sector and progress your career.

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