simple udon recipe

The first thing you want to do is weight out your flour, water, and salt. "This is a great recipe to make any time," says Kristen Wolfinbarger. Udon is the ultimate comfort noodle: pleasantly toothsome and plump. You probably need to visit a Japanese grocery store to get the correct type. If you give this recipe a try, let us know! Drizzle this sauce in the large pan and stir until all the vegetables and meat are fully covered in the sauce. The instructions are easy to follow and you can have udon at any time. Pour the chopped vegetables in the pan. This gives the noodles it’s unique texture, and why I recommend kneading the dough 150-200 times. You want to use the palm of your hand and your body’s weight to press the dough out. The recipe calls for very basic ingredients and doesn’t require a wok. Don’t use udon noodles from Asian markets. Yaki udon has a soy sauce base that is glazed over the noodles, vegetables, and meat. Dust the dough with starch again, and roll it onto the pin starting from the straight edge. "It's fast, easy, nutritious, and affordable," says recipe creator prochef@home. With minimum cooking, this is perfect for a summer night," says recipe creator NumNum. Stir occasionally. To boil the Udon, heat a large pot of water to a boil. Rolling the dough a few times in this direction helps even out any thick spots. What’s great about this recipe is that you can customize this sauce based on your preference–some variants might include sesame oil or rice vinegar to give the sauce a different twist. Cook for about 30 seconds until it is fragrant, but before it begins to brown. Generously dust the dough with starch and fold it a few times like you’re making a fan, but stagger the folds, so no two folds are directly on top of each other. If you still want to use a pasta-making machine, check out this. says chpmnk42. For chilled Udon, the noodles are typically served with mentsuyu and various condiments, which can include nori, scallions, shiso, ginger, or wasabi. Added some chicken, carrots, bean sprouts, and green beans, and it reminded me of the Thai chicken from The Cheesecake Factory," says VIRGINIA ADDIS. 3. It is very important to use fresh udon noodles. This is done by drizzling the brine into the flour in 3-4 additions and then whisking the flour with your fingers. Due to variations in sizes in measuring cups (I go into more detail on this in my video), I highly recommend using a scale to measure everything. Add in about two teaspoons of salt and stir to dissolve. Mix with your hands until the dough starts to come together. This easy noodle dish is inspired by yaki udon, Japanese stir-fried noodles. It is quite the opposite. Turn the dough 90 degrees and repeat step 7. Kristen Wolfinbarger, Credit: Remove from the water and place in a bowl until you’re ready to stir fry the noodles. Your email address will not be published. Unlike sliced chicken or beef, which usually requires high heat and a brief cooking time to yield the best result. For serving suggestions, check the headnotes above. Please note, the noodles will come out quite narrow and flat, and it won’t look like the dish shown in the pictures here. I’ve seen instances of people using kombu, Worcestershire sauce, and more. It’s actually a Japanese way to serve rice and noodle dishes, and I think it’s genius. Along with Hiyamugi and Somen, Udon is one of three traditional wheat-based Japanese noodles. You can also subscribe without commenting. After the noodles are done, soak them in ice. These days, you can find yaki udon in many Japanese restaurants (I like Honda Ya and Taiko nearby). Then you can fold the dough back over itself before repeating the process 150-200 times. Use precooked soft udon noodles for ease; or cook dry noodles before you start. No, udon is made with wheat flour, and the gluten in the flour gives them their unique bouncy texture. Required fields are marked *. Cook for around 10-15 minutes. We enjoy your blog and have learned so much about Chinese cooking through your recipes. "Excellent, quick recipe! Dust your work surface with some flour. A Beginner's Guide to This Japanese Comfort Food. Remove the cooked noodles and dunk straight into an ice cold water bath for a minute to stop the cooking process. Since moving to New York a few months back, I’ve been sticking to making very simple dishes due to my limited kitchen space. John Ryle, Credit: Macedonian Food- 50 Amazing Delicious Macedonian Dishes That You Have To Try, 77 Weird Exotic Fruits You Didn’t Know About. And that is the magical ingredient in this recipe to make your fried udon taste like a cheese burger. Traditionally, the dough is kneaded with feet because the dough is quite hard to knead just with your hands but if you don’t mind putting in some extra effort, you can easily prepare this udon noodle recipe by using your hands. Traditional Japanese udon usually utilizes mentsuyu, a mild broth that is made from dried fish and seaweed to add a taste of the sea. Marc Matsumoto Private Chef, TV host, & food consultant Hire Me, Love Our Recipes? I also added a small spoon of doubanjiang (the 3-year fermented type from The Mala Market), which adds an extra dimension of umami and a tiny hint of spiciness to the dish. The benefits of this pan are: The downside is, it is still quite heavy to handle and it does require more oil to prevent sticking. You can even make more than two servings of udon noodles and freeze the rest for a future meal. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Donate. "Sweet with a touch of heat and very light. "This delicious stir-fry is similar to yakisoba, but is made with thick, white udon noodles and tossed with a much simpler sauce," says Diana71. It’s quite nonstick once you season it well. Well, that was a pretty fascinating read, not going to lie. Add 250ml cold water and the See more 15-minute healthy meals recipes (22). Heat 1 Tbsp. If you’re cooking the noodles for soup, cook the noodles and the broth separately because too much starch will be released during the preparation. After the dough has had a chance to rest, give it a generous dusting of starch and press it out into a thick disk. Dust off any excess starch and add the noodles to the boiling water. What makes yaki udon a great dish is because it’s so versatile and it also helps that you can add different types of vegetables as add-ins–aka this is a good recipe for cleaning out your fridge of all the little bits of veggies or meat you need to use up. Welcome to my site about modern Chinese cooking, Asian inspired dishes, and classic recipes cooked in my small New York Kitchen. "So comforting, you won't even know this was low-fat! 1/2 Teaspoon of Vinegar (preferably rice wine vinegar). 15. If you let the cut noodles sit too long after they’re sliced, they can stick back together again, so I usually do this in batches and separate the udon I’ve cut by applying more starch to them and curling them into nests. It’s a heavy-duty pan that sears food well, but it’s lighter than a cast iron pan. This prevents the dough from getting flattened too much where the folds are. Variations include Inaniwa Udon, which is hand-pulled, and Hōtō, which are cut into very wide strips. If you purchased premade frozen or fresh udon from the store, follow the cooking instructions on the bag to prepare your udon noodles. Place the ball of dough in a bowl and cover it to keep the dough from drying out. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to give this recipe a review if you found it helpful. Cook until the meat is lightly browned. If using dried noodles, follow the instructions on the package. The sauce is fragrant and savory with a sweet note. My recipe was inspired by that yaki udon version, only I replaced the mirin with Japanese sake and sugar to mimic the taste of mirin. Mix the sauce ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. Udon noodles make up the bulk of this recipe. Cut the spinach into 2-inch pieces; the leeks into 1-inch diagonal slices; and the chicken breast into 4 equal slices. squirrelgirl22, Credit: All rights reserved. In this article, we’ll show you how to prepare this delicious Japanese culinary masterpiece. The best part of this recipe (besides it is so delicious!!!) If you enjoy lo mein, you’re going to want to try one of Japan’s most popular dishes–yaki udon. It doesn’t have a chemical coating (like a nonstick pan) that might rub off into your food. Stir in the cooked udon noodles and cook for another minute so that the noodles can warm up. I'm here to help, so leave a comment with any questions! Traditionally in Japan, many restaurants add thinly sliced pork belly, but you can also add any meat or seafood you have on hand, like ground meat or chicken. This easy noodle dish is a simple take on yaki udon, Japanese stir-fried noodles. The ingredients are so common that you can find them at any grocery store. Required fields are marked *. 2. If you want to make a traditional Japanese yaki udon, you need to look somewhere else. "Top with cooked eggs and shredded nori if you like. If you like experimenting with food, you should definitely experiment with color, especially if you have kids. I really love the fact that you don’t need to boil another pot of water to cook the noodles, since I just have one gas burner to work with. Cook and break it apart using your spatula. But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I use a lot of bok choy, carrots, and mushrooms that have health benefits like vitamin E and A and antioxidants. "This is very close to the nabeyaki udon my grandma used to make," says MrsSalty. I prefer the written page. When the Udon dough is ready, it should be extremely bouncy and elastic. What are some of your favorite tricks for cooking udon noodles? Versatility in the kitchen is essential to happiness! I will halve the recipe when I'm only cooking for myself or double it when I am cooking for my whole family because it converts easily.". Knead the dough 150-200 times or until the dough becomes extremely elastic and resilient. You might think that making these ultra-thick noodles requires a lot of work and ingredients but that’s actually not true.

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