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The pitch deck gives brands an idea of what kind of performance they can expect from campaigns on the app. Like we did for the Snapchat pitch deck redesign, use a variety of slide templates like timeline, hub and spoke, image grids, and more.

Pitch Deck is responsive, engaging and flexible and the final output met/exceeded in parts with our expectation ", “One to one focus, a dedicated Industry expert from Pitch Deck worked with our company to provide the best solution. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

It is now valued at $16 billion. “It’s something senior-level marketers are aware of and wary of.”. However, this was already explained in the previous slide making this slide redundant. Lindsay Rittenhouse The text under the Philosophy heading, though well-written, is too long and does not add more information to what is already found in the slide.

This likely gave rise to the need for this pitch deck, specifically for businesses, that emphasizes the branding potential of the app. From advice on the elements of virality on social to examples of brands who have done it well, the deck has a little bit of everything—even a cameo by George Clooney.

Please leave thoughts in the comments below. Brands seem to be OK with that position, for now.

An NBA executive tweeted support for the protesters in Hong Kong fighting the Chinese government, and now the league is getting blocked in China. Other videos featured a rubber ducky and a goldfish performing the song.

This entire slide can be taken out or merged with another slide dedicated to the features.

No design skills?

Host a productive and engaging company-wide meeting using an all hands meeting template. TikTok is very much entangled in politics, no matter how much the app tries to avoid sensitive subjects. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app beloved by millennials. Rather, it is a presentation for other companies to learn more about the many ways they can build their brands through the app.

At this point, the deck looks like an instruction manual. So, we redesigned the Snapchat pitch deck in and we think it is more in line with the personality of the brand. It recommends snapping promotion codes, exclusive announcements, celebrity takeovers, and teasers. The deck says 500 million of the 800 million monthly active users worldwide are in China. Moreover, Chat and Here are features that businesses are least likely to use. It should be on our radar more.”, “This is a Chinese company collecting a great deal of information on young people around the world,” says another ad agency executive, who also spoke on condition of anonymity. My favorite slide: 3. However, it does have issues regarding wordy texts, superfluous information and lack of consideration for the business audience.

And a recent job posting on LinkedIn shows that TikTok wants help shaping the brand for American audiences; the company is in the market for a brand strategist.

Following the airing of a new episode that poked fun at Chinese censorship, adult animated series “South Park” also was recently banned in the Communist country.

Singing gummy bears? Though brief, the text is still too long for a pitch deck.

In this article, we explore the financial model template that we used to get our startup to profitability.

Try the sales plan template.

Of the 30 million-plus U.S. users, however, the company gives a sense of how often they use the app. Doing so might even make it look more complicated than it actually is. This slide can be taken out without losing any information vital to the audience. “It’s not something we’ve been concerned about,” says one ad executive who works closely with TikTok but spoke on condition of anonymity. About 10 to 20 slides should be enough to hit all the key points. Visual aids make slides memorable and draw notice from your audience to important components. “Never mind, I’ll find … “ The camera holds a close up on the candy performer before it pans out to the audience, revealing a sea of gummy bears. So brands are lining up to work with TikTok: Guess Jeans linked with it last year with the hashtag challenge “in my denim” that invited people to show off their jeans in videos. However, since … TikTok is positioning itself as a platform for creators, a place where advertisers can piggyback on the fanbase of popular users like they do on Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat, says Gil Eyal, CEO of HYPR, an influencer marketing platform.

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