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Carbonated water (also known as club soda or soda water) gets its carbonation artificially from the process of adding carbon dioxide gases to produce carbonic acid. Club soda, seltzer, sparkling, and tonic water contain very few nutrients. 10 Environmentally-Friendly Business Tips, 5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly, Five Reasons Your Restaurant Should Consider Investing in a Commercial Filtered Water System, Trend Watch: Campus Sparkling Water Stations, NYC H2O: Even the World’s Best Water Can Use a Filtered Water System, America’s Obsession with Hard Seltzers Shows no Signs of Slowing Down, 4 Ways a Natura Sparkling Water System Can Revolutionize Beverage Service in your Office, How Investing in a Commercial Filtered Water Machine Can Affect Your Restaurant’s Brand, Flowers, Coffee, and Skincare: New Trends in Sparkling Water. You may have heard that carbonated water and sparkling water are one in the same. Both still and sparkling waters have many benefits on the human body, including weight loss. This bubbly water is pure and simple. Research shows that the bubbles in sparkling water take up space in your stomach so you feel less hungry and would consume less calories than normal. Roughly 20% of our daily H2O intake comes from solid foods, especially fruits and vegetables. That's because carbonation may cause bloating during physical activity and can prevent an athlete from drinking enough. Sparkling Alcoholic Drinks for Your 4th of July Cocktail Menu, Commercial Carbonated Water Machines: 3 Creative Uses for Restaurants, Water Conservation Tips: How Businesses Can Save Water. The Water Cooler Company is the trusted name for water coolers in the UK, and offers a broad range of still and carbonated drinking fountains and water coolers for rent in your office or home. Tonic Water: What’s the Difference? However, it has been known to cause bloating in people with sensitive stomachs such as IBS sufferers. These cookies are used for performance and This has raised many concerns around the health benefits of sparkling water leading to myths that just won’t seem to fade. 4 Big Health Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water, Best Water Filtration Systems for Businesses: A Buying Guide, Eco-Friendly Restaurant Ideas: 5 Ways to Go Green. This comes directly from the source of mineral springs, and its effervescence is a result of naturally-occurring gases. Sparkling water will leach calcium from your bones. Filtered Water vs. Purified Water: What’s the Difference? Sparkling Water vs. Seltzer vs. Club Soda vs. 5 Sparkling Cocktail Trends & Craft Drinks for 2018. Commercial water filters are designed to work with treated water that comes out of your business’s taps. That can seem like a daunting task on some days, but here's the catch: You don't have to drink all that water. Mineral Water: What's the Difference? "We know that most of the gas comes out of solution in the stomach." Popularity aside, this hidden gem delivered! According to the old rule of thumb, you're supposed to drink eight glasses of water per day (and some experts recommend even more). Sparkling mineral water typically has a slight, mineral-y taste. Pure water has no taste, and is thus very boring. This procedure makes the water bubbly and it gives it a slightly saltier taste. In addition to its bubbles, you will also find salts in carbonated water which can come in the form of sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, potassium salts, plain table salt or a mixture of these elements. Water Quality Testing: Why It’s Important to Test Water in Your Restaurant. Filtered Sparkling Water Systems Offer Better-Tasting, Healthier Water. But if you want to know why, enjoy this cool, refreshing glass of explanation. Sparkling Water. Water Filtration Systems vs. Water Softeners: What's the Difference? The fizzy composition of sparkling water will naturally cause you to burp, and is a healthier alternative to medical antacids. Follow CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. - Infographic, Sparkling Non-Alcoholic St. Patrick's Day Drinks & Green Mocktails for Pubs, How to Keep Your Restaurant Operating Safely During a Boil Water Advisory, 7 Surprising Dehydration Statistics and Facts - Infographic, Earth Day Ideas for Businesses: 5 Simple Tips to Celebrate Earth Day in the Office. After just one taste, your customers will never ask for “soda water” again! 6 Common Questions About Commercial Water Filtration Systems, 4 Healthy Benefits of Water Filtration Systems for College Campuses, How to Remove Chlorine from Your Restaurant Tap Water. Drink Recipe: Celebrate the Spooky Season with Clemenstein’s Monster, Fizzy Drinks and Sparkling Mocktails are Having a Moment. "Some people find having the bubbles or a flavor help them drink more, while others feel full and bloated and may drink less with carbonated waters.". Luckily our water experts at the Water Cooler Company are here to bust any myths and misconceptions you might have had. Millennials Love Sparkling Water. Water is known to increase energy, promote weight loss, flush out toxins, improve skin complexion and boost the immune system. By sending us your details you agree to our. Is sparkling water as healthy as regular water? The “sparkle” in sparkling water can either occur naturally, or it can be made artificially using a sparkling water system. Potassium has been less well-studied than sodium, but there is some evidence that it can also help promote water retention in the body, according to Maughan. Eco-Friendly Hotel Ideas You Need to Implement Now, Sparkling Summer Mocktails & Non-Alcoholic Spritzers to Refresh Summertime Menus, Water Dispensers for the Office: Benefits for Employees. In terms of flavor, this sparkling water walked the line between subtlety and in … So athletes who sweat a lot might be better off drinking lightly sweetened beverages or drinks with electrolytes -- but not necessarily carbonated beverages. Gyms reopen on July 25, how will members stay hydrated safely? When carbon dioxide gets infused in your water, little bubbles, called carbonation, form. Sparkling water gets its fizz by adding pressurised carbon dioxide gas to regular, still water. The acids and sugars in soft drinks are known to have acidogenic and carcinogenic properties than can lead to enamel erosion. But whether a beverage is carbonated has little effect on how well it keeps you hydrated, according to Ronald Maughan, a professor at the School of Medicine at St. Andrews University in Scotland and author of a recent study comparing the, "The presence of carbonation has little effect on the body's response to ingested water," Maughan said. Seltzer Water vs. How safe is it to drink from a public water fountain? Four Ways a Water Filtration System Can Save and Make You Money, Three-Step Water Filters vs. Five-Step Water Filters. advertising purposes. Salt that is added to soda water is meant to give it a better, lighter taste, all while neutralizing acidity. Five Ways a Water Dispensing System can Save Your Business Money in 2020. Other factors of carbonated drinks, aside from carbonation, can affect hydration. How a Commercial Filtered Water System Can Enhance Your Patrons’ Dining Experience, 5 Big Benefits of a Filtered Water Dispenser in Your Office. For example, waters with sugar, other nutrients or electrolytes are more hydrating than plain water or plain carbonated water. Lisa Drayer is a nutritionist, an author and a CNN health and nutrition contributor. (CNN)Good news: Sparkling water (including the flavored kind), which often helps with the taste fatigue some people experience with plain water, is just as hydrating as non-carbonated water. Sparkling Water is Delicious … But Is It Eco-Friendly? Sparkling water is just as hydrating as non-carbonated water, but you may want to skip it during your next workout anyway. Go Green With Eco-Friendly Water Filtration Machines In Your Office! The Office Water Cooler in a Post-COVID World, Back to school? Dec 21st - Jan 2nd : Please allow for extended delivery times during this period. Carbonated Water Systems for Restaurants: Which Should You Choose? Tonic Water. Read the labels. The two most common types of pure sparkling water are: - Sparkling mineral water. 4 Healthy Sparkling Water Recipes You Will Want to Drink Daily, How to Go Green in Your Office This Spring, Common Myths About Sparkling Water, Debunked, 4 Coffee Drink Trends Your Customers Are Craving Now. OSHA Drinking Water Requirements: Are You Providing Safe Drinking Water? Is Your Heathy Lifestyle Hurting The Earth? E. coli in Drinking Water: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know - Infographic, Coffee Soda: The Essential Specialty Coffee Drink for Summer 2018. However, carbonation may affect how much water is actually consumed. 102 W. Main Street, #78, New Albany, OH 43054  |  Sales & Service Phone: Should There Be a Pigovian Tax on the Bottled Water Industry? So while plain sparkling water is still safe on teeth, flavoured sparkling water often has a high sugar content as well as other acids to make it extra fizzy. Carbonated, or sparkling water, has less of a hydrating effect than the same volume of regular water, but because of the texture and taste of sparkling water, you will probably end up drinking a higher volume of sparkling water than you would regular water, doubling the health benefits of your daily water intake. If that's all you needed to know, you can stop reading. Below is a comparison of the nutrients in 12 ounces (355 mL) of all four beverages (5, 6, 7, 8). Before we go any further, let’s break down the differences between sparkling water, seltzer, club soda and tonic water. Its best to avoid these types of sparkling water’s which will corrode your teeth and rather flavour sparkling water naturally with fresh fruits or mint and cucumber! Does a Commercial Water Dispenser Purify Water? Research has found that although sparkling water is slightly more acidic than regular water, it does not leech calcium from bones. Sparkling Fall Cocktails & Mocktails for Your Autumn Drink Menu, 5 Ways to Boost Beverage Sales in Your Restaurant, How Restaurant Water Filtration Systems Increase Beverage Sales. In this case, it may be flavored with fruit “essence” and oils. "Adding large amounts carbohydrates or fat [such as natural sugars in orange juice or the fat in milk] will slow gastric emptying," Maughan said. Filtered sparkling water systems and dispensers found in offices, restaurants, hotels, and resorts typically use this method to ensure the water they are offering to patrons, staff, and guests is clean and fresh. We also share information about your use of our site with our marketing, and analytics As a business owner or manager, it’s important for you to understand the difference between carbonated water and sparkling water before you start buying into this fun and fizzy beverage trend. Additionally, sodium (aka salt) in beverages acts like a sponge to hold water in the body. Sparkling water can only be found bottled, although it can run through special taps or be done at home with soda siphons. Many people understand that sweetened fizzy drinks can cause low bone mineral density and have associated this with plain sparkling water. Workplace Wellness: 5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water at Work. Carbonated Water vs. Sparkling Water: What's the Difference? Sparkling water contains carbon dioxide, either naturally or added, which provides the carbonation, explained Melissa Majumdar, a registered dietitian, personal trainer and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Sparkling Water Machines: How Do They Work? Our sparkling water experts were pretty astonished when they found out this lesser-known brand took the crown. Find out more about how to get your own Natura Water System. teams. In this case, it may be flavored with fruit “essence” and oils. Sparkling Water vs. Coconut Water vs. Sparkling water is just as hydrating as non-carbonated water… See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter. Do Restaurants Have a Responsibility to Provide Filtered Water? Contact us today to find out more about our rental coolers – call 0330 123 3309 or visit, Last orders before Christmas: Midday Friday 21st

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