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The left colic vein assists the body by draining old blood from the intestines. In some people, it originates from the left or right hepatic…, The ascending colon (or right colon) is the beginning part of the colon. The connection between spleen (the organ) and melancholy (the temperament) comes from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks. must I stand and crouch The spleen is unique in respect to its development within the gut. But you’ll need to take extra precautions to prevent infections. In English the word spleen was customary during the period of the 18th century. As a part of the mononuclear phagocyte system, it metabolizes hemoglobin removed from senescent red blood cells (erythrocytes). Here's what you need to know about spleen cancer, including causes, symptoms, treatment options, and more. Authors like Richard Blackmore or George Cheyne employed it to characterise the hypochondriacal and hysterical affections. In particular, there is an increased risk of sepsis from polysaccharide encapsulated bacteria. If the damage is extensive, you might need surgery to remove your spleen. কোন বিশেষ জন্মগত ত্রুটি নেই; ২. Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data, Years ago, we would have operated to repair or remove the, আগে পর্যন্ত এইরকম অবস্থায় আমাদেরকে হয়তো প্লীহার অপারেশন করতে হতো অথবা কেটে বাদ, Sapuri and Klufio indicate that conservative treatment is also possible if the following criteria are met: 1. there are no major congenital malformations; 2. the fetus is alive; 3. there is continuous hospitalization in a well-equipped and well-staffed maternity unit which has immediate blood transfusion facilities; 4. there is careful monitoring of, being; and 5. placental implantation is in the lower abdomen away from the liver and, সাপুরি এবং ক্লুফিও দেখিয়েছেন, নিম্নলিখিত মানদণ্ডগুলি পূরণ করা গেলে রক্ষণশীল চিকিৎসাও সম্ভব: ১. The spleen is an organ found in virtually all vertebrates. Learn about the spleen, its functions in the body, and potential problems it can have. spleen translation in English-Bangla dictionary. These veins are tributaries of the inferior mesenteric vein…, The small intestine is made up of the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum. As your spleen grows larger, it filters normal red blood cells as well as abnormal ones, reducing the number of healthy cells in your bloodstream. An enlarged spleen may not cause symptoms at first. By Jessie Szalay - Live Science Contributor 04 April 2018. Yes, you can live without your spleen. Basic work-up for acute splenomegaly includes a complete blood count with differential, platelet count, and reticulocyte and atypical lymphocyte counts to exclude hemolytic anemia and leukemia. [4], Transverse section of the spleen, showing the trabecular tissue and the splenic vein and its tributaries, Internal organ in most vertebrate animals, The human spleen is located in the upper left, Robertson's Word Pictures of the New Testament, commentary on 1 Peter 3:8, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Identification of splenic reservoir monocytes and their deployment to inflammatory sites", "Immunology. [12], The germinal centers are supplied by arterioles called penicilliary radicles.[13]. Both the short gastric arteries and the splenic artery supply it with blood. [35], In cartilaginous and ray-finned fish, it consists primarily of red pulp and is normally somewhat elongated, as it lies inside the serosal lining of the intestine. [7], In humans the spleen is purple in color and is in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen.[3][8]. In German the meaning of "spleen" changed in the mid 19th century from "being melancholy" to "being eccentric". Similarly, the English term "splenetic" describes a person in a foul mood. These monocytes, upon moving to injured tissue (such as the heart after myocardial infarction), turn into dendritic cells and macrophages while promoting tissue healing. Traumas, such as a road traffic collision, can cause rupture of the spleen, which is a situation requiring immediate medical attention. The most common cause of acute splenomegaly in children is viral infection, which is transient and usually moderate. The spleen is innervated by the splenic plexus, which connects a branch of the celiac ganglia to the vagus nerve. One of the humours (body fluid) was the black bile, secreted by the spleen organ and associated with melancholy. (anatomy, immunology) In vertebrates, including humans, a ductless vascular gland, located in the left upper abdomen near the stomach, which destroys old red blood cells, removes debris from the bloodstream, acts as a reservoir of blood, and produces lymphocytes. The spleen plays an important role in your immune system response. Eventually, it can become painful. bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections such as syphilis, blood cancers such as Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia, and lymphoma, metabolic disorders like Gaucher’s disease and Niemann-Pick disease, a blood clot in a vein of the spleen or liver. It does this by breaking down and removing cells that are abnormal, old, or damaged. The renal surface is directed medialward and downward. Other functions of the spleen are less prominent, especially in the healthy adult: Enlargement of the spleen is known as splenomegaly. Although it can occur asymptomatically, the typical symptom is severe pain in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen, sometimes radiating to the left shoulder. WebMD's Spleen Anatomy Page provides a detailed picture, definition, and information about the spleen. Encapsulated bacteria inhibit binding of complement or prevent complement assembled on the capsule from interacting with macrophage receptors. Together with the esophagus, large intestine, and the stomach, it forms the…, The masseter muscle is a facial muscle that plays a major role in the chewing of solid foods. একটি সুসংগঠিত ও সুশৃঙ্খল প্রসূতি-হাসপাতাল যার মধ্যে তাৎক্ষণিক রক্ত সঞ্চালনের সুবিধা রয়েছে সেখানে নিয়মিত ভর্তি, মা এবং ভ্রূণের ভালমন্দের সতর্ক পর্যবেক্ষণ; এবং ৫. Shares. In many amphibians, especially frogs, it has the more rounded form and there is often a greater quantity of white pulp.[36]. Fever and chills develop in some cases. Below this it is in contact with the tail of the pancreas. If it’s damaged by disease or injury, it can be removed without threatening your life. It may be caused by sickle cell anemia, sarcoidosis, malaria, bacterial endocarditis, leukemia, pernicious anemia, Gaucher's disease, leishmaniasis, Hodgkin's disease, Banti's disease, hereditary spherocytosis, cysts, glandular fever (mononucleosis or 'Mono' caused by the Epstein–Barr virus), and tumours. (Moderate drinking means no more than one drink a day for women, and two for men.). While most of the gut organs are endodermally derived (with the exception of the neural-crest derived adrenal gland), the spleen is derived from mesenchymal tissue. Primary tumors of the spleen include hemangiomas and hemangiosarcomas. It is underneath the ninth, tenth, and eleventh ribs. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. It helps remove old and damaged blood cells, and it produces infection-fighting cells to protect your health. [11], Maximum length of spleen on abdominal ultrasonography, Back of lumbar region, showing surface markings for kidneys, ureters, and spleen, Side of thorax, showing surface markings for bones, lungs (purple), pleura (blue), and spleen (green). This organ is part of your immune system. The weight varies between 1 oz (28 g) and 8 oz (230 g) (standard reference range),[10] correlating mainly to height, body weight and degree of acute congestion but not to sex or age. Spleen: Function, Location & Problems. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. A fit of immoderate laughter or merriment. However, there are a few preventable causes of an enlarged spleen, such as avoiding infections or injuries that could damage it. This fist-shaped, oblong organ is purple, and it weighs about 6 ounces in healthy individuals. An excess destruction of blood cells, for example, can overwork the spleen, and cause it to enlarge. [36], In mice the spleen stores half the body's monocytes so that upon injury, they can migrate to the injured tissue and transform into dendritic cells and macrophages to assist wound healing. Like the thymus, the spleen possesses only efferent lymphatic vessels. The function of the spleen is filtering and storing the red blood cells, production of white blood cells for immunity and removing microorganisms, such as bacteria. The spleen plays important roles in regard to red blood cells (erythrocytes) and the immune system. The spleen, in healthy adult humans, is approximately 7 centimetres (2.8 in) to 14 centimetres (5.5 in) in length. Cookies help us deliver our services. [36] The spleens of aquatic mammals differ in some ways from those of fully land-dwelling mammals; in general they are bluish in colour. You shall digest the venom of your spleen, internal organ in most vertebrate animals. The left colic vein is a branch of the inferior mesenteric vein that…. Many mammals have tiny spleen-like structures known as haemal nodes throughout the body that are presumed to have the same function as the spleen. Don’t share personal items like silverware, toothbrushes, or drinks with other people, especially if you know they’ve been sick with an infection like mono. A study published in 2009 using mice found that the red pulp of the spleen forms a reservoir that contains over half of the body's monocytes.[4]. The spleen is underneath the left part of the diaphragm, and has a smooth, convex surface that faces the diaphragm. The spleen is an organ found in virtually all vertebrates.Similar in structure to a large lymph node, it acts primarily as a blood filter.The word spleen comes from Ancient Greek σπλήν (splḗn).. It affects the number of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout your body, and the number of platelets, which are cells that help your blood to clot. The spleen may be affected by hyaloserositis, in which it is coated with fibrous hyaline. The only vertebrates lacking a spleen are the lampreys and hagfishes (the Cyclostomata). If an enlarged spleen causes serious complications or the cause can't be identified or treated, surgical removal of your spleen (splenectomy) may be an option. Yet without your spleen, you will be more likely to get certain infections. In chronic or critical cases, surgery may offer the best hope for recovery. The globin portion of hemoglobin is degraded to its constitutive amino acids, and the heme portion is metabolized to bilirubin, which is removed in the liver. In contrast, the Talmud (tractate Berachoth 61b) refers to the spleen as the organ of laughter while possibly suggesting a link with the humoral view of the organ. Elective spleen … By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Dispensable but not irrelevant", Journal of the American Medical Association, "Spleen Size Is Significantly Influenced by Body Height and Sex: Establishment of Normal Values for Spleen Size at US with a Cohort of 1200 Healthy Individuals", "The Spleen: A Hub Connecting Nervous and Immune Systems in Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases", "Horse science: What makes a Derby winner – Spleen acts as a 'natural blood doper,' scientist says", "Spleen: Information, Surgery and Functions", "Human immunoglobulin M memory B cells controlling Streptococcus pneumoniae infections are generated in the spleen", "Hepatic splenosis mimicking HCC in a patient with hepatitis C liver cirrhosis and mildly raised alpha feto protein; the important role of explorative laparoscopy", Normal range of spleen size for a given age in children, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Spleen&oldid=986915164#Disorders, Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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