supply chain principles and concepts

Thus, every part of the organization has a vested interest in pursuing perfection. s = window.location.protocol, Principle 1: Segment customers based on the service needs of distinct groups and adapt the supply chain to serve these segments profitably. and timely manner. Multiple people need to be actively involved in a number of different processes to make it work. They think about the supply chain as a whole—all the links involved in managing the flow of products, services, and information from their suppliers' suppliers to their customers' customers (that is, channel customers, such as distributors and retailers). The ability to meet customer requirements, for everything from coffee beans to Crocs, is built upon the expectation that everything is done correctly in the supply chain. Without a strong supply chain in place, your caffeine-fix options would be severely limited. Winning the SCM “game” requires supply chain professionals to play similar roles. Consider the diagram of the fresh food supply chain. The team also needs a manager to develop a game plan, put people in the right positions, and monitor success. Press Releases Doing it right the first time makes the customer happy, saves the cost of fixing errors, and doesn't require extra use of assets. If the goal of SCM is to provide high product availability through efficient and timely fulfillment of customer demand, then how is the goal accomplished? They pursue tangible outcomes—focused on revenue growth, asset utilization, and cost.”. Obviously, you need effective flows of products from the point of origin to the point of consumption. They also stress the importance of coordinating activities (demand planning, sourcing, assembly, delivery, and information sharing) within and across organizations. })(); Since 1963, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has been providing networking, career development, and educational opportunities to the logistics and supply chain management community. These pages will help you understand and provide valuable resources to begin your career in supply chain management (SCM). Here's an excerpt from the article: Supply chain activities aren't the responsibility of one person or one company. In their roles as suppliers, companies have a vested interest in financial flows; suppliers want to get paid for their products and services as soon as possible and with minimal hassle. Social Media These savvy managers recognize two important things: Source: David L. Anderson, Frank F. Britt, and Donavon J. Favre, “The Seven Principles of Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Management Review, (1997). On the basis of sales volume or … Principles of supply chain management 1. Embracing big data is an essential principle of modern SCM, specifically real-time data which has the potential to improve the efficiency of a supply chain and negate potential risks to strategy. But there’s more to it. These ideas and practices were distilled down to seven principles and presented in an article in Supply Chain Management Review, a magazine widely read by SCM professionals. A hit-and-run play will only be successful if the base runner gets the signal and takes off running, while the batter makes solid contact with the ball. Something so common in every household, takes a great deal of planning, demand forecasting, procurement, and logistical expertise to move those beans to local sellers while still fresh. document.write("") © 2020 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). Supply chain managers must understand the customer’s problem or need and make sure that their companies can satisfy it better, faster, and cheaper than any competitors can. Principle 2 : Customize the logistics network to the service requirements and profitability of customer segments. Both are needed by supply chain managers to make good decisions regarding what to buy, make, and move. Adapt Supply Chain to Customer’s Needs. (function(){ All rights reserved. Each person has a role – pitcher, catcher, shortstop, etc. Supply chain management minimize the waste, cost and time consumed in the production process. – and must perform well at their assigned duties – fielding, throwing, and/or hitting – for the team to be successful. To accomplish a perfect order fulfillment, the seller has to have your preferred product available for order, process your order correctly, ship the entire order via the means that you request, provide you with an advanced shipping notification and tracking number, deliver the complete order on time and without damage, and bill you correctly.

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