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Improved structure of the WP-CRM System Menu to a more logical flow. Activity stream limits. Improved: Added clickable links for phone numbers and email addresses for contacts and organizations in the following areas: record detail page, list page, WP-CRM System dashboard address book. Have you taken the WordPress 2020 Survey yet? Fixed Network messages were not appearing from same profile. Great way to check Legal guidance is not provided. There are inexpensive extensions that allow you to import as little or as much information as you need to into your WordPress CRM. The software itself is very easy to use and fairly easy to customize. use_current_user argument pre-fills the form with currently logged in user’s information, and success_message sets the message to display upon successful submittal of form. “WordPress CRM Plugin – WP-CRM System” is open source software. Perfect for client data managment. Update: Added information to new extensions. “WordPress CRM Plugin – WP-CRM System” is open source software. Fixed JavaScript error on edit user page. Added hooks to for developers to extend and customize WP-CRM System. Added Google Analytics Event tracking to shortcode forms. Removed uploadify.php (http://packetstormsecurity.org/files/111628/waraxe-2012-SA083.txt). Fix: Error that showed if no email address existed for a contact on the Email page. Minor updates to UI in administration areas. Have you taken the WordPress 2020 Survey yet? Minor CSS fix limits the width of these select menus. Fix: Set admin capability for managing settings to manage_options. Added a setting for default “system” e-mail address. Fields can be set to be “uneditable”. Fix: Some data still not properly escaped for security purposes. Improved the coding of the display for field titles in individual records by removing 94 constants and replacing with translatable strings. Minor change to collapsible filters UI on overview page. Fixed pagination function for messages on a user page, which crashed property list pagination in WP-Property plugin. Fix: Buttons on recurring projects and tasks page were incorrectly redirecting to the Settings tab. Fixed toggling of filter options on All Peoples page. For example, a contact can be searched for by email, phone number, address, etc. Developer Note: added conditional body classes to profile page: ‘wp_crm_existing’ if current profile is for existing user and ‘wp_crm_new_user’ if new user creation. They always respond within 24 hours, most of the time within 4 hours. Hi New: Introduced features to allow users to more easily comply with GDPR rules. I think this plugin is excellent. WP-CRM System has optional features, which can assist with GDPR compliance if that is something your business requires. Added default data that is installed on first run to include shortcode form messages and notifications. Fix: New installs prevented WP-CRM System dashboard from loading properly. Tweak: Update save contact name/title function to enable compatibility with certain 3rd party plugins. It works out of the box. Fixed Quick Password Reset functionality. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Don't have to change screens anymore to conversate with your leads & clients. Intuitive enough for me to jump right in and create a contacts database. It does take time to figure it all out, but it's definetly worth it. Create a project or task once, and have it automatically generate a new one after a given number of days, weeks, months, or years. Added ability to force download premium features. Seemed to be working ok. Fix: Overdue task report incorrectly listed only one task regardless of how many tasks were actually overdue. Now title field is removed, and the title is automatically generated by the First and Last Name fields. Administrators can still view/edit/delete all records. Added User Activity history message filtering and option to set number of messages to display per page. Pin point the customer(s) you are looking for. Minor update to ensure PHP 7 compatibility. True would cause contacts to be created or updated based on the contact’s email address. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. Fixed issue with user activity messages not saving. Tweak: Removed depreciated jQuery code used in Searchable Menus setting. I´m now having to rush and find another solution for my customer. Grouped attributes will be separated between different metaboxes in the back-end. Security fix added. Added ability to create user without email. This Open Source CRM is powered by a simple, smart & meaningful interface that gives customer relationship management a whole new feel! Just use a plugin like adminize to hide the settings tab for the other users. Do not use it. columns of custom fields in screen options, Russian – WP-CRM System Core Plugin by Maxim Glazunov, Polish – WP-CRM System Core Plugin by Pawel Michalski, Spanish – WP-CRM System Core Plugin by Adrián Quinteiro Ayán. But suddenly it started to erase the forms, and did not allow me to create new ones anymore. Build long-lasting relations with this feature-rich open source WordPress CRM which comes in both free & pro versions! New: Added WPCRM_System_Create class to enable developers to create new records in WP-CRM System. This can be used for adding a field such as “User Login” which is set by WordPress, and in most cases should not be directly editable. Other small improvements of functionality and UI. Added a wp_crm_add_to_user_log() function for easy user log modification. Track opportunities created from each campaign and keep tabs on your campaign’s ROI. Added filtering options to shortcode form tab. Updated WP-CRM System dashboard layout to address issues with viewing the dashboard on smaller screens. The optional extensions do look like they provide useful additional features; and if you want to get fancy, it's reasonable to support the developer and buy the optional extensions. WordPress already comes with some basic user management functions – WP-CRM expands on this functionality by allowing you to organize your users using custom attributes, find them using filters, and keep track of correspondence. New Contextual Help. Every information block has it’s tab now. Fixed bug in user display when no user was selected. Developers can query custom fields, or hard code important dates in the calendar such as holidays. Added new parameter to the shortcode redirect_url. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. Consolidated function required for importing into the wcs-functions.php file and removed return_bytes.php. Documentation for WP-CRM System and extensions can be found on our website. New: added subtab to settings pages for future settings improvements. Never miss a thing! Make company profiles & handle multiple representatives. For those struggling with the need of the administrator role to acces settings. New: Included Google Maps API key setting to allow for continued use of Google Maps in Contact and Organization records. Fix: New site setup by a super administrator on a multisite subsite caused fatal error when saving initial settings. When WP-CRM is used as profile editor, users with this capability disabled cannot change passwords, even if they have rights to edit users. Invoices from WP-Invoice are displayed in a metabox in the CRM profile. New: Optionally add an organization’s address to the dropdown menu. “WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress” is open source software. was not set for a contact, “Select an Option” text would display before the name on the dashboard “Address Book” section. Added ability to set Capability Role on user’s edit page. Ability to add JavaScript callback function to shortcode forms. This plugin offers a fully functional system, completely for free. Thanks! Fixed prohibition of user updating without changing email. Added new compatibility to wp-invoice plugin – “Add invoice from wp-crm user profile”. Fix “hides” the trashed from the record. The WordPress CRM Plugin offers a fully-featured CRM that goes right in your WordPress dashboard. Handle your business clients, partners & others as efficiently as you do your contacts. Fixed duplicate function name error when WP-CRM System and Email Notifications were active at the same time. Five stars! Makes some strings translatable, such as “Messages” menu item. Improved: Added export class for export plugins to extend. UI improvements to the way checkboxes are displayed. Get support from the WordPress support page for this plugin, or contact support. WP-CRM System is a fully featured WordPress CRM that allows you to use the WordPress interface you are already familiar with to manage your customers, projects, and tasks with ease. The support does not exist (u need to pay usd280 in advance to get some attention). Added option to disable “All” users instead of paginating. Fix: If a name prefix (Mr, Mrs, etc.) Only Administrator level users (with manage_options capability) can access WP-CRM System settings. There is also a dashboard where you can view your calendar for the day and an overview of contacts in your database. Took away the opportunity of minimum user level which can manage WP-CRM to change roles and passwords of other users. Shortcode Forms can effectively be used as front-end profile updating tools. Improved: Google Maps scripts were loading when no Maps API key was provided. Minor fix for accordion categories on email filtering. Improved Contacts by removing a redundancy in the title and first/last name fields, which should be the same. See documentation for more details on how to modify the datepicker. Usability Dynamics Andy Potanin jbrw1984 Maxim Peshkov Anton Korotkoff Eric Sopp MariaKravchenko smoot328 Vladimir Changed plugin initialization functionality. Fix: Export functionality was not working due to an incorrect reference to the import/export class. New: Added ability to assign campaigns to contacts and organizations. Fix: Corrected error in contact category filter on email page. New: Sortable columns on post edit page for each record type. Improved: Sending emails to contacts in WP-CRM System now saves the email in the contact’s record. Fake users created via the plugin can be deleted in one click. Fix: Errors when an organization was added without an address. Compatibility with WordPress 4.3 and higher. I'd like to add, that i have a subscription. Fixed WP-Invoice connection (“From” notification field). “WP-CRM – Customer Relations Management for WordPress” is open source software. Added new redirection rules for when default User management is set to be replaced by WP-CRM management. Improved: Premium plugin license keys moved under Settings tab. Fixed issue with Show button was reverting to EN translation. Compliance requires actions on the part of your business that this plugin cannot provide. Fixed security issue with file with the name that contains ‘cookie’. Updated drag icon in Shortcode form tab to prevent confusing. The documentation is quite poor too. bbPress forum participation can be displayed on user overview. Absolutely. Added visualization for incoming shortcode form messages. Great plugin, simple and complete. Fixed minor issue with Google maps in records with addresses. Corrected a bug that caused no contacts to be loaded on the Email page if at least one contact category was not present. Maps will not display without an API key, so there is no need to load scripts. You own it all and no one can ever keep you from it – just like it should be. Bug fix: New tasks were not able to get assigned to a project correctly. Fixed the way of widgets initialization. New: Display photo for contacts in the WP-CRM System > Contact page if a “featured image” has been set for the contact, or the email address associated with the contact has a gravatar associated with it. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Fix: Display of name prefix was not rendering in some instances. Immediately after activation you will see a new “CRM” section which will list your existing users. Of course I deactivated all other plugins (not many) and theme looking for incompatibilities but the problem persisted. Fix: Fatal errors on certain sites using outdated PHP versions.

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