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Did the Internet really kill the video star? Zero to hero just like that, When he smiled – This is the schedule for the first 6 episodes. And, check out Cellar Darling’s highly acclaimed debut album «This Is The Sound» – out now. Today’s hero is the legendary Testament lead singer Chuck Billy. He dies in a car accident and went to the netherworld, where he befriends some spirits and hear the sad tales of how they died. But at least now they’re a fan and maybe they will come back next time we play again.” – Scott Ian Scott Ian is not only ‘That Guy from Anthrax’, he is also one of the founding fathers of […], “We’re in a position now where we can actually make more money with what we do then when we were ‘really’ making money.” – John Gallagher, Raven John Gallagher, singer and bass player for legendary metal band Raven, co-pioneered the «New Wave of British Heavy Metal» in the 70s and 80s. It’s kind of like Disneyland for metalheads.” Exodus hit Europe with Obituary, Prong and King Parrot and we had the great pleasure to meet again with the legendary Tom […], “I don’t feel like I have to become some kind of star in my home country. EPISODE 7.06: Fynn Grabke (The Picturebooks) and his perception of the music world today, EPISODE 7.05: Austin Dickinson of As Lions on challenges and opportunities for younger bands, EPISODE 7.04: Dave Weckl on the pros and cons that digital technology brought to music, EPISODE 7.03: Testament’s Eric Peterson on what it means to be an artist today, EPISODE 7.02: Rob Cavestany of Death Angel elaborates on the band’s evolution, EPISODE 7.01: Mike Stern on how technology has altered what it means to be a musician, EPISODE 6.11: John Connor (Dog Eat Dog) on the changes in the music business, EPISODE 6.10: Alan Robert of Life of Agony on being a musician today, EPISODE 6.09: Merlin Sutter of Cellar Darling on starting a band in this day and age, EPISODE 6.08: Andreas Kisser of Sepultura on technology and robotics in music and in general, EPISODE 6.07: Henkka Seppälä of Children of Bodom on being a musician in this day and age, EPISODE 6.06: Interview with Joey Cape of Lagwagon and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, EPISODE 6.05: Maja Shining of Forever Still elaborates on the band’s DIY approach, EPISODE 6.04: James “Munky” Shaffer of Korn on becoming smarter in regard to the music business, EPISODE 6.03: Sonata Arctica’s Henrik Klingenberg on consumer behaviour, convenience of new tech and more, EPISODE 6.02: Mark Jansen (Epica) on clever marketing, tech and grasping opportunities, EPISODE 6.01: Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) and the human element in music, EPISODE 5.11: Todd Campbell of Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons on starting out as a new band, EPISODE 5.10: Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth on changing the business model, EPISODE 5.09: Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge reflects on a changing business environment, EPISODE 5.08: Paul Mahon of The Answer on navigating the music business in modern times, EPISODE 5.07: Tom Hunting of Exodus on talent appreciation, nostalgia of vinyl and being a t-shirt salesman, EPISODE 5.06: Elize Ryd of Amaranthe on satisfying own musical needs, social media and crowdfunding, EPISODE 5.05: Kobra Paige of Kobra and the Lotus discusses their recent PledgeMusic campaign, EPISODE 5.04: Fernanda Lira of Nervosa discusses Latin America, influences and teenage dreams, EPISODE 5.03: Olof Wikstrand of Enforcer on old-school, new-school and “cat”-school, EPISODE 5.02: Schmier of Destruction on digital and other trends in the music business, EPISODE 5.01: Eric “AK” Knutson on Flotsam & Jetsam’s new album, crowdfunded vs signed and more, EPISODE 4.11: L7’s Donita Sparks talks legacy, the power of social media and their documentary, EPISODE 4.10: Eric Sardinas on the changes in the biz, bootlegs and more, EPISODE 4.09: Pär Sundström of Sabaton on early days, all-ages shows and The Last Stand, EPISODE 4.08: Tommy Victor of Prong on the legacy of the band, technology and lifestyle, EPISODE 4.07: Olli Herman of Reckless Love on publicity, technology, the 7-year rollercoaster of Rock N’Roll and more, EPISODE 4.06: George Harris of The Raven Age elaborates on being unsigned, opening for Iron Maiden and more, EPISODE 4.05: Dave Neabore of Dog Eat Dog talks nostalgia, listening to an album fully through, and new music, EPISODE 4.04: Wild Lies’ Matt Polley on longevity, the value of music and future label, EPISODE 4.03: Dj ASHBA from Sixx:A.M. on building his business, diversifying, and introducing a good cause, EPISODE 4.02: Frank Bello from Anthrax talks For All Kings tour, passing the torch, music legacies and more, EPISODE 4.01: Monster Truck’s Steve Kiely on tour options, finances and fans, EPISODE 3.11: Dave Holland on responsibility, publishing rights, and social media, EPISODE 3.10: Bill Laurance of Snarky Puppy talks opportunities and challenges for independent artists, EPISODE 3.09: Dorian Sorriaux of Blues Pills talks tech, touring and ‘friend-blasting’, EPISODE 3.08: Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear talks technology, self-employment and authenticity, EPISODE 3.07: Mat Sinner of Primal Fear talks music business models and crowdfunding, EPISODE 3.06: Tim Brown of Striker talks new business models, learning how to record and ‘doing the work’, EPISODE 3.05: Dan Cleary of Striker talks disruptive forces, album-funding and independence, EPISODE 3.04: Max Cavalera of Soulfly talks touring, Instagram, and Turkish suits, EPISODE 3.03: Lee Ritenour talks technology and social changes in the music business, EPISODE 3.02: Andy Cairns of Therapy? Whose daring deeds are great theater? We want to examine how musicians deal with the obstacles that arise from today’s business set-up in an array of marketplaces. I just think about doing the music and wanting it to be the best that I can make it.” – Steve Gadd Steve Gadd is one of the most well-known and highly regarded session and studio drummers, and famous for his work with […], “I don’t try to put [online] content out, just so that people have something to look at. Herc was on a roll 27 images of the Hercules: Zero to Hero cast of characters. There he goes again Is he bold? He sees, he conquers Check out From Zero To Hero: Cityman guide, tips, strategy, cheats. In this encore, Roger explains what, in his opinion, the difference between being a front-man and a side-man is, and how he experiences the music world today as compared to the early 2000s. He's a hero We had the enormous pleasure to meet him during […], “I’m sure a lot of people saw us last night, probably went home and stole the record online somehow. He could tell you Yes indeed! not conceited, He was a nothin' What a pro The Best Zero To Hero Japanese Anime Tv Shows . I mean, you went out of your way to make [a video of our live performance].” – Eric Sardinas Eric Sardinas is one of the most renowned blues-rock guitarists with a reputation for being a must-see live act. We had the pleasure to meet George and talk about how The Raven Age operates as an unsigned act, opportunities and threats of the Internet, […], “If you’re a one-song band and it’s a good song, then there’s nothing wrong with that.” – Dave Neabore, Dog Eat Dog.

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