Clinical Laboratories provide clinical specimen testing services that facilitate Doctors, Physicians and other healthcare professionals to gain relevant information entailed to infer appropriate diagnosis of their patients. This helps in timely management and prevention of complication of the disease. In this way, diagnostic laboratory services aid greatly in reducing morbidity and mortality in the community. Clinical laboratory tests samples are taken from human body including Blood, tissue, urine, stool and body fluids.

Patel hospital has established Clinical laboratory services in the year 1999/2000 from grass root level and aimed to become one of the best laboratory services in Karachi. Over the passage of 20 years, Clinical Laboratory, Patel hospital has grown to provide full- fledged professional and technical Services and became one of the best laboratory services in Karachi. Now Clinical Laboratory, Patel hospital has gained the recognition from international Quality Assurance Organizations including ISO 9001:2015, College of American Pathologist, RIQAS and EQAS. Large population of the city assisted through our testing facility which also provides free home sampling services. This service has been greatly admired especially during pandemic and lockdown. This is the great need of old aged and bed ridden patients. One of the best Laboratory services in Karachi, Patel hospital provides a convenient way of tracking your reports online. You can see your reports online and get immediate consultation from the best healthcare providers associated with the hospital.

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